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Chapter 1179: The Initial Search At The Ruins (1)

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Elder Yun, who was standing with the Charm Sect's group, stared attentively at Gu Ruoyun. A light flashed across her charming eyes before she turned away and looked at the ancient ruins in front of her...

The door to the ruins was shut tight and emitted a dull green glow beneath the sunlight. It looked mysterious and ancient.

"Let's go."

Elder Mei ordered authoritatively before she led the members of the Charm Sect towards the closed great door.

Gu Ruoyun had calmed down after her initial excitement. However, she did not make any move as her clear and cold eyes gravitated towards the ruins. No one could tell what she was thinking...


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The crowd watched anxiously as the door to the ruins burst open as if it was welcoming their arrival.

They felt uneasy as they stared into the depths of the ruins in front of them. Ultimately, their greed overcame the uneasiness and they walked into the ruins.


Just as Feng Yuqing was about to step forward, Gu Ruoyun reached out to stop him.

He paused without hesitation and stared blankly, furrowing his brows at the crowd who was advancing into the ruins.

"What?" Elder Mei noticed Feng Yuqing who was standing very still and smiled. "Young Sir Feng, aren't you here for the ruins? Why aren't you coming in with us? Could it be that you're scared?"

Feng Yuqing's eyes were conflicted. He stared carefully at the ruins in front of him and his voice trembled as he replied, "This... You're more powerful than me. I'm only a good-for-nothing so I think it's best that I walk behind you."

He looked so cowardly that Elder Mei could not help but sneer.

This good-for-nothing is really scared now!

Elder Mei no longer hesitated and she led the Charm Sect into the ruins.


Just as the crowd reached the great door, a powerful beam of black light burst from within the ruins. When she saw the black fire, Elder Mei screamed, "Retreat! Retreat now!"


Everyone felt the danger and hurriedly tried to retreat. Unfortunately, those who had charged towards the gate at the front most of the group did not have any time to run away. They disappeared under the blazing black flames.

Amongst them were a few cultivators at the exceptional state as well.

Elder Mei's expression was an ugly sight to behold. Her eyes were filled with shock. If she had been a little less cautious, she would probably have been turned to ashes as well!

These ruins are truly dangerous! They're far more dangerous than any of the other ruins that she had excavated before!

"How did you know that we would be in danger?" Feng Yuqing returned to his senses and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone that only he and Gu Ruoyun could hear.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and smiled in a nonchalant manner. "Ruins are tombs left behind by powerful cultivators long ago. Their graves must still be inside so why should they open their doors and welcome you? Therefore, you don't need to think too much to know that it's not a good sign when the doors to the ruins had burst open! However, these ruins have been around for a while so whatever which is guarding it should not have much power left. If we had been here a hundred years ago, I reckon that not a single one of us would be left alive now!"

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Pity that elder Mei still safe ...


Maybe Gu girl is the previous powerful cultivato thats why also she is familiar to some places. Btw we miss the hubby QBY. ❤




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Chapter 1180: The Initial Search At The Ruins (2)

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She has the Ancient Divine Pagoda so she could have temporarily escaped the danger. Everyone else, however, would not be as lucky. They would all disappear in front of the ruins with no a soul spared!

Feng Yuqing's expression slowly sank. He then stared at the great door to the ruins which was now wide open and exclaimed darkly, "I sense that there are many more dangers lying within these ruins! I'm now unsure whether coming here was the right decision or not!"

However, if he was given another chance, he would still have made the trip here.

Purely because of the inheritance.

As long has he could obtain that inheritance, he might be able to defeat Feng Xiaoxiao!

Elder Yun looked somber as she stared at Gu Ruoyun and Feng Yuqing who had stayed at the same spot. A dark, puzzled yet gloomy light flashed in her eyes, "Were you aware of the dangers in the ruins?"

Otherwise, why would they have chosen to stand still unlike those other madmen?

"Elder Yun, you've overestimated them." Elder Mei overheard the woman's question and sneered. Her charming eyes were filled with disdain as she continued, "They merely lack the courage, they can't possibly be aware of the dangers within the ruins!"

Elder Yun did not reply but her expression remained icy. She could not shake off the feeling that the woman by Feng Yuqing's side was not as simple as she seems.

