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In the room, seeing Song Ning breath smoothly, Li Mu sighed: "Nobody understands sister master' ideas."

After murmuring, he placed a bottle of pill next to Song Ning's pillow then left Tianhe City.

The sleeping Song was indeed fine. He had a dream, a... very sober dream.

In the dream, his bronze mirror became as big as a human being. In the middle of it appeared two words: bagua mirror.

And there were a few lines below.

"One is formed after Taoism, two after one, three after two, and millions after three.

Everything is in QianKun, Qiankun is in Bagua, Bagua is divided into four Xiangs, four Xiangs into two Yis, two Yis are the heaven and the earth, once the heaven and the earth are united, the Taoism rises.

When Taoism rises, everything is born, and the creatures are reincarnated.

The time and the space are both reversible.

Life is death, death is life, no life, no death, not alive, not dead."

This lines was carved deeply in the soul of Song Ning. Song Ning slowly opened his eyes, looking at the roof,with a few lines in his mind.

"Bagua mirror? Bagua are united into one... Time and space are reversed... No life, no death... Can it resurrect adopted father, brothers and sisters?"

The bagua mirror absorbed an cold monster in River Bottom Maze before and the position of Kan was changed, then I had the dream now. This bagua mirror was given by adopted father. It was a magic mirror.

"Does adopted father want me to make the bagua into one to save them by leaving me it?" After guessing, Song Ning felt that he must be crazy. If adopted father was really so capable to know this, he would not die that day.

In spite, Song Ning made up his mind. If something magic could really happen after bagua was united into one, then adopted father, brothers and sisters could be resurrected. It would be meaningless for him to survive. Now that there was a possibility to save theme, he wanted to try his best.

Of course, Song Ning knew that he could not be urged.

Not focusing on the bagua mirror anymore, Song Ning began to think about his own body. He still showed the cultivation of the first level of the qi gathered period. But just now he could perform the strength of the initial level of spirit gathered period. He knew that he could never act like this before entering the River Bottom Maze.

Song Ning found that the half Magic Taoism Scripture sparkled in his Dantian, like a opened book, and he read the first page:

"The scripture was written with the Taoism of Gods. Only the awakened ones are able to cultivate.

This first level method enables your cultivation stronger than qi gathered period.

This second level method enables your cultivation stronger than spirit gathered period.

The third level method enables your cultivation stronger than basing period.

The fourth level method enables your cultivation stronger than dan formed period.

The fifth level method enables your cultivation stronger than initial baby period.


It ended at the ninth level method. The methods followed could not be seen.

This first level method enables your cultivation stronger than qi gathered period. Song Ning was at this level now. That is to say, there was no enemy against him in the qi gathered period, and he could barely defeat Fang Yu who was promoted by poisonous pill.

Song Ning was shocked: "Which sacred god made this Magic Taoism Scripture. Only a part of it makes me so strong. What if I continue to practice ..."

Suddenly Song Ning heard a hurried footstep outside the door.

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