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Yu IIlHan was slightly annoyed since it looked like everything was going just as he had predicted. No matter how good he was at predicting foreshadows, wasn't this a little too much?! Was this a type of foreknowledge too? - just as he was thinking about such childish things to escape reality, Uriel spoke to him.

[You have nothing to fear. Gabriel has already predicted that you shall be safe until the very end. Of course, the foreknowledge isn't always correct…… but we shall help you so that it will become as such.]

[We did, we did a lot. However, Yu IlHan, you do not think that the worlds you have been to are all the worlds, do you?]

[Thank you for…… being understanding.]

Right now, she was saying this - while Yu IlHan was cleaning up the mess that the Heaven's Army had made, Gabriel, Uriel and some other angels were concentrating their efforts into places unknown to him. Annoyingly, he couldn't really deny that.

However, Uriel's words hadn't ended yet.

[However, you are right. The blame is ours. I am not going to deny that. I will receive the price for all of it. If my puny life can set everything straight, I would have done so already, but precisely because that wasn't the case is why I lived on and struggled. And right now, I could finally meet you in this place.]
"Yeah, sure."

Even while listening, Yu IlHan didn't stop grumbling. Yu IlHan's greatest objective in life was to churn the guts of all beings that he has grudges with.

"I'm sooo thankful. Countless beings were fighting for my sake? That sounds harsh."

[Gabriel…… I haven't suffered at all. The one to suffer was you.]

Very slightly, Uriel blushed at Yu YongHan's, no, Gabriel's words. Yu IlHan, who saw that only Uriel out of the Four Great Archangels was indifferent to him and thought that she was quite special among the four, realized that it wasn't entirely like that, and continuing…….

"Cheating? While your son is in a world of trouble you leave mom and go out with a pretty woman?"
[I do not know anything like cheating, son. I don't.]

He felt like there was an emphasis on "I", implying 'don't you know already?' and made him annoyed.
However, just as he was going to say he didn't know about anything like that either, several faces of women popped up in his mind so he could only stay quiet. Gabriel spoke as if his son was adorable.

[Give it up and accept all of them. This dad does think that love which extends between each other is very beautiful, but I also think loves takes many different forms apart from that, especially with someone as bright and brilliant like you. The new child with the blessing of the god of love should also know that and will understand it.]

[Unfortunately, I can't see such detailed things.]

Yu IlHan put 5 hostility points onto his father. Seeing the father and son having an embarrassing conversation, Uriel interfered between the two with bright red cheeks.

[Well! It is not long until the final showdown. If you have cleared up your talks, then it's time to act!]


Even while being on guard against Uriel, he took the Trap of Restoration from his father and passed it to Mystic. Mystic didn't receive it willingly and narrowed her eyes instead.

"Weren't you high and mighty from birth, master, eh? Never did I imagine that you were the young master of one of the Four Great Archangels!"

"Earth spoon should shut up and activate the Trap."

"Wait, Earth spoon. Since it's come to this, let's do one more thing too."

(T/N: The 'spoon' is reference to the proverb "Born with a silver spoon in the mouth")

Yu IlHan immediately activated his creation ability to add something new to the Trap of Restoration. Receiving that, Mystic immediately realized the change and widened her eyes.


"I'll nag you to death if there's any unnecessary casualties, okay?"
"Just do it already."

Mystic threw the Trap of Restoration and activated it. At that moment, a strange wave was released from the Trap of Restoration and engulfed all the Traps of Destruction in this world.

Then, it released all the monsters inside.

[Yu IlHan!?]


Not to mention Uriel and Orochi, even Gabriel hadn't seen this with his foreknowledge and called out to him in shock. However, Yu IlHan just snorted at them and stepped forward before activating Manifestation and Declaration simultaneously. Of course, he had already dispelled his concealment.

[Look at me.]

With the support of Manifestation, the range of Declaration expanded to all of Heishia. His voice resounded across the entire world, and the monsters that were released from the dungeons, the humans that were shocked at the sight, as well as the ones that were just living their own lives in secluded places all 'discovered' Yu IlHan.

[Those with malice against humanity. Those with hostility against the continuation of mankind. Those who wish to grow as you lust for the flesh of those I desire to protect.]

His Declaration continued. The huge mana he possessed instantly neared depletion, but drinking Breath made of Echjar's blood, he finished his words.

[You shall all die.]

That was enough. The living monsters in the mountains, hills, skies, seas, volcanoes, caves, everywhere - had all collapsed and…… died on the spot.

