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"Ah, okay."

When Yu IlHan turned around, the monster giggled.

[You think I'm lying?]
"Uh, yeah, duh."

[God is dead. I will eat him, while Satan is the only one that remains subservient to God until the end, while the Garden of Sunset are just onlookers. Ever since the beginning of time, only you, Yu IlHan, have reached the realm of creation other than God himself. I was sure after watching the revival of Helièna.]

[Yes. You are still lacking. Your league, your mana, your records, everything. Of course, you have done plenty enough to shock us all.]

It was good that he was aware of that. As before, Yu IlHan did not have the ability to create being from nothingness. However, the monster's words continued on.

[And you instinctively know what you need to do in order to reach a higher realm, do you not?]

Yes. Yu IlHan was aware of that already. Why do factions exist? How does world subordination occur? What did one have to do in order to raise one's league continuously? Yu IlHan now knew of a method other than just recklessly levelling up.

Worlds. He had to take in countless world.

"So you want me to participate in the war for higher worlds?"

"In order to procure things for you to devour?"
[Precisely. Now we're talking. So, what I want is this.]

The blackish-red tongue that split into many branches, akin to that of a reptile's, slicked around in midair and spat out a breath of poison. Immediately after that, the word that Yu IlHan thought would never come out of that monster's mouth, came out.


Yumir gripped onto Yu IlHan's hand. He implied that he didn't want to be on the same side as that horrifying beast. However, it was also true that Yu IlHan found that offer quite attractive as a newly ascended faction leader with the least power.

"An alliance, eh."

"And specifically?"
[The first objective is to wipe out the Army of Brilliant Light and the Garden of Sunset. Let us split the worlds from those two factions equally. I will acquire enough mana in order to sustain myself, and your league will increase as well. The next would be…….]

Yu IlHan knew his final objective without having to listen.

"Erasing Heaven, huh."

"So you aren't going to sugarcoat it and say something like let's stay in an alliance forever, huh?"
[That is natural. I am honest to my desires. I'm about to go mad in curiosity about how your new creations will taste.]

Yu IlHan ended up laughing.

"Did you not think that I will just go over to Satan?"

"That's one tasteful analogy right there."

Yu IlHan also just joked around with that. He didn't really think about going into an alliance with the Army of Brilliant Light. In fact, he found the fact that they were trying to protect him quite annoying as well. He could do it all by himself, but they just foolishly died because they did something unnecessary.

Never had Yu IlHan consider a situation that he would receive external help. Because he had never received any help from any outsiders until now. That was why loners were strong. They could stand tall by themselves, without relying on someone else.

That was why.

"I'm sorry but I'll have to refuse this offer."

He did not need a monster's help either.

"I'm going to move according to my own judgement. Worlds ruined? You have nothing to devour? Not my problem. I'm fine with protecting my own world, and the ones within my fences. And if you, or any other rude guys aim for that, then I will only erase you all. I think you're misunderstanding something here, but you know? I'm actually."

He smiled.

"Very, very petty."

"Well, it will be hard for now."

With the insanely large and stifling existence in front of him, Yu IlHan felt the difference in league right now.

Right now, he could not win against this being. The reason he could defeat Michael was only because he had the advantage in terms of attributes. Just how was he supposed to defeat an insane monster that emitted a strong pressure of mana just with its body alone, without any artifacts or an attribute advantage?

"But I can earn time. I can even prevent you from coming."
[No, I have no thoughts of fighting you just yet. I only wish for you to listen to my proposal. Because soon.]

The monster smirked. Splitting its insanely huge mouth wide, he showed all his big and small teeth and laughed heartily.

[You will also realize it. Their figures that are even more hideous than I am, the sensation of war that will approach you even when you stay still. Remember my offer then. I will be waiting for your answer.]

The castle gates opened again. Yu IlHan turned around with Yumir. The monster's hearty laugh was very disturbing,

[It, probably won't take long.]

The castle gates closed, and the horrifying pressure also disappeared along with the castle itself. Yu IlHan's Counter skill had reached level 69.

[It's over? It's over?]
[Then play with us!]

The predators who were waiting for Yu IlHan to finish his business all assaulted him with a big grin on their faces. Of course, their 'play' probably meant something along the lines of 'eat some of your flesh'. Yu IlHan grinned like them and cleaned them all up with a swing of his spear.
Experienced poured in, but fighting with such beings with such a lower league didn't even dent his experience.

"I said my inventory is full. You guys really don't listen."

