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The person who spoke was Leng Yuexiao. She had just come from the Red Mapple Taoist, being upset because of Song Ning's affairs. Suddenly, she saw Fang Yu standing outside Song Ning's room, then she went to see what happened. Hearing Fang Yu's words, she became angry.

It was only after she was approaching that she saw Qiuyue was there too. Qiuyue's clothes were in a mess, seeming to have just been forced.

Hearing the words, Fang Yu sneered: "Xiaoxiao, you don't understand my heart?"

Leng Yuexia was disgusted and said: "No fourth time, Fang Yu. I remind you for the third time, go out from the second-ring area, without permission, do not step in it!"

"Do you know this token?" Not waiting for Leng Yuexiao finishing her words, Fang Yu threw a token at her.

She caught the token with her hand. This dark green token had a big 'poison' word on it. When seeing this word, she suddenly became surprised and threw it away.

But at the moment the token left her hand, it became transparent, and the white palm of Leng Yuexiao turned into dark green!

"You are a member of the Miao Group from frontier fortress. You dare to stay in the Tianhe City!" Leng Yuexiao immediately use the spiritual energy to protect her body. But the dark green was not stopped, and it spread throughout her body.

"You don't have to make effort. You can't remove this poison. Tonight, the Red Maple and the elders are gone. In the city of Tianhe, who can save you!" Fang Yu's eyes were in green.

Leng Yuexiao felt powerless. The Miao people's poison was extremely sinister. If they really wanted to poