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"Oooh shit."

Muttered Yu IlHan with a fresh, vitamin-ad worthy smile. The enlightenment that came when one gave up everything…… it was the truth that giving up was good for the heart.

"Hm? Ah, no wonder. The unshakable Heart was activated."

"It's a skill you are better off not having."

The various continents had expanded by tens of times while mountains rose and collapsed, valleys sunk deeper into the ground while their peaks rose, seas dried up while others formed. There was no way ordinary people will keep their sanity in front of such a scene.
However, he didn't dare turn off Unshakable Heart due to the fear of consequences that it will have on him later. Yu IlHan just decided to maintain the skill.

"Anyway…… are you guys alright?"

[Krrr woof! Woof!]

The elves and wolfkin, who were shocked due to the sudden transformation in Dareu after a long period of peace, were all rescued by Yu IlHan and could not hide their awkwardness.
The rescue method was very out-of-this-world as well, since Yu IlHan activated the magic formation cast over Dareu to make a portion of it rise above so that it won't get affected by the Great Cataclysm, and gathered them there.

"His Majesty sure is amazing."

"Ooh so beautiful…… Dareu is blossoming under the hands of His Majesty!"

Dareu is blossoming under Yu IlHan's hands? Right now, Yu IlHan was just trying his best to control the worlds somehow!
Perhaps what was fortunate, or curious, the ancient elven magic formation that was cast over the Dareu continent, expanded beyond the walls of the dimension and to other worlds and into continents there as well, without any problem.

As if it had been made with expansion in mind from the very beginning.

"At least the ancient elves were prepared for the evolution of the world."
"Dad, fight on."

Of course, the fact that Yu IlHan had raised the potential of the magic formation by upgrading it should have played a big role as well. Though, the final strike should be from the fact that Yu IlHan had become the master of this world…….
He was lucky in many ways, he truly thought so.

"Oooh, the world is expanding."

"Ahh…… His Majesty has finally."
"…… become God."

All locations other than the highlands where elves and wolfkin were on, as well as where Yu IlHan was desperately waving his hands, the world was transforming very rapidly.
Monsters could not endure the overwhelming concentration of mana and aged rapidly before dying naturally, and soon, a new monster would arise from those records as the foundation, before dying again! It was not only the monsters, but nature was the same as well.


"And…… fearful."

Birth and death was inescapable fate and a flow that could not be denied, but the ones in that flow would definitely not take that lightly. If Yu IlHan didn't separate the ones under him beforehand, they would have met a similar fate, so his actions could be considered splendid.

"Dad, when does this all end?"


Even while Yumir explained to the others with the communication device, Yu IlHan moved very busily. The fusion of worlds was over now, and so he had to help the ancient elven magic formation to settle and resonate in the world that was tens of times bigger than it was before.

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 23.]
[The skill, Declaration, has become level 24.]

"It's rising so fast even though I have never used that skill before…"

The Declaration skill was a skill that came out from the fusion of the Record skill and the Rule skill. It was also the skill that proved his position as the leader of a higher existence faction.
And right now, Yu IlHan was controlling the magic formation that controlled the world and was absorbing all the records that were being amplified, so he was literally using the Record skill and the Rule skill at the same time, naturally, the fusion of those skills would rise in level too!

"……Well then. Let's try."

The Declaration skill was a skill that realized what he uttered. It was literally the skill that allowed a being to reach the realm of divinity, but the difficult part was that it could only be activated within a certain domain under his rule.
However, Yu IlHan possessed the 'Manifestation' skill, and could activate his domain anywhere and anytime. This was probably due to the power of the title 'Surpasser' that influenced him and granted him a lot of leeway in his evolution.

It wasn't just that. The title, 'Surpasser', made Yu IlHan very free, too free in fact, when he was becoming a higher existence. It made anyone fear Yu IlHan.

'It's too OP no matter how I think about it. All my records and abilities fall into place so nicely.'

Originally, the leader of each faction will receive a tremendous boost in a world under his rule, while giving penalties to all intruders to that world.
This was why the higher existence factions never waged war in someone's main headquarters. This could be said to be the advanced version of the abilities Yu IlHan possessed as a Dimensional Traveler.

However, Yu IlHan himself was influenced by the title 'Surpasser', when he was becoming the Lord of Dragon's Nest, and now had the ability to ignore such cause and effect. In other words, he wouldn't receive a boost just because he was on Earth or was in Dareu, but even if he invaded Heaven or the Netherworld, he would not receive any penalties either.

Then wouldn't it be disadvantageous when defending?

Well, that wasn't exactly true. Because Yu IlHan still has his abilities as a Dimensional Traveler, and could prevent or weaken beings that tried to intrude in his world!

