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Chapter 1073: Zixie's Homecoming (2)

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In contrast to Old Man Jiang's brashness, Old Man Gu was far more composed. He was merely putting more aspects into consideration.

"Bai Yin! Lan Shao!" Old Man Jiang gritted his teeth as he spat, "I won't forget this! The moment I return to Main City, I shall sever the ties between the Jiang family and Lan family. I will calculate the price very carefully after this!"

So what if Bai Yin had not meant it?

He has already pinned the responsibility of Gu Ruoyun's death onto the Red Lotus Territory.

Perhaps he would be no match for the Red Lotus Territory at the moment.

However, he has a grandson!

Jiang Mozhu has great talent. However, because he does not have much interest in cultivation, his growth had been below average! Be that as it may, once he returns to the Jiang family home, Old Man Jiang would definitely put Jiang Mozhu through a vigorous cultivation programme.

This will be to avenge the Gu girl!

"Old Man Gu, let's go."

Old Man Jiang took one last agonized look at the boiling magma before he forced himself to turn away and headed towards Jiang Mozhu.


Old Man Gu sighed. A bitter taste has drifted within the corners of his mouth.

He knows that he now owes a great debt of friendship today. However, what depressed him even more was that he could never repay her for this debt...

It hurts!

Gu Ruoyun felt a great pain all over her body. She felt as if her eyelids now weighed a thousand pounds making it difficult for her to open them.

"Little girl, why have you become riddled with scars during my long absence?"

A heartbroken voice murmured from beside Gu Ruoyun's ear.

The voice was very familiar and caused her eyelids to move a little. She then slowly opened them.

A beautifully handsome yet demonic face appeared before her eyes. The man was dressed in long, dark-reddish purple robes. He was noble yet graceful and the corners of his lips were curled into a wicked smile. His purple eyes were like colored glass which bore into her with a heartbroken and deeply loving stare.


She seemed dubious and murmured dazedly.

That familiar face. It felt as if many years have passed before she could see this face again.


The man sighed gently as he held her waist tightly. There was an obvious anguish in his voice.

"You, can't you take care of yourself at all? Why is it that each time I appear, you'd be covered with wounds?"

Gu Ruoyun finally regained her senses.

The person before me really is Zixie! He's not the Xiao Zixie of the childhood stage either!

My Zixie is back!


Gu Ruoyun smiled as she stared at the man's handsome yet demonic features.

Her smile carried a great emotion while her clear and cold eyes displayed a gentle light as well.

"Welcome back."

"Little girl, long time no see. Is that all you have to say to me?" Zixie curled his lips as he smiled wickedly. "I don't mind if you gave me a loving embrace or a kiss. What do you think?"

Gu Ruoyun's face blackened instantly.

Despite the many years, this fellow still enjoys teasing me...

"Little girl, it's fortunate that you had previously obtained the Nine Emperors. Otherwise, the lava would have cost you your life."

"It was because of the Nine Emperors that I could come down to this place."

Gu Ruoyun smiled.

Now, she was pretty much used to the temperature of the lava nor did she feel her initial pain.

Had she really sacrificed her life for others a while ago?


Even though Gu Ruoyun had pretty good sentiments towards Old Man Jiang, it was not to a degree which would make her willingly abandon her own life.

The reason why she had done that was because she had felt something beneath the magma calling out to her.

Hence, even if the others had not been here, she would have entered the lava anyway.

"By the way, Zixie, do you know the Nine Emperors' origin? Also, what kind of place is this cave? Why does it have pictures of the Azure Dragon and the other Divine Beasts on its wall?" Gu Ruoyun turned to look at Zixie's handsome face as she asked.

Zixie smiled. "I should not be the one to reveal these answers to you. Once you reach the end of your growth, you shall have your answers."

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

After a short pause, she nodded and replied, "I understand."

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Chapter 1074: Zixie's Homecoming (3)

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A loud roar suddenly rang out from the roiling lava. Just as Gu Ruoyun left Zixie's embrace, an enormous fiery dragon broke through the torrential flaming sea and charged towards her.

Zixie saw the fiery dragon approaching Gu Ruoyun and retracted the gentle indulgence in his eyes. He then turned towards the great flaming dragon who had just launched a surprise attack from behind them. His voice filled with a sharp murderous intent as he yelled.

"Begone, evil creature!"


Instantly, a powerful force slammed fiercely onto the fiery dragon, almost scattering its body. At that moment, fear appeared in the fiery dragon's cruel and bloodthirsty eyes. It was as if the purple-robed man standing in front of it was some sort of demon.

