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Having entered Dareu and laying their eyes on the vastness of the land that the world encompassed, Uriel and Gabriel's reactions were as follows.

[How can this be?]
[Son, do you like playing The Sims?]

Yu IlHan watched the survivors of Heishia being incorporated into the world of Dareu and replied in a light mood to Gabriel.

"I did like it before, but I don't like it now. Games are only fun when they're enjoyed as games. It's like how racing games are fun, but the morning commutes feel like trash."

"Shut up, Earth spoon."


The ones that were waiting for him while he visited over thirty thousand worlds soon rushed to where he was. Yu IlHan made Yumir stop at a suitable distance before stroking his head, and embraced Liera without any resistance from her.

"I was a little late, wasn't I?"

"Sorry about that."

Liera rubbed her face in his chest for a while but then realized that Yu IlHan was accompanied by a man and a woman who were not Orochi and Mystic.

"Huh, this aura is…… Lady Uriel and Lord Gabriel of the Four Great Archangels!? How did this happen!?"

"You took another two other as hostages after killing one!?" - Yu IlHan smacked Liera lightly on the forehead and spoke while looking at Gabriel.

"And your human form?"
[Fine, I'll do it. I just have to do it, right?]

Gabriel grumbled and closed his eyes. Following that, the three pairs of wings, the halo unique to angels as well as the imposing mana that radiated from him all disappeared.
No, it wasn't correct to say they disappeared. It had just all disappeared into a realm of concealment so deep that it couldn't even be recorded by anyone. With the mana gone, wrinkles started appearing on his skin. But unlike before, he looked to be in his mid 30s.

As he naturally lost the power to maintain himself in mid-air, he should have fallen down immediately, but Uriel move to receive him before that happened…… when she was interrupted by an Aegis that appeared and supported his father. Liera finally realized the identity of this person.

"……IlHan's dad? Huh? He was Lord Gabriel until just now."

"That trash?…… huh? What?"

Liera's eyes were filled with question marks. Gabriel laughed awkwardly.

"Yes, I'm the trash that made you suffer all this time, child. I'm so sorry. Hahahaha."

"Oooh, father! That's a nice word to hear! Why don't you call me father again?"

"Yes sir."

Liera's brain halted all activity as it overheated from trying to but not being able to accept the sudden change in situation. Yu IlHan patted his lover that was perfect in every way but one, which made her lovelier, and spoke to Gabriel."

"Dad, you can go to mom first. I'll take care of some things before I follow along."


If Kim YeSeul joined the Garden of Sunset before, he could have explained everything to her, but thanks to her rejection in one go, he had to live apart from his wife without any time to explain anything to her.
His wife was such a firm-willed person. Though, that was also why he truly fell in love with her even though he was one of the Four Great Archangels…… but precisely because of that, did he fear meeting his wife.

However, the Aegis that Yu IlHan had called out completely ignored his hesitation and feelings and lead him to where Kim YeSeul was. Uriel followed him until she received Yu IlHan's glare and fell back.

"Since two of the Four Great Archangels have left their position, this should have been revealed to the Heaven's Army as well. But why aren't you falling down to a lower existence even though you went against the laws of Heaven?"
[Because the ones in charge of making angels fall into lower existences are the Four Great Archangels.]

That was so OP. This is why corruption never disappeared in politics! Since the ones that had to punish corruption were corrupted themselves, there's no way the lower ones would stop! Of course, this helped him right now!

[But I cannot stay as an angel forever. If you shall allow it, I wish to join Dragon's Nest. I can retain my power so it won't be a bad deal for you.]

[Gabriel just needs to transfer all his powers into the Garden of Sunset. Once that happens, it will become possible to gather all the power of the Garden of Sunset that was scattered across the stars until now. Moreover, no one across all the worlds can steal his pow…… hiik.]

Uriel, who was making an expression filled with love while explaining about Gabriel, shrunk back after being glared at by Yu IlHan once again. Yu IlHan interrogated her more.

"Is there something you did against this harmageddon or whatever?"
[Both Gabriel's and my actions were extremely limited and secretive. It is not that we did not act to persuade those in the Heaven's Army, but because most of them are loyal to Michael…….]

Sure. Although he lost completely to Yu IlHan thanks to his affinity with fire, Michael was the biggest power that allowed Heaven's Army to maintain its presence everywhere and still be stronger than the others. Rather than betraying him, the angels would probably choose to commit suicide.
If there was one way to change their thoughts, it's to slash Michael's neck and have a calm conversation with them, but…….

"But I can't just kill him because of that…… I left Michael as a means of stopping Satan. Can we completely trust in Satan?"

"I kinda thought this was the case but you guys don't help at all."

Uriel shut her mouth. However, Yu IlHan ignored the useless Uriel and fell deep into thought.

First, he was done preparing against the self-proclaimed God, or, the 'God of Heaven'.
He had scattered Traps of Regeneration in all lower worlds that he had been to at least once, and even made them so that they could encroach on other lower worlds by crossing the dimensional wall, so it wouldn't take too long for all Traps of Destruction to disappear from lower worlds. Of course, he had to do the same thing to higher worlds. Although this was something that was in progress, it was smooth sailing at least until now.

What he had to guard against next was the rest of the higher existence factions that didn't care about what the God of Heaven was doing, and were just moving under the assumption that 'Earth is important so it's mine'.

A clash with the Heaven's Army couldn't be avoided since they treated Yu IlHan like he was their archenemy, while the Army of Brilliant Light was on hold since he didn't know what they were thinking, and fortunately the Garden of Sunset looked like they'll become his allies since Gabriel was the one leading them…….