Otherwise, Feng Yuqing would never have brought her to a place like this.

That was right!

Feng Yuqing may be a hedonistic son with no achievements but that does not mean that he was a fool. He was still very conscious of what should be done and when.

"Let's make a move."

Elder Mei stared at Gu Ruoyun disdainfully and led the crowd from the Charm Sect into the ruins.

"The danger has passed, we shouldn't run into any other traps for the time being. However, as these ruins are not like any other, it's best that we keep an eye out."

Elder Yun thought for a moment as she glanced at Elder Mei and the rest who were making their way towards the ruins before she ran after them.

Everything was old and rusty in the ruins.

It was so quiet in the ruins that only the crowd's footsteps could be heard echoing throughout the deserted ruins...

After the first trap had been sprung outside the ruins, the cultivators who had survived were now less than half of the original number. However, the remainder were still very powerful. It would not be an easy task to grab the inheritance from beneath the noses of so many people.

"Who on earth are you!"

Just as Gu Ruoyun was observing the situation in the ruins, a low voice rang out beside her ear, "Furthermore, you're tagging along with the Young Sir of Wind Valley, what are you planning?"

Gu Ruoyun was shocked as she turned towards Elder Yun's questioning eyes and curled her lips indifferently. "I am only a nameless nobody, who on earth do you think I could be?"

"The Charm Sect must have this inheritance no matter what." Elder Yun's eyes darkened with viciousness as she replied icily, "If you dare go against us, all that awaits you is the fate of being hunted down and killed by the entire Charm Sect! So, my Lady, you'd better reconsider whether you really want to help Feng Yuqing!"

Once she had said her piece, she did not say anything else and headed towards the Charm Sect's party.

Elder Mei gently furrowed her brow, she was clearly unsatisfied with Elder Yun's words.

Hadn't this girl seduced the Second Young Master of Wind Valley merely to gain Wind Valley's favor? What power could she possibly have? Besides, this inheritance shall belong to the Charm Sect in the end. No one else should have the power to fight with us!

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Not charmed by the Charm Sect. They’ve all been arrogant, unpleasant bitches 🙄😑 Thanks for the chapter


Duh! GR doesn't need to do that. She already have QY.


Another will bite the dust soon 😂😂😂


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Chapter 1181: The Initial Search At The Ruins (3)

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"Lady Gu."

Feng Yuqing glanced at Elder Yun, who had left and mildly lowered his gaze before saying, "Elder Yun is not like Elder Mei. She's very intelligent and I'm afraid that it won't be that easy to hide your identity from her. However, I can't let go of this inheritance either. You may carefully consider whether you want to help me or not."

It goes without saying that Feng Yuqing was not inferior when compared to Feng Xiaoxiao. However, as Feng Xiaoxiao was several years his senior, by the time he had grown some sense, the entire Wind Valley had fallen into Feng Xiaoxiao's hands. Hence, regardless of how great his power was, he has always had to conceal it.

Feng Yuqing understood that Gu Ruoyun was not someone that he could easily control. If he tried to mislead her, he would end up receiving the complete opposite of the desired result. Therefore, it was best to clearly explain the Charm Sect's power and to let her choose whatever she wishes.

Gu Ruoyun smiled. The inheritance? I had come here for the inheritance as well.

Hence, I have no intention of compromising for the Charm Sect or Feng Yuqing!

"Foolish humans! Who gave you the permission to enter our land?"

Just as the crowd reached a passage in the ruins, a wild laughter burst into the air. Everyone paused when they heard the sound of the laughter.

"Who's that?"

Elder Mei's expression changed and she clutched her sword tightly in her hand while her face filled with vigilance.


Just as the muffled cry sounded, the entire ruins began to shake. The crowd watched cautiously as a loud crash reverberated in the ruins. A rock had fallen from the sky and smashed a large hole in the ground.

The ground then began to move as the crowd watched...

"Sir, watch out!"

Feng Yi and Feng Wu's shocked faces had drained of color. They rushed to unsheath their swords and stood in front of Feng Yuqing, defending him. They then exclaimed with an ugly look on their faces, "This fellow is very powerful!"

