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Chapter 1108: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (4)

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As soon as the both of them had taken their seats, a cold laugh erupted from outside the door. "I didn't think that both your families would arrive first. The Mu family and I are late."

The Mu family was the most mysterious of all the Four Great Families. Even the other three families do not know the concrete details surrounding the Mu family! While the Mu family have always had a good relationship with the Lan family, they also do not know the full extent of the Mu family's Master's power!

However, the person who had arrived today was not the mysterious Mu family's Master. Instead, it was the granddaughter of Master Mu's direct line of descent, Mu Youyou.

"Gu girl." Old Man Jiang was afraid that Gu Ruoyun was not aware of who these people were so he quietly gave her an explanation, "The person who had just spoken was the Great Elder of the Lan family and the old man next to him is the Old Master of the Lan family. As for the young woman, she is the number one person in the Mu family's younger generation, Mu Youyou! Mu Youyou has an almost mythical existence but of course, she's a far cry from you, Gu girl."

Gu Ruoyun did not look at anyone else. Instead, her eyes immediately fell upon the Old Master of the Lan family and a peculiar light flashed across her pupils.

If my guess is right, this old man is Lan Ge's grandfather!


Old Man Gu laughed icily before he spoke disdainfully, "I never thought that the Lan family would have the audacity to show your face here. Could it be that you're not aware of what Lan Shao has done?"

Even though Old Man Gu has an even temper, he would only show this towards those he was well-acquainted with. Otherwise, how could he have possibly have been given the position of the Master of the Gu family if he did not have a bit of a temper?

Now, each time he remembered how Gu Ruoyun had nearly lost her life in the sea of flames, the burning rage in his heart would blaze.

The Great Elder laughed icily and looked at the two old men before he walked towards a seat on the other side.

Just as his buttocks was about to land on the seat, a great force suddenly slammed heavily onto the chair, splitting it into pieces with a loud crack.


The crowd stared as the Great Elder's buttocks landed on the floor. In contrast with the pain in his rear end, most of the pain he felt was humiliation! His face turned ashen as he glared viciously at Gu Ruoyun.

"Is this the Medicine Manor's etiquette in welcoming guests? You would actually use such shoddy chairs like this to receive your guests!"

Gu Ruoyun glanced at him indifferently before she turned away as if she was not the person responsible for destroying the chair.

The expression on the Great Elder's face became increasingly horrendous to behold. Just as he was about to scold her, a sneering laugh sounded.

That childish voice was melodious and clear as it rang instantly throughout the guest hall.

"You guys are really funny. My Master, as the Master of the Medicine Manor, have not asked you to sit yet you had sat down on your own accord. You really don't know that you're an outsider."

The Vermillion Bird grinned until her eyes lifted upwards like crescent-shaped moons. If one was to disregard the vicious currents coursing through her being, she really does look like a five to six-year-old child.

To the uninformed, it would be really difficult to imagine that this little lolita doll was actually an old monster who has been alive for over ten thousand years.

"Also..." The smile on the Vermillion Bird's adorable cherub face became even more pronounced as she continued, "The Medicine Manor's chairs aren't designed for people like you to sit on! Since we haven't asked you to sit, you shall remain standing! Do you understand?"

Her tone of voice changed at the end of her response. A highly-dominant air appeared and she no longer carried her naive and innocent demeanor.

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