"Yes, dad is also tired now."

As he had to control the Counter skill against that pressure all this time, there was no way he wasn't tired. Yu IlHan activated Warp with a sigh.

Before the skill completely activated and took the two to another world, he could see the Wall of Chaos that boasted its size over in the distance.

Beyond that was that world. The Godless world of light filled with angels.

"Destroying Heaven together eh?"

The monster that could not hide his desires. Although he might think that he had acted out well this time.

'What kind of pig eats with consideration for the future? That's not a pig. That's Socrates.'

Yu IlHan thought with a snort. If he was so smart, he wouldn't have fallen to such a point.
He either lied or hid something from Yu IlHan. For example, the leader of the Garden of Sunset that he strangely didn't want to talk about.

"Should I go meet the leaders of other factions too?"

However, going to the Army of Brilliant Light wouldn't turn out so well. He did believe Greed's words that Satan wouldn't let him be. Yu IlHan would also do that if he was Satan.
Decisively, he didn't even know where the leader of the Garden of Sunset was. He was even surprised how meticulous he himself. The realm of concealment was truly deep.

"Then where are we going, dad?"
"Obviously, Dareu."

He really wished to go back to Earth, but if Yu IlHan went to Earth right now, there will come a small problem. The problem that Earth would immediately leap into a higher world. The master's league was high enough to control the flow of Earth, and since Earth was ready since a long time ago, wouldn't it just follow him around in joy?

"I don't think that's a small problem, dad!"
"Son, your retort skills are rising."

In that regard, Dareu was already a higher world, and was a world under Yu IlHan's rule, so there was not much problem. Moreover, it was up to Yu IlHan to decide on a world to become the main headquarters so going to Dareu first didn't mean that he couldn't take care of Earth.

At that moment, the Warp skill activated. The horrifying scenery around them became faint, and the peaceful world of Dareu could be seen.

Of course, that world started changing rapidly the moment Yu IlHan arrived.

[You have gathered all the records of this world, and have received the obedience of all the residents here. The world, Dareu, is procured as the territory of Dragon's Nest.]
[Receiving your records, the 6th Great Cataclysm occurs on Dareu.]

"Ah, there's a small problem here too."
"That's not a small problem at all, dad!"

And it really became a not-so-small problem. The moment Yu IlHan decided to go look for the elves and protect them, a thud sound could be heard inside his body, and another couple of green text appeared on his retina.

[Your power as the Lord of Dragon's Nest activates.]
[The world under your rule, Guundia, fuses with Dareu.]


Guundia was still a lower world and not a higher world yet, but it's fusing with Dareu? Then will Dareu really experience the 6th Great Cataclysm or regress instead?
Moreover, if it was possible for a lower world and a higher world to fuse, there was no way the four factions would have let the lower worlds be! This meant that this power was only possessed by Yu IlHan……!

"Ah, my head hurts…… uwaaaaaaaaaah!"

However, the Akashic Record did not give him any time to sort things. As if the fusion of Guundia and Dareu was just the start, countless messages started pouring onto his eyes.

[The world under your rule, Typhen, fuses with Dareu.]
[The world under your rule, Elyde, fuses with Dareu.]

"This is outside of my expectations!"
"Look, look, dad! Wooow, the dimension is splitting! That's a world we've been to before!"

Were worlds so easily fused like power rangers!? Yu IlHan abruptly widened his eyes, but that was not the end.

[The world under your rule, Terodua……]

[The world…….]

"Whoaa. Woooow!"

The world split and a new world appeared beyond it to expand the land and the skies. From the east, wet, north, south, skies met and created new skies. Really, the world expanded at an insane speed.
Accordingly, the ruling authority Yu IlHan could exercise over the world also increased, but he couldn't even laugh after looking at the transforming world with the expansion of mana, and the newly generating monsters.

"Dad, what do we do now?"
"I don't know either…… That's it, elves! I need to protect the elves and wolfkin in this world ! Uwaaaaaaaah!"

The moment Yu IlHan came to himself and started to move, the worst possible scenario he expected had finally occurred.

[The world under your rule, Earth, fuses……]

[The fusion of Dareu and Earth was cancelled.]
"Ah, I can cancel it!"

Yu IlHan was relieved after this brief enlightenment. However, by this point, all the other worlds, except Earth, were being fused into Dareu.

This was the birth of the world that belonged solely to Yu IlHan.

Author's notes

This is Yu IlHan's true power! Oraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraoraora!

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Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

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