[The skill, Manifestation, has become level 32.]
[The skill, Declaration, has become level 57.]



Everyone watching lost their words. However, Yu IlHan didn't care about them at all. With the annihilation of all the monsters, mana instantly filled the world, and the Traps of Restoration absorbed all that mana and spread it to the other Traps of Destruction in an increasingly shorter intervals.
All the Traps of Destruction changed into Traps of Restoration in an instant. In the future, neither Dungeon Breaks nor Overflows would happen in this world.

No, not only that.

[I am the God you have been waiting for.]

Shamelessly shouted Yu IlHan.

[So obey me.]

His mana was already nearing its limits, but the endlessly filling mana supplemented the mana consumed in the Declaration skill. In other people's view, he looked like he had an endless supply of mana.
However, Yu IlHan was in fact nervously checking the time that he could maintain the two skills simultaneously. In the first place, it was a miracle that he could stay standing in a lower world that wasn't even in his own domain. It was more so considering that it hadn't been long since he had ascended into his place as a leader of a faction.

[Son, you really are…….]
"Why are you so surprised? You can do it too."

Gabriel was the leader of the Garden of Sunset at the same time being one of the Four Great Archangels. Yu IlHan estimated that his father's concealment had deceived everything and pioneered a unique realm for him to become a higher existence, and it was in fact true. It was just that he was mistaken about one thing - the limits of Gabriel's ability.

[I'm not sure about a world under the Garden of Sunset's rule, but in another lower world, I can't really do that. Moreover, it also takes quite a lot of time to change from the Gabriel form to the Garden of Sunset leader…….]
"Don't say it like you're some transforming robot."

Interrupting his narration of his back story, Yu IlHan firmly received all the gazes of all the people that looked up at him. The people all seemed to be confused, but the ones that experienced the miracles eventually reacted.

"He has come."

"In place of the angels that abandoned us! He has come!"
"No, the one looking down at us from up there, is God! He has come to take us all in!"

Of course, there were many that felt hostile as well. However, the vast majority had shining eyes while they looked at Yu IlHan. Even the ones that held some hostility could not deny that the monsters were annihilated thanks to him.
Like that, Yu IlHan showed them overwhelming power and amplified their minute hope with the following words.

[I shall lead you to a place with a new hope.]

Civilization would probably collapse. Every one of them will be put in the middle of battle. They will meet a big threat to their lives.

Perhaps they may meet an even more frightful and cold environment than this place. Perhaps they may regret their choices and may wish to return. However, Yu IlHan forced them to choose nonetheless. Although he couldn't stay here and protect them, he could take them in and head to Dareu.

[Will you follow me? I shall take you all in when all of your wills turn into one.]

He uttered some cool words, probably taken from a book somewhere. Mystic thought that he was like a drug dealer, while Orochi thought that true scammers were really different.
Meanwhile, Uriel was still slightly out of it thanks to the grandeur that Yu IlHan showed with his Declaration skill, while Gabriel was slightly depressed because his son had surpassed him.

"I shall follow."

Someone spoke. He was one of the generals that fought against monsters in the front lines with the surviving humanity.

"I shall follow you."

Someone else spoke. He was a lonely man who stood at the peak of what little humanity left here, and could no longer be called emperor.

"Please lead us."

Someone else spoke. She was an old woman who lived as a mercenary all her life fighting monsters before dropping out after she had lost a leg and the people important to her.

"I hate those that try to step above us…… dammit, I guess I can't help it."

And someone despaired. He was the knight captain of a ruined country that felt disgust for being swayed around by higher existences at whim, but could only grab the thread of hope that was given to him.


Yu IlHan nodded his head with a smile. His figure filled the eyes of all of mankind in this world.

[I shall lead you all to my world.]

[You have received the obedience of all surviving mankind from the lower world Heishia. The world of Heishia enters your domain.]
[The world, Heishia, fuses with Dareu.]

"Well, let's return to Dareu first."

Yu IlHan looked back at the others while the entire world of Heishia was being twisted and spoke.

"Dad, you prepare an excuse for mom."

[Gabriel, fight on.]

Uriel's shy cheers did not help Gabriel at all. While Gabriel heaved sighs after sighs, the fusion of dimensions finally happened.
This was also the moment the 'first stage' Yu IlHan had aimed for in the scattering Traps of Restoration, at the same time being the moment that solved one of his doubts completely, it was also an unprecedented time where a combined front of higher existence factions had formed.

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