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When the disciples of Tianhe City saw these people, they immediately bowed: "Good evening, master!Good evening, elders!"

The head person was an old lady, and she was the master, the Red Maple Taoist. After she landed, she glanced over Fang Yu with a calm face and then asked, "Where is Xiaoxiao?"

The disciples shook their heads in confusion. They were also curious at the moment. From the beginning to the end, they did not see her. Indeed, she should be the representative to battle with Fang Yu. But where id she?

"Who killed Fang Yu?" Asked the Red Maple Taoist and turned her eyes towards Song Ning's room.

"Brother Song." Someone in the crowd answered.

All the elders of the Tianhe City, including the Red Maple Taoist, took a deep breath.

Song Ning killed him? Fang Yu owned the cultivation of the peak of the qi gathered period. How could Song Ning kill him?

The Red Maple Taoist came to Song Ning's room. There were three people, one was Song Ning lying on the ground was a Song Jiang, one was Qiuyue standing by the bed, and on the bed was lying...

"Xiaoxiao!" The Red Maple Taoist was like a flash. She came to the bed in a blink and helped Leng Yuexiao sit up.

Leng Yuexiao's eyes were closed. The Red Maple Taoist put a pill into Leng Yuexiao's mouth, and then continuously passed spiritual energy to her.

Seeing this scene, the elders behind more or less understood what had happened.

Li Mu helped Song Ning sit up, and also took out a pill for Song Ning, and then passed spiritual energy into the Song Ning's body to check his physical condition.

After a while, the dark green of Leng Yuexiao began to fade, but after a certain degree, it could not continue.

The Red Maple Taoist frowned, stood up, ordered Qiuyue to leave, then looked at Li Mu.

Li Mu shook his head: "Song Ning is fine,just skin injuries."

"Was there something wrong in his body?" asked the Red Maple Taoist.

Li Mu shook his head again: "I don't see anything unusual, but his veins are unique, and his bones are special, like ice. this is rare."

"You all come with me." The Red Maple Taoist waved her large sleeve to pack Leng Yuexiao in.

"What about Song Ning?" Li Mu asked.

"Isn't he fine?" The Red Maple Taoist waved again. Song Ning was lifted by the spirit energy and fell on the bed.

Li Mu glanced at Song Ning, and then left the room with the Red Maple Taoist who had already left far away.

In the great hall of Tianhe City, .

The Red Maple Taoist put Leng Yuexiao on the futon, and frowned: "I can't solve the Miao poison. They made sufficient preparation this time. This poison was probably made for Xiaoxiao."

"Although talented, but after all, Leng Yuexiao is just a disciple. Poisoning a disciple, what is their purpose?" Li Mu puzzled.

"They just want Xiaoxiao! They may already know her physique. So Fang Yu was sent here to seize her and take her away for Miao people." The Red Maple Taoist angered with fire in her eyes.

Hearing the words, the elders were gasping angrily.

"That we were cheated out tonight is also part of their plan. Fortunately Song Ning's here. Or at this moment Tianhe City has already..."

"The most urgent task now is to save Xiaoxiao. Li Mu, you immediately go to Luoxia Mountain and Cangyun Mountain to know if they can solve this kind of poison." The Red Maple Taoist ordered.

Li Mu bowed: "I immediately go."

Li Mug just took a step and then stopped. He turned and said: "Sister master, Song Ning..."

"What?" The Red Maple Taoist frowned.

"Nothing." Li Mu shook his head, left the hall, and jumped high up. But he did not leave directly. He went to Song Ning's room first.

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