At this moment, Zixie's gaze no longer held that wicked yet gentle expression he had when he looked at Gu Ruoyun. Instead, his stare was like that of a high and mighty demon, incomparably noble and stern yet evil at the same time. Purple flames then burst from his body and cast an eye-catching sight against the lava, making one unable to turn away.

The great fiery dragon's initial fear has now turned into servitude. A low, fawning growl sounded from its throat before the sound slowly drowned in the roiling lava.

"Zixie, let's go."

Gu Ruoyun did not spare the great fiery dragon another glance as she turned towards the man next to her.


The wicked smile on Zixie's face returned as he turned away.

"Even though you have the Nine Emperors' aid, your body is still unable to withstand being inside this lava for a long period of time. I'll take you back now." Zixie did not wait for Gu Ruoyun to agree before he reached out and wrapped his hand around her waist. With a single leap, the flash of purple robes flew forward at a rapid speed.

"I never imagined that a mountain cave like this would lie within this flaming sea of lava."

Gu Ruoyun was staring at another cave within the mountain cave as she knitted her brows.

"I don't know why but this place seems very familiar. Have I been here before?"

However, she believes that she's never been here before!

Zixie did not speak. His purple eyes had continued to stare at the woman in green robes the entire time. His eyes were filled with a sense of absent-mindedness as if he had immersed himself in memories...

Gu Ruoyun, who had been inspecting the second mountain cave, missed the peculiar look on Zixie's face. Her brows were knitted together tightly as if something was about to pierce through the long river of history and into her mind.


The Nine Emperors, which had not shown any sign of movement since the battle with the Lin family, suddenly trembled. However, at this moment, Gu Ruoyun could feel the Nine Emperors'... Excitement?

That was right!

It was definitely excited!

What could this mountain cave hold which would cause the Divine Weapon, Nine Emperors to show such great excitement?


As the Nine Emperors began to tremble even more, an image suddenly appeared in Gu Ruoyun's mind...

That image was of the inside of this mountain cave and it showed a woman who was seated next to a stove. She had a hammer and was beating a piece of metal in her hand. However, no matter how hard Gu Ruoyun tried to get a clearer look at the woman's face, her features were all a blur. It was as if a white mist had surrounded her face, giving off a mysterious feeling.

"The Divine Weapon will soon be complete. Since the Nine Dragons' spirit will be placed into this Divine Weapon, your name shall henceforth be — the Nine Emperors!"

The Nine Emperors?

Gu Ruoyun was shocked. Could it be that this woman was the one who had forged the Nine Emperors? Just how powerful was this woman with the blurred features that she would have the ability to forge a Divine Weapon like the Nine Emperors?

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Chapter 1075: Zixie's Homecoming (4)

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As Gu Ruoyun's entire face filled with astonishment, a flash of red robes appeared in the image.

That flash of red robes was very familiar and made her heart beat faster. However, just as Gu Ruoyun wanted to continue watching the scene, the image suddenly vanished...

The entire cave was now as quiet as before.

Gu Ruoyun fell silent as her eyes scanned the entire cave before landing on a stove in the middle of the cave.

"So the Nine Emperors had been born here. No wonder it had led me to this place. However, I'm very curious who that person is who had the ability to create treasures like Divine Weapons."

The most intriguing thing to her was that flash of red robes which had entered the picture in the end.

Sadly, the image had disappeared too quickly for her to identify the person in red robes who had entered the cave.

 "Zixie, it seems that the bottom of this lava pit is the Nine Emperors' birthplace. There's nothing more here. Let's go, it's time that we leave this place too." Gu Ruoyun slowly curled the corners of her lips as a murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

"We will now make our way to Main City. I won't allow anyone to utilize the Red Lotus Territory's name to swindle others."

Zixie smiled. "We can leave this place through this cave. Little girl, there's a reason behind the Nine Emperors' recognition of you as its Master."


Gu Ruoyun was in shock. Could it be that the woman who had forged the Nine Emperors was someone familiar to me?

Or are we related by blood? Is that why the Nine Emperors had chosen me?

Gu Ruoyun could not help but laugh at the thought. She then shook her head. She definitely feels that she has never met that woman before! As for the Nine Emperors' reasons for choosing her, perhaps she shares some similarities with that woman...

"Zixie, I know that you're unwilling to explain everything to me. However, I believe that I will find the answers myself one day."

She does not like to bombard others with questions. Since Zixie was unwilling to elaborate, she would not force him to either.

She then walked further into the deep recesses of the cave...

Wind Fall Village.

In a mountain cave at the back of the village, a flaming dragon was hovering in a circle, absorbing the spiritual force from the air. 

This flaming dragon could not be compared to the one in the lava because its body was only half the size of the lava pit's flaming dragon's body! Most importantly, this flaming dragon was only a spiritual body and its soul was paper-thin as if it could turn into ashes and scatter into the air at any moment.