What was even more imbalanced was that as mentioned before, Yu IlHan could activate his domain of control along with the Manifestation skill. This would allow him to take advantage over any leaders of other factions.
This was the reason why he was confident that he wouldn't lose against anyone despite being the lowest in level out of the five leaders.

"Good, then."

Yu IlHan carefully opened his mouth. He felt that the language he was speaking was at the realm of incomprehension with the normal Language skill.

[Let the waters and the lands be separated.]

Streams of water that shot about everywhere were calmed down, and settled down to form lakes and oceans. The land regained its tranquility fused with any nearby pieces. In that process, gigantic valleys and mountains formed, while the original lakes were indiscriminately crushed and sometimes formed a big ocean.

"Ah, Aaaaah."
"How can this be……."

The elves had finally lost it after seeing the world transform under Yu IlHan's words. Yu IlHan was subconsciously emitting bright red flames while ruling the skies and the Earth! The elves who already maxed out their loyalty towards him started to have near fanatic faith.

Of course, Yu IlHan wasn't in such a good shape.

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 26.]
[48% of mana is consumed.]

"Hah, that's insane."

A large portion of mana was instantly drained from him and made his consciousness faint for a moment. Considering that Yu IlHan's mana had increased exponentially after reaching over level 500, 48% of mana was a tremendous amount! However, what was fortunate right now was the state of Dareu.

"Dad, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm recovering fast."

Weren't disasters occurring because of the overflowing mana? Yu IlHan sucked the mana from various parts of Dareu and could recover all of his mana very soon. Of course, he still had a lot of Declarations to use.

[Let the mana that forms the world be bound to the magic formation.]

[Let the lands divide and the forests be widened.]

Through countless processes of fusion and evolution, the amount of mana was increasing explosively, and taking care of all that was a big problem. He controlled the ancient elven magic formation as well as the materials in this world to absorb mana, and to make generation of new beings as peaceful as possible.

[The skill, Declaration, has become level 39.]

"*Pant pant*. This is sooo hard."

"I'm alright. I think it's almost done now."

Thanks to Yu IlHan draining his psyche and mana by rapid-firing the Declaration skill, forests with trees of insane size, the likes that couldn't possibly be imagined on Earth were formed, as gigantic drops of water scattered outwards from bodies to water to places far away by floating around in the air and everything was absorbing the natural mana.
Many elements that formed the world became large, transformed overwhelmingly and became more beautiful. No other world Yu IlHan had seen before, perhaps save for Heaven, boasted such an overwhelming scale!

"To think it was possible to fuse lower worlds with higher worlds……. Then what about two higher worlds?"

Yu IlHan thought about that. The simulation inside his head was positive. Perhaps it wouldn't be possible for the other leaders, but with Yu IlHan's, albeit incomplete, 'Creation' ability, it would be possible to fuse two higher worlds into a stronger world! This was a cheat that was allowed only to Yu IlHan.

"Dad, I think what you're thinking is insane."
"I also feel scared of myself now."

Replied Yu IlHan honestly to Yumir who narrowed his eyes at him. Of course, he wouldn't do such an insane thing right now. Just Dareu, formed with tens, no, hundreds of lower worlds, was tolling on him, there was no way he had any room to fuse another higher world!

Moreover, even though Yu IlHan had controlled things with the Declaration skill, not all things in Dareu were beautiful and peaceful.
Thanks to Yu IlHan's records, lakes of extreme poison appeared in some parts of Dareu, while burning hell could be seen in some deep crevices, as well as a typhoon of death formed from metallic dust forming a special magnetic field which they spun around, grinding literally everything in its path!

"Wow, a 4th class being will instantly die when they get hit by that."
"Dareu is becoming more and more like dad, so cool."

Only Yumir's eyes shined. Although he had believed from his birth that his father was an amazing man, what Yu IlHan was doing now seemed to be near miracles! If he had any dragon friends, he would boast to them all about Yu IlHan's greatness!

"I want to boast about dad!"
"But as you know, Mir, dragons are now……."


"Huh, if Dareu is receiving my own records, and considering that dragonkin were born in Dareu originally…"

Considering that the monsters that were repeating birth and death and the process of evolution…


Yumir felt it slightly faster than Yu IlHan and muttered with a dreamy face.

"I can feel the existence of dragons."
"……That's true."

Yu IlHan swallowed and replied.

In Dareu, where the biggest 6th Great Cataclysm to date had arrived thanks to fusing with all lower worlds he had subordinated until now.

New dragons were being born.

Author's notes

Perhaps it was fate that Yu IlHan came to Dareu Haha it's all a big mess now! Somehow, book 12 is now finished. Everyone Else is a Returnee will soon reach its climax as well, so please read on until the very end of this novel!

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Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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