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Chapter 1068: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (2)

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The woman in white felt shaken. She then knitted her attractive crescent-shaped brows and asked, "Master, what do you mean?"

"Yu'er, do you know why the Secret Clan has hidden ourselves from the world?"

"I do not."

"The Secret Clan has never appeared before the eyes of the world because our clan holds a responsibility which has been passed down for generations. A powerful cultivator had given us this duty over ten thousand years ago, asking the Secret Clan to keep one particular person under control. To this day, the Clan Leaders from the subsequent generations of the Secret Clan have had no knowledge of who this person was. All we know is that our clan members must always be on guard."

This was the first time she had heard the Secret Clan's bitter secret and it caused the woman in white's face to show a sense of shock which then quickly disappeared.

"The Secret Clan's members have never liked fame or fortune but that does not mean that the world is ignorant of the Secret Clan's existence. After all, thousands of years of inner secrets is not something which can be compared with other organizations! Also, the Secret Clan has been in hiding for so many years that we aren't willing to pay too much attention to the rules and grudges of the world. Hence, Yu'er, you must exact your revenge on your own. The Secret Clan will not provide you with any aid, do you understand?"

The woman in white laughed.

Her laughter carried an icy-cold murderous intent and a sense of determination.

"That year, those people had wrenched my family apart and schemed to take my son. No matter what, I won't let them get away with it! When the time comes for me to leave the Secret Clan, it will also be the day for me to stab my enemies with my blade! Master, even if you had not mentioned this to me, I would not have allowed the Secret Clan to step in! I will only use my own hands to exact my own revenge!" 

The white-haired old woman smiled in satisfaction. "Ah, that's right. Yu'er, even though the Secret Clan will not aid you, there is one thing that I can tell you — the Lin family is only a tool being used by another. Your true enemy is the one backing the Lin family!"

The one backing the Lin family?

The woman in white laughed icily. "Regardless of who my opponent is, I will not let them get away! However, Master, I'd like to ask you something — why had the Lin family tried to take my son away?"

"This..." The white-haired old woman furrowed her brows and shook her head. "I'm not too sure either. I can say that not even the Lin family knows the reason why. They had only been following their orders."

The woman in white then fell silent and said nothing more.

After a long pause, she lifted her head and turned towards the white-haired old woman before saying, "Master, if I wish to destroy the Lin family and the power behind them, is it possible?"

"Yu'er, you do whatever you want. While the Secret Clan can't help you directly, if you were to commit a monstrous slaughter and the people who guard the First City wish to punish you, the Secret Clan will step out to protect you. I believe that they would listen to our words."

"Thank you, Master." The woman in white joined her fists and replied, "I will return to the mountain and continue my cultivation."

With her Master's reassurance, it would be easier for her to do what she needed to do.

At least she would not need to fear for the future!

"Go ahead."

The white-haired old woman waved her hand. She was quite satisfied with this disciple.

Furthermore, this disciple had been chosen as the Sacred Lady of the Secret Clan. Hence, the Secret Clan would ensure her safety no matter what.

Celestial Mountain Forest.

The crowd paused in their steps outside the mysterious cave. Old Man Jiang then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and said, "Gu girl, this is the place that we've found. Stay by my side from here on in case some sinister people try to harm you in secret."

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Chapter 1069: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (3)

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Lan Shao's expression had turned black once again because of the implications in that sentence. He then glanced at Old Man Jiang again before quietly shrinking back to Bai Yin's side.

"Miss Bai Yin, what should we do?"

Bai Yin sent Lan Shao an icy glare as she replied frostily, "You don't need to ask me what to do. Still, I can tell you with utmost certainty that the Grand Lord is extremely disgusted with this woman. Back then, if I had not pleaded for the Grand Lord to have mercy on her, he would not have let her off merely for my sake. However, I never thought that she would still find the Grand Lord unforgettable. If the Grand Lord ever finds out about this, he would certainly become very angry. Therefore, if you want to gain the Grand Lord's favor, you mustn't spare this woman!"

A murderous intent flashed across Lan Shao's eyes.

He has clearly chosen the Grand Lord's over the genius.

As long as he could gain Grand Lord Hong Lian's favor, then he would spare no effort to kill this woman!

"Thank you for explaining the situation to me, Miss Bai Yin. I know what to do now."

He lifted his head and looked at Gu Ruoyun's back as the corners of his mouth curled into an eerie smile.

Gu Ruoyun, who was walking at the front of the group, sensed a creepy murderous intent coming from behind her. A cold laugh sparked within her heart but she did not say much as she entered the mysterious cave.