Just the Destruction Demon Army, was a mystery.

"Uriel, how would the Destruction Demon Army move? Didn't dad say anything?"
[As you know already, all they are thinking of is the destruction of everything. As such, they are also the most dangerous beings as well. Not only are the Battalion Commanders and their forces threatening, the most frightening of them all is their leader, Greed. Satan and Gabriel were both originally from the Heaven's Army, but only Greed formed his own organization after reaching the realm of transcenders with his own power.]

Of course, thanks to Yu IlHan's mess, the powers of each faction did decrease a lot. Despite that, Greed's power was still overwhelming, and was even increasing right now. In other words, if there was another being that he had to be wary against on top of God of Heaven, it was Greed.

"Tch, so in the end, I can only do one thing."

Greed told Yu IlHan to become God. Yu IlHan did not believe in his words and ignored him, but in order for them to survive, and to live on, he knew that they have to go to war with the original higher existence factions.

Well, then. What did he have to do first? First, he had to lock the doors of Earth and Dareu, and…….

"Let's invade Heaven and get some supplies of higher metals."

"After that, I'm going to make them into Traps of Restoration and steal higher worlds that the other factions possess."
[Are you planning to cause harmageddon yourself!?]

Uriel asked in surprise. Yu IlHan liked her words and let out a hearty laugh.

"Yes. I hate being attacked. Fights are all about attacking first!"
"That's something I like. Fights are all about attacking first after all!"

While Yu IlHan and Orochi were in sync with each other, a loud slap could be heard from the horizon. A voice of pain that filled the world came after.

"Where do you think you're going? This is just the beginning!"
"Honey, please take it lightly on me. Lightly…… Ack!

One of the Four Great Archangels, Gabriel, was suffering against rapid fire slaps from his wife. Seeing Uriel twitch every time skin met skin and caused a melody, Yu IlHan muttered in satisfaction.

"Slap him one thousand time more in my stead, mom."

While Gabriel was undergoing a world of suffering, Yu IlHan checked for any events and changes that might have occurred while he was away, and vitalized the 'carpet' since it became somewhat unstable after the addition of Heishia. He didn't forget to supplement his mana.

"Mr. IlHan."

Not so long after, Kang MiRae came looking for him. As she knew the reunion of Kim YeSeul and Gabriel, she seemed to be more confused than ever.

"Is what I heard and experienced all real?"

"What!? He's also the leader of the Garden of Sunset!?"

Oh, she didn't know that bit of information. Yu IlHan just smiled at her. Kang MiRae smiled awkwardly after finding out that Yu IlHan felt the same as her. Although meaty slaps could be heard throughout their conversation, Kang MiRae ignored those and spoke to him.

"I brought all the people on Earth to Dareu. Although they're feeling slightly panicked due to the sudden change in space-time, they should adapt soon."
"Oh, I kinda felt that was the case, but you brought them all. Thanks for the hard work."

Since the people of Heishia had come as well, he might as well take care of everything. Yu IlHan saw that his mana pool was full and activated the Declaration skill to explain the current events to all beings in Dareu.

[Ah, ah. Mic test. Hello, ladies and gentleman of Dareu. I am your God, Yu IlHan.]
"That sounds like an in-flight announcement, master! Have some more grandeur!"

However, the following announcements from Yu IlHan to the entire world didn't sound that much different from an in-flight announcement either. The current Dareu only spawned 3rd class monsters and above, so they would act within designated areas, not be outside too late at night, have a nice time in Dareu, and other stuff like that.
Everything other than that was meaningless. They were either meaningless for them to know, or would scare them even further!

"Oh yes, how about Legnae? Did they invade?"

"It's about time they came……."

The God of Heaven was not the first transcender for nothing. No matter how strong Yu IlHan's defenses were, Yu IlHan didn't think that they'd give up on this world and just let it be.

"Well, it doesn't matter when they invade. Well, let's start our next project."

"There's not a lot of it left, so we should have a final sprint."

He was going to act once his mother calmed down a little, but the meaty slaps never seemed to cease. By his side, Uriel looked very worried. Even while sighing, Yu IlHan went to the Guardian castle with them. Kim YeSeul and Gabriel were there.

"S, son! Save me! Son!"

"Got it."

Even though his mother was now a true dragon under Dragon's Nest, and Yu IlHan was the leader of that faction, Yu IlHan couldn't go against his mother. Wasn't that how parent-child relationships were?
More so if his mother's rage was directed at his father. Not only could he not go against her, he had no thoughts of doing that either. Yu IlHan decided to calmly wait until his parents finished their reunion event. But at such a good time, he could feel the insolent things that tried to invade Dareu.

[Irregulars, the largest hindrance to the plan.]

[Execute, eliminate, destroy.]
"how can this be……!"

Executing God's orders, the group of Legnae lightly ripped Yu IlHan's shield apart as if it had been made of paper! Yu IlHan was really surprised after meeting them.

"That's really a villain android's line from the 90s games! Even their timings are so lame!"
"That's what you're surprised about!?"

There were over twenty Legnae that invaded Dareu. Twenty-three whole beings that were over level 500! Moreover, considering how they possessed power to restrain mana, these twenty-three could probably wipe out the majority of higher worlds by themselves.

"Good, I got another source of metals before I go to Heaven."

Of course, Yu IlHan's perception of them was slightly different. He smiled and faced the rude invaders in mid-air. He shouted towards the 'God of Heaven' that was definitely peeking at him behind them.

"If you want to defeat me, then bring around three thousand times more troops than this! Come at me!"

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