"Foolish humans, intruding on another's territory without permission requires you to pay a price!"

The rock spoke in a low and hoarse voice. That voice carried an air of domineering arrogance as if a loud thunder was crashing into their hearts.

"The rock... The rock is talking?"

Some of them were stunned, it was likely that they had never seen anything quite as supernatural as this before.

A rock which can actually talk?

"This is a stone man from the ancient times." Elder Yun's eyes darkened as she slowly responded, "It's a species of spiritual beast! However, the stone men clan have vanished more than ten thousand years ago. I never thought that it would appear in these ruins. It seems that these ruins must be more than ten thousand years old."


These old ruins are ten thousand years old! Just how powerful was the Master of these ruins?

Perhaps they might never figure it out.

Some of them were already beginning to feel regretful. Why couldn't we have controlled our greed and stayed out of these ruins? What if we ended up losing our lives here? That would not be a good deal at all.

Unfortunately, the exit to the ruins was now closed. No matter how regretful they were now, it was useless. 

"Hmph! Human, you have some knowledge at least. You still know who I am despite the many years! It is unfortunate, however, that anyone who enters these ruins will never leave!" The stone man laughed icily and slowly rose to its feet from the ground. The ground shook with every step its large body took.

"You're merely a stone man, not some impenetrable defense. I simply do not believe that you can go up against so many of us!"

Under the stone man's oppression, a cultivator charged forward. His fist was enveloped in a layer of energy as it flew fiercely towards the stone man's body.

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Yeah.. Hoping for longer chapters too


So...that chapter ended up in just less than a minute of reading..why are these chaps getting shorter?? Almost all novels I am reading now require spirit stones to unlock..then, this short?!! 😭😭😭 Anyways, thank u for the chapter..😉


I believed in GU's power. She can tame that stone.


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Chapter 1182: The Initial Search At The Ruins (4)

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The cultivator's fist landed on the stone man's body and everyone heard a brittle, cracking sound. A shriek, similar to a pig being slaughtered, then echoed through the ruins.


The cultivator's entire arm was twisted and the back of his hand was bloody with trails of blood trickling down slowly.

The stone man cracked his head as he staring disdainfully down at the cultivator who had gone pale. "Human," It exclaimed with ridicule, "Go home and cultivate a few more years before you can think about fighting me again! Oh, right! I forgot that you can't ever leave this place now!"

The stone man had not been harmed by the full-forced attack from the early-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state. Furthermore, the stone man had not attempted to dodge the attack and had allowed the cultivator's fist to slam directly against his body.

"Let's attack together. There's so many of us, don't tell me that we can't even wound this fellow?"

Elder Mei gritted her teeth as she gave the order.

"That's right! Though one person alone cannot defeat it, why can't we injure it when there's so many of us?"


After saying his piece, another cultivator then charged towards the stone man.

Everyone else looked at each other as they drew their weapons and charged forward as well. One of them slashed their sword down, causing a wave of wind to slice down from the sky and slam fiercely towards the stone man's head.

The stone man stood very still and did not move. He did not even bother to resist and only smiled at the group of puny humans struggling in front of him.


Thunk, thunk, thunk!

Countless attacks shot towards the stone man on the ground, emitting a groaning sound which echoed throughout the ruins.

The stone man turned his head and spoke in a disdainful voice, "Is this the extent of your strength, humans? You are far too inferior in contrast with the ones who had come before you. Do you think that you can hurt me by attacking together? Your attacks had barely tickled me!"

"How can this be?"

The crowd took several steps back as they panted and stared at the stone man. "This stone man's power is probably at the late-stage exceptional state Martial Saint rank! There are quite a number of late-stage exceptional state Martial Saints amongst us too. How is it that we've been unable to hurt him?"

Elder Yun, who had not joined in the earlier fight, paused and explained, "Even though this stone man's power is at the late-stage exceptional state Martial Saint rank, the stone men race have always had a rock-hard body. It would be difficult to harm him even for those at the early-stage refined state."


The stone man burst into laughter. "Human, you are correct. Even though my powers have regressed now, I still have a solid shell. Hence, you cannot harm me. Are you all prepared to die now?"


