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Taking over the medicine box, the girl lifted Song Ning's head and placed it on her legs. The few followers around all felt so envious that they hoped it was them who had broken the head. But they also knew their identity-even if they were injured, the Miss would not treat them like this.

Song Ning had lied on the ground but now on the girl's legs. He felt her temperature and softness, so warm in his heart.

The girl looked at Song Ning's wound seriously and opened the medicine box: "It may be a little painful. Please endure. And the wound is a bit deep, needed to be dealt now, or you may be bleeding too much."

"Okay." Song Ning closed his eyes.

This girl must did not know he was a warrior, or she would not care so much about this wound. But Song Ning could feel the spiritual gas of this girl.

The girl was soft and her fingers continued to touch on Song Ning's forehead. Just a while, she had helped Song Ning to heal the wound and sutured it.

"It is done temporarily." She looked at Song Ning's forehead seriously, as if she was admiring her masterpiece.

"Temporarily?" Song Ning sit up.

The girl picked up the medicine box and said: "Yes, there is no problem now, but since I have sutured your forehead, you need to be observed and cleared the suture. If you don't take it seriously, it will be inflamed and you may die."

"So serious?" Song Ning didn't know much about this kind of folk treatment, but it sounded a little scary.

The girl nodded: "You look weak now, anyway you'd better go home with me, then leave when you are fully recovered."

But the dark-skinned brawny immediately became serious: "Miss, just let him leave now because we do not know if he's a good person or bad."

The other people around also echoed: "Right, Miss. We don't know his past as well as what he does. What if he is a rogue and does something bad to you at night..."

"Don't talk nonsense. So many bad people? Anyway, the city is not far, just do what I said." The girl blamed.

As the girl was insisted, these followers dared not to refute, they had no choice but to obey. But their eyes became fierce with guard against Song Ning.

"Good rest and let's go." The girl said.

The brawny intended to pull song Ning.

The girl frowned: "What are you doing, Zhang Shan?"

"Let him ride the horse with me." said Zhang Shan.

The girl shook her head: "No, he is now weak and, injured on the head, can't be bumped. let him take the sedan with me."

The fellows immediately changed their face: "Miss, no one has ever taken the sedan except you and your sister. Why today..."

"Do what I said. Who is the miss now?" The girl questioned.

The girl insisted taking him together and Song Ning had no other choice but to agree. After all, she had helped him. And fortunately, the direction that the girl just pointed out was the northeast, the same with him, so he did not refuse.

Finally, in the envious eyes of the fellows, Song Ning took the sedan with the girl...

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