Old Man Jiang also sensed that bloodthirsty gaze, causing him to laugh bitterly and say, "I hope that Lan Shao will wake up to reality and won't try to commit an unforgivable mistake. Even though I don't like Lan Shao all that much, we're still part of the Four Great Families."

Of course, if Lan Shao wishes to hurt Gu Ruoyun, he would have no choice but to cut off all ties.

Forget about Gu Ruoyun's talent, simply based on the fact that she had saved his life, he would not sit quietly and watch!

"Let's go."

Old Man Gu sighed gently as well. Lan Shao's abilities are unlike his younger brother's. Sadly, the Lan family's only outstanding member had been struck down at the prime of his life and the son he had left behind, Lan Ge, was a good-for-nothing...

The Old Master of the Lan family was also unconcerned about matters regarding his family at the moment. Hence, Old Man Gu had the feeling that the Lan family would be destroyed by Lan Shao's hand sooner or later.

This mountain cave was not damp like other caves. On the contrary, it was shockingly dry. Images of the Four Divine Beasts have been carved into the mountain rocks. It was vivid and lifelike with a commanding presence.

Gu Ruoyun was a little shocked.

What is this cave's origin and why would it have the images of the Azure Dragon and the Four Divine Beasts carved near it?

Besides, the location of this mountain cave was not exactly hidden. Could it be that no one has ever noticed it even after such a long time?

Gu Ruoyun asked the question in her heart as she thought of this fact, "Old Man Jiang, how did you manage to find this place? Why did the villagers who had lived around here for so many years never notice this cave before?"

Old Man Jiang laughed bitterly, "Actually, Old Man Gu and I had witnessed the creation of this mountain cave with our own eyes when we were here last night. What I can recall is, after we had seen the light from the Divine Weapon last night, this mountain cave had then appeared out of thin air! Hence, we concluded that the Divine Weapon must be inside this mountain cave."

Old Man Jiang's usage of the words 'out of thin air' made the others feel even more puzzled over the mountain cave's origins.

Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows.

Could it be that this mountain cave was somehow related to the Nine Emperors?

Otherwise, why would this mountain cave appear right after the Nine Emperors' birth?

Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun seemed to remember something and her eyes sparkled.

She was curious about when the Nine Emperors had contracted itself to her and she also wanted to know the Nine Emperors' origins. Perhaps this mountain cave could answer all her questions...

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Chapter 1070: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (4)

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Gu Ruoyun felt the temperature rise as she ventured deeper into the cave.

That's right, it was a blistering heat!

However, this heat was different from the heat within the flaming cave. This was a temperature which was hot enough to burn one's soul into ash! Even the Martial Supreme ranked Old Man Jiang and the others felt it difficult to continue forward.

Jiang Mozhu obviously could not hold on much longer as sweat streamed continuously from his fair and jade-like face. He had initially thought of opening his mouth to ask them to let him stay back but when he saw the steadfast look on Gu Ruoyun's face, the words became stuck in his throat and he found himself unable to speak.

Since she was also able to continue, he must not give up either!

At least, he must not give Miss Gu any reason to look down on him.

Jiang Mozhu does not know why he feels such a great attachment towards Gu Ruoyun. It was also due to this attachment that he has managed to come this far...

"Old Man Jiang."

Gu Ruoyun took one look at Jiang Mozhu who was stumbling along and said, "I can sense something in this mysterious cave so it's best to let those below the rank of a Martial Supreme stay back. There isn't much use to let them venture further in."

Old Man Jiang was shocked. He then noticed that Jiang Mozhu seems to be having difficulties moving forward so he nodded immediately. "Alright. Zhu'er, you and the rest should stay here and wait for us."

"But, Grandfather..."

The young man's delicate features flashed with determination. His clear and limpid eyes stared at Old Man Jiang as he replied, "I can do this."

"Zhu'er, accidents may happen in this mountain cave. I won't let you take that risk so this time, I can't let you have your way." Old Man Jiang shook his head as he laughed bitterly.

How could he not be aware of how his own grandson thinks?

Ever since they had left Cloudy Wind City, his grandson has been rather absent-minded. As his grandfather, how could he fail to pinpoint his own grandson's intentions? Now that his grandson has met the Gu girl again, he must be determined to prove his worthiness to her.

However, the Gu girl does not seem to be interested in his grandson.

Still, they can cross that bridge when the time comes. Who can say what the future holds?

Jiang Mozhu felt somewhat disappointed when he heard Old Man Jiang's words and clenched his fists at his sides.

He felt the distance between Gu Ruoyun and him this time.

If he had been strong enough, perhaps he would be able to follow them to the end of the cave and would not have been told to stay here.

Old Man Jiang himself probably never realized that it was because of what had happened today that his grandson, who had ever really paid any attention to cultivation, would throw himself into cultivation upon their return. The rapidness of this sudden change would make even Old Man Jiang jump in fright...

