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Chapter 1109: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (5)

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Gu Ruoyun gently stroked the teacup in her hand as the corners of her lips became increasingly indifferent. She has already left the situation before her in the Vermillion Bird's hands.

The Great Elder's eyes darkened. "Only cultivators at our rank are allowed to attend this banquet yet you had let a child in? Furthermore, she has no manners! Not even a hint of proper upbringing at all!"

It was no surprise that the Great Elder does not place any importance on the Vermillion Bird. After all, Lan Shao had never given the Great Elder an honest explanation of his previous loss in front of the Vermillion Bird. Otherwise, the Great Elder would never have said such a thing.

Mu Youyou, who was right next to the Great Elder, took a look at the Vermillion Bird and a light flashed across her eyes. However, she remained silent and her thoughts were shrouded in mystery.

"Didn't Lan Shao from the Lan family tell you?" chuckled the Vermillion Bird. This time, her smile no longer reached her eyes and her blood-red pupils were now drenched in a bloody red light. "Anyone who crosses the people on my side will die a tragic death! If you want to be made to kneel on the streets and confess your mistakes just like Lan Shao, I can grant you your wish!"

The Great Elder's expression changed twice. He had known that Lan Shao had been mystified in some way and had unconsciously said those things on the street. Could it be that this little girl had something to do with that?

How can this be?

The little girl before him looks to be around five to six years of age. Anyone at that age should not have started to cultivate yet so how could she possibly have that kind of power?

However, the Great Elder seems to have forgotten that on the mainland, powerful spiritual beasts can change their appearance at will. The same applies to the Vermillion Bird. Even though she has been around for more than ten thousand years, she could appear before others in the form of a little lolita and fool everyone in the world.

"Hehe," sneered the Great Elder as he returned to his senses. His cold and distant gaze then landed upon the two old men who were seated on their chairs, sampling the food in a carefree manner. The Great Elder commented, "I just can't seem to understand the Medicine Manor's etiquette in treating guests. Why are Old Man Gu and Old Man Jiang allowed to sit yet I can only stand? My position is not inferior compared to the both of them in Main City! Isn't this a little unfair?"

Upon hearing the Great Elder's words, everyone broke into a cold sweat for his sake.

The Lan family may be very powerful but Gu Ruoyun was a pill master. Many forces were not even given the opportunity to gain her favor. What on earth has caused the Great Elder to become so bold to yell at her so publicly?

"Unfair?" said Gu Ruoyun as she smiled indifferently. Her clear and cold gaze turned towards the Great Elder as she said, "In my territory, I should be the one who determines what is fair or unfair. Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu are my old friends. Furthermore, both of them are rather advanced in age and their legs are not what they used to be. It's expected that I would let them take their seats first. As for you..."

Gu Ruoyun surveyed the Great Elder as the smile on her face grew even more pronounced.

"I can see that you are hot-tempered. Also, your vital energy and circulation aren't too bad so you aren't at the stage where you absolutely need a seat!"

The Great Elder clenched his fists tightly. His ashen face looked absolutely furious.

Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu were advanced in age and their legs aren't what they used to be? When it comes to cultivators, especially those who have reached their ranks, which old man would be reduced to such a lack of stamina?

Besides, the Great Elder was much older than these two old men.

Even if she was looking for a reason, she should pick a more reliable one. Not even a three-year-old child would believe her excuse.

"Gu Ruoyun, don't think that you can bully others just because you are a pill master. Others may fear you but the Lan family does not!" The Great Elder finally lost control of the flaming anger in his heart and yelled, "Let me tell you this, because of your insult towards the Lan family today, I won't take this lying down!"

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Chapter 1110: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (6)

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The Great Elder had already discussed this with the Mu family before they arrived at the banquet.

After killing Gu Ruoyun, the Lan family would take the Divine Weapon while the pill formulas would belong to the Mu family! With the Mu family's help, they would be able to get rid of Gu Ruoyun very quickly!

If she dies, her status as a pill master would no longer hold any impact!

"Lan Hong." Old Man Jiang slammed his hand onto the table and rose to his feet. He then sneered and said, "You don't even pay any attention to the Jiang family! By daring to provoke the Gu girl, do you think of me as a dead corpse already?"

Old Man Gu did not say anything but his furrowed brows showed the dissatisfaction in his heart.

The Great Elder burst into laughter. "Old Man Jiang, on account that you are also a member of the Four Great Families, I'll give you a piece of advice. Don't get mixed up in these muddy waters. Do you know who Gu Ruoyun has offended? She has offended the Grand Lord of Red Lotus Territory. Red Lotus Territory has already issued the order to have her killed! Yet now, you still insist on helping this girl?"

Red Lotus Territory wants to kill me?

Gu Ruoyun gently raised her brows. She wanted to reveal the fact that Grand Lord Hong Lian was her biological father so there was no way the Red Lotus Territory would possibly issue this order!

Nevertheless, she knows that even if she were to reveal the truth, no one would believe her.

Gu Ruoyun, who did not put any weight on the Great Elder's words, would not reveal her actual relationship with Grand Lord Hong Lian. However, this does not mean that the people standing by her would tolerate this,

"Tsk, tsk." The Vermillion Bird burst into clear laughter. Her eyes were filled with smiles yet her tone of voice was filled with disdain, "You claim that Grand Lord Hong Lian wants to hunt Gu Ruoyun down and kill her? I've never heard such nonsense in my life! A tiger, no matter how vicious, would never eat its own young. Grand Lord Hong Lian is my Master's father, why would he want to kill her? Are you certain that the person who has given you this information isn't trying to hurt you?"

The Vermillion Bird has lost control of her emotions long ago.

When she had met Lan Shao and Bai Yin for the first time at Wind Fall Village, she had already felt the itch to reveal this fact. However, she had been stuck in the Ancient Divine Pagoda at the time and could only watch as those idiots started a ruckus in front of Gu Ruoyun.

Now that she has been presented with the chance to do so, how could she remain silent?

Old Man Jiang's brain instantly crashed and his mind was blown. He stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock, wishing that he could ask her to explain the truth.

Grand Long Hong Lian is Gu Ruoyun's father?

Why have we never heard of this? Wasn't Grand Lord Hong Lian a loner who had no offspring?


The Great Elder roared with laughter. The crowd in the great hall then followed suit and laughed. However, they were not as exaggerated as the Great Elder. Some tried to stifle their laughter for fear that they would offend Gu Ruoyun.

Without a doubt, the Vermillion Bird's words had amused the crowd. 

They had met many overconfident people but they have never met anyone quite so presumptuous!

Just what kind of person was Grand Lord Hong Lian? He was a madman who with a notorious reputation known throughout the entire mainland! His powers were unimaginably great and his behavior was just as unreasonable! She's really great isn't she, posing as that madman's daughter? Does she think that she's been on this earth for far too long and now wishes to dig her own grave?

They have all heard of how Grand Lord Hong Lian had been separated from his wife for many years and he had never remarried. If that was the case, where would a twenty-year-old daughter come from? This has clearly been for their amusement!

"You claim that she's Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter?" The Great Elder's eyes were filled with disdain. He then pointed at Gu Ruoyun and sneered, "Do you think of us as fools? Grand Lord Hong Lian doesn't have a daughter. Where on earth had she come from? Next time, if you want to impersonate someone else, at least do your research on that person's situation in case you end up as a joke. Haha!"

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