A powerful energy exploded from the stone man's body and flew towards the cultivators in front of him, reaching the cultivators' faces instantly.


The stone man's fist landed fiercely on a cultivator's head with a force as great as a large mountain falling on him. The cultivator's head exploded and his brains dribbled out, splashing all over the ground.

"Watch out!"

Elder Mei cried out as she led the attackers towards the stone man.

"You've overestimated your abilities!"

The stone man laughed icily before he threw his fist at Elder Mei.

The fist landed heavily on Elder Mei's stomach with a loud thud and sent her body flying out of the way. She landed violently on the ground and large mouthfuls of blood began to sputter out from her mouth. She could only stare at the stone man who was standing in front of her as her face turned ashen.

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too short for 4 SS.


Absolutely no justice in the world, nameless cannon fodder cultivators are dying all around and Elder Mei just won’t die. She’s a cockroach. Thanks for the chapter




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Chapter 1183: The Initial Search At The Ruins (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Elder Mei!"

The Charm Sect disciples surrounded Elder Mei while their eyes stared vigilantly at the large and solid stone man in front of them. Their gaze was filled with seriousness.

"Anyone else?" The stone man burst into mad laughter. "Does anyone else want to throw their lives away and fight me? I'm going to show all of you the power of the stone men clan!"

His laughter then echoed throughout the ruins.

That crazed laughter was the only sound in the ruins, the humans have long been scared witless. Who would dare to challenge this mad piece of rock?

"Since none of you plan to make a move, allow me to do so!" The stone man swept his maddened gaze across every human in sight before he sneered, "So, who amongst you would like to die first?"

The crowd's expression changed over and over again. They all understood that this mad piece of rock had no intentions of letting them go!

Does this really mean that they were all going to die in these ruins?


They would never surrender so easily!

"Let's keep going and fight him to the death. Otherwise, if this keeps up, we can forget about the inheritance. We might even lose our lives here." Elder Mei gritted her teeth as a fierce light flashed in her eyes.

"That's right. The elder from the Charm Sect is right. We're going to die anyway so we might as well go down fighting!"

A cultivator had stepped out to support Elder Mei's decision as soon as she had spoken.

This rock does not plan to let them go and they would likely to end up dead whether they fight or not. Since that was the case, why not fight?

During that period of time, only the good-for-nothing Feng Yuqing and Gu Ruoyun had not made any moves. Everyone had launched their attacks against the stone man, including the two men in grey robes who had stood by Feng Yuqing's side.


Boom, boom boom!

They attacked over and over again but only managed to cause a small spark in the end. Their attacks had not even left a scratch on the stone man. However, their attacks have clearly angered the stone man and he roared loudly as he stomped angrily towards them.

How could they possibly hold their own against a late-stage stone man at the exceeding Martial Saint rank? Very soon, all the human cultivators continuously spat blood under his attack. Those whose powers were at a slightly inferior stage had instantly lost their lives.


Feng Yi and Feng Wu retreated to Feng Yuqing's side. They then spoke in a serious manner, "This stone man may be at the late-stage exceeding Martial Saint rank but his powers are so great that it's absurd. Even with so many of us, it was impossible for us to touch him at all."

Feng Yuqing's expression slowly sank. He then entered into deep contemplation as he stared at the huge stone man.

It was also at this moment that the stone man's attention turned towards him and Gu Ruoyun...

"I never thought that a good-for-nothing and an early-stage Martial Saint would dare to enter these ruins. Since that's the case, allow me to use you two as my opening slaughter!"


The stone man's fist carried a heavy coercion as he struck it towards of Gu Ruoyun.

Gu Ruoyun's eyes narrowed. Just as she was about to release Zixie, a flash of black robes descended from above. The black-robed figure landed in front of her like a heavenly god and blocked the stone man's fist with a loud bang.


The stone man stumbled back before he lifted his head in astonishment and stared at the man in black robes before him...

The man was dressed in black robes while his face was covered by a black mask. His deep eyes stared at the stone man solemnly as his sensual lips curled into a cold angle.

Gu Ruoyun did not know why but she felt a sense of familiarity as the masked man stood in front of her...


Pretttyyy sure we all know who this guy is..... :3

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