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Song Ning turned over and over to look at the bronze mirror, but found no other changes of it. So, he put it into the ring.

"Just practice. Sister Leng's age is similar to that of me, but she has already broken through the qi gathered period and become a warrior in the spirit gathered period. I am still in former period. In this way, it's hard to say how long I will live, not to mention the revenge." Song Ning ridiculed himself. Relying on his own speed of cultivation, he would stay in this Tianhe City for life time.

At night, Leng Yuexiao went to the room of the Red Maple Taoist, while Song Ning meditated in the room.

"Brother Song, brother Song." Song Ning suddenly heard a woman's whisper. He listened carefully, and it was Qiuyue.

"What happened?" Being disturbed by Qiuyue, Song Ning was a bit unhappy.

As Song Ning just opened the door, Qiuyue slammed into his arms: "Brother Song, please save me."

Song Ning frowned at Qiuyue. Her clothes were messy, and large snowy skin was exposed, with on her face.

"What happened?" Song Ning let her pass. And Qiuyue immediately followed into the room.

As soon as she entered the room, Qiuyue began to cry: "Please save me. It is Fang Yu, he is a beast, he poisoned me, I must obey all his orders and satisfy all his needs, otherwise he will torture me."

When just hearing her words, Song Ning was confused, but then he understood. He gazed at Qiuyue and said: "As he did this to you, you can go to the elders, you can go to the master. But why you come to me?"

"The elders and the master will not care about these things. I am just an inner disciple. The elders will not stand on my side. And... Fang Yu, he will absorb some cultivation of me every time. My cultivation is decreasing!" Qiuyue whimpered, shivering and squatting on the ground.

"Absorbing your cultivation?" Song Ning was surprised. Was this devil and allowed in Tianhe City?

"Qiuyue, you just get up first. I want to help you, but I can't. You used to do harm to me together with Fang Yu. But now you are poisoned by him. Despite that I can protect you from Fang Yu, but can't stop the poison. You just go." Song Said.

Qiuyue trembled, and her body was soft then curled up at the wall: "I... I... I beg you, brother Song. I can't go on like this. I still have to practice. I have to go home and save my parents. With your capacity, it is not difficult to find Fang Yu to take the drug for my poison."

Song Ning smiled: "Though I am not a bad person, not a compassionate good person as well. Your affairs should not be my business. What's more, you poisoned on me before. You go, I will not spread this thinf, but I will not help you either."

Song Ning was the last life-saving straw for Qiuyue. Hearing Song Ning's words, her face became pale. For a while, only the twitching sound was left in the room.

It was at this moment that Song Ning heard a sneer outside: "Hey, you look for him to help? He can't help himself, can he help you? As long as I think, he has to kneel in front of me like a dog. How can he help you? Qiuyue, you really don't know anything, I am so proud of you now, but you don't want to please me, instead you want to get rid of me."

While speaking, Song Ning's door was pushed open.

Although the door was not locked, opened in this way, Song Ning was very unhappy, let alone Fang Yu's words.

"Who made you come in?" There was cold light in Song Ning's eyes.

Fang Yu snorted: "Oh, who are you? Dare to talk to me like this?"

Seeing Fang Yu, Qiuyue immediately shuddered. Ever since she thought of Song Ning's poison, she became shocked.

But when Fang Yu's words were just spoken, a cold voice came from outside the door: "I seem to say that you are not qualified to enter the second-ring area. And who are you, dare to talk to Song Ning like this?"

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