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The sedan was well-capable-contained a dressing table, a chair and a pink bed. There was a small table on the bed, maybe used for tea and snacks.

It was very fragrant. Opening the curtain, the smell, the same as the girl, greeted them, like a floral fragrance, but mixed with a flavor of water.

"Have a good rest on the bed." said the girl.

Commonly, girl's mortuaries were forbidden for men to enter, because it would affect a girl's pure reputation. But now, she not only let Song Ning come in, but also let him go to the bed.

"I just sit here." Song Ning pointed at the chair.

"You are still hurt and should take a good rest. Even I, a girl, don't care about those social customs and rules, what do you care about?" The girl seemed to see Song Ning's thoughts.

Song Ning did not refuse any longer, "Thank you. But I don't know your name yet."

"My name is Mu Xuezhao, and what's your name?" The girl's eyes flickered, watching Song Ning going to the bed and following up-one on the left side of the small table, one on the right side.

This was the first time the girl was lying on a bed with a man, so she was nervous. But she tried not to show any nervousness. If she did, the injured person next to her would be embarrassed.

Song Ning said: "My name is Song Ning."

"Song Ning?" Mu Xuezhao repeated.

"Yeah, strange?" Song Ning asked.

Mu Xuezhao covered her mouth and smiled: "Your name sounds like a girl."

Song Ning immediately became blushing. He once asked the adopted father why he called Song Ning and the adopted father answered: "When I first meet you and took you home, you only said two words 'Song Ning', I think it is your name."

Mu Xuezhao saw Song Ning blush and quickly explained: "Don't misunderstand. I am not laughing at you, just talk about it."

"I know you are not laughing at me, cause you are kind-hearted." Song Ning replied.

Being praised by a man of the same age, Mu Xuezhao had a wave in her heart and avoided the eyes of Song Ning, not continuing to speak.

The atmosphere inside the sedan became a bit subtle.

Song Ning thought that she must be shy, so he faked to fall asleep on the bed. Mu Xuezhao thought Song Ning asleep and was a little relieved then. She had saved so many people before, but what happened today was fresh for her. If she did not see Song Ning hurt on the head and was afraid of Song Ning's wound being infected, she would not have done this.

The sedan was a little shaken and Mu Xueyu was so sleepy that she fell asleep without any precautions.

Song Ning felt that Mu Xuezhao was asleep and sighed: this girl really did not have any precautions. She was too kind and easily believed in others. Fortunately, whom she met was a good person, or...

All of a sudden, the sedan stopped.

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