"Damn it, how could I have been so unlucky? I only wanted to find a physical body to take me away from this place yet I had ended up bumping into that God of Plagues who had consumed almost all of my soul! I don't know how many years it will take before I can cultivate myself back to my original state."

The flaming dragon looked to be filled with grief. It was likely that the most regretful mistake of his life was for taking a liking towards that God of Plagues' physical body. In the end, he had nearly ended up losing his own soul.

If that God of Plagues' body had not felt full as she swallowed his soul, he believes that the fellow would have cleanly finished his entire spirit like eating a bowl of rice.

"Forget it, I think it's safer for me to stay in this cave for the rest of my life. Humans are too scary! They are even scarier than demons! I don't want to run into that God of Plagues for the rest of my life!"

The more the flaming dragon thought of it, the more it felt like he was making the right decision. Losing his freedom was better than having his soul scattered across the world. To him, nothing was safer than being inside the cave.

As he thought it over, the flaming dragon began to feel happier. Just as he was about to continue restoring his soul, he suddenly noticed two people walking out from the mountain cave behind him...

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Chapter 1076: Zixie's Homecoming (5)

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The flaming dragon was in shock as he stared in astonishment at the two who had just emerged from the mountain cave.

"I never thought that the mountain cave in the lava pit would have lead up to the back mountain in Wind Fall Village. I had found it strange that the cave had felt so hot. Now I know it's because of the lava pit."

Gu Ruoyun's gaze then turned towards the flaming dragon. She grinned as she exclaimed, "Long time no see, your soul seems to have restored quite nicely."

The flaming dragon's initial shock turned into terror when he saw the smile on Gu Ruoyun's face. He immediately flew upwards with a whoosh and his body hovered closely to the cave's ceiling. "What do you want now?" he cried out in a sharp voice. "My soul is not appetizing at all, it does not taste good at all!"

The flaming dragon was nearly in tears.

He had remained hidden inside this cave and had not caused any more trouble for any humans of late. Why is this God of Plagues acting like a soul who is unable to depart from the world of the living? Besides, why had she emerged from behind me?

This was something that the flaming dragon could not understand. All he knows was that the God of Plagues had mentioned his soul!

That clearly meant that his soul seems to have restored quite well and she could have another good meal now!

Why should this not strike fear into his heart?

Gu Ruoyun blinked her eyes in amazement and rubbed her nose, rendered completely speechless.

I don't think I had done anything much 1  so why is this guy acting so terrified?

"Ancestor, I'll call you my ancestor. Is that enough? Will you spare me now? I'm only a little dragon and you've already consumed so much of my soul. Is that not enough?"

It was hard to believe that a proud and large flaming dragon would actually be trembling with fright. He has no other request other than to wish for the God of Plagues to stay far, far away from him as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if this God of Plagues were to suddenly feel hungry and proceed to chew his soul into fragments... What would he do then?

Gu Ruoyun seems to remember something as she listened to the flaming dragon's pleas. Her eyes flickered and her lips curled into a smile as she said. "If you want me to spare you, it's not entirely impossible."

"Really?" The flaming dragon's eyes sparkled as he hurriedly exclaimed, "As long as you're willing to let me off, I will do anything."

Gu Ruoyun nodded. "I've just constructed more than ten graves at the top of this back mountain. My friends lie in those graves. I'll be giving you this responsibility, I want you to watch over those graves and not let anyone lay a hand on them!"

The flaming dragon was shocked. He then replied sluggishly, "I can't leave this cave, how am I supposed to protect those graves?"

"You may not be able to leave this cave but you can release your aura to scare any intruders off. Can you do that?"

Gu Ruoyun's heart was filled with remorse when she thought of Wind Fall Village.

If it had not been for her, those innocent villagers would never have lost their lives in the hands of the Lin family.

Hence, she would never allow anyone to disturb their peaceful rest! They had not enjoyed peace in life so, in death, she would grant them a peaceful paradise! However, she could not stand guard over this area all the time. Hence, she could conveniently utilize the cowardly flaming dragon.

Indeed, just as Gu Ruoyun had spoken, the flaming dragon anxiously nodded his head as if it was pounding garlic. "No problem, I can do that."

"Alright." Gu Ruoyun smiled as she threatened, "If I were to return and find out that someone has excavated those graves, there will no longer be any need for you to remain here."

The flaming dragon quivered violently and quickly pledged his determination, "Don't worry, I will watch over this place and not let anyone intrude here."

"Good." Gu Ruoyun's smile finally displayed satisfaction. She then turned towards Zixie and said, "Zixie, let's go."

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