"Miss Bai Yin, let's continue on."

Lan Shao turned respectfully towards Bai Yin and spoke in an ingratiating manner, "Regardless of the dangers that lie ahead, I, Lan Shao, will ensure your safety."

Bai Yin nodded. Her cold, icy gaze then turned towards Gu Ruoyun like the sharp blade of a sword as her murderous intent shot out from all directions. Her lips were curled into a cruel angle and she stared at Gu Ruoyun as if she was looking at a dead person walking.

"Gu Ruoyun, you've brought this all upon yourself. This would not have happened if you had only listened to my orders back then. You are sorely mistaken if you think that you could use your good looks to seduce the Grand Lord. However, the Grand Lord is fiercely loyal to the Madam so how could he possibly be interested in a young and inexperienced little girl like you? You're digging your own grave just by having delusions of seducing him!"

In Bai Yin's heart, Grand Lord Hong Lian already belongs to her! No one knows if the Madam was dead or alive after so many years, perhaps she was no longer in the world of the living by now. To bai Yin, as long as she was patient enough, she would certainly be able to melt the Grand Lord's icy heart.

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Bai Yin, you delusional woman. *rolls eyes*

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Chapter 1071: Secret Clan, Dongfang Yu (5)

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However, all of that had changed because of that woman!

It must be because this woman shares some similar features with the Madam! Otherwise, why would the Grand Lord protect her so fiercely? Furthermore, how could I have lost the Grand Lord's trust?

Because of this, she must die!

"Strange, why is there nothing in this cave? That can't be right!"

After Jiang Mozhu and the others have stayed back, the rest had pressed forward once again. However, they have already reached the end of the cave and there was nothing in the empty cave at all.

Old Man Jiang furrowed his brows, unable to comprehend what had gone wrong.

"Old Man Jiang, are you sure that you didn't make a mistake? Is this mountain cave really connected to the Divine Weapon?"

A hint of skepticism flashed through Lan Shao's eyes.

Even though he wishes to kill Gu Ruoyun, he still has some degree of respect towards Old Man Jiang. Regardless, this old man was a cultivator on the same level as his father. Since his father was not here, he would never think of crossing these two old fellows.

"I can confirm that the Divine Weapon must be inside this cave."

Old Man Jiang fell silent for a moment before he replied with certainty.

"Since that's the case, where is the Divine Weapon? There's nothing in this cave, what more a Divine Weapon. We can't even find an average weapon in here." Lan Shao was a getting little impatient.

If he had known this earlier, he would not have tagged along with this bunch and would have gone to find the Divine Weapon's whereabouts himself.

"What's that?"

Bai Yin suddenly noticed a button on the rock wall and automatically reached out to press it.


Gu Ruoyun's face changed when she saw Bai Yin's action. She was about to stop her but it was too late...


Hong, hong, hong!

The entire mountain cave shook and gravel began to roll down from the rock walls. The crowd could feel continuous tremors from the ground as they began to sink down.

"Not good, the cave is about to collapse!"

Old Man Jiang's elderly features suddenly lost its color as he cried out anxiously, "Zhu'er is still outside!"

Damn it!

He had known from the start that there would be great danger here yet he never expected the mountain cave to collapse immediately! However, he was now a distance away from Jiang Mozhu and there was no way for him to save his grandson.

Gu Ruoyun has slowly returned to her senses. "Old Man Jiang," she said with a cold look in her eyes, "The collapse is only occuring in our vicinity so Jiang Mozhu should be safe where he is. You must all hurry and run immediately. I can sense a powerful existence beneath the mountain cave! If we're too late, I'm afraid that we might not survive."

"No, I've told you earlier on that I will protect you. If we're escaping, I must take you along with me. I have always followed through with my promises and I won't break my promise to another."

"There's no time."

Gu Ruoyun's eyes sharpened. Suddenly, without any warning, she threw her fist at Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu.

"All of you hurry, run!"


The two old men were violently flung out of the way by the powerful force of this fist.

As the cave collapsed, a patch of dark blue sky appeared above everyone's heads.

They never thought that Gu Ruoyun would suddenly attack them turned to stare at her in shock.

When they turned towards her, they were almost frightened into a heart attack.

What they could see was that the area they had been on which was originally covered by rolling gravel was now filled with lava and was emitting red bubbles continuously. At the heart of the lava was a huge dragon who was spitting fire with its bloody mouth open like a sacrificial bowl. Its grim eyes were staring fixatedly at the humans above.

"Gu girl!"

Old Man Jiang's expression turned as white as a sheet when he stared at Gu Ruoyun who had fallen into the lava. "Get back here quickly!" he cried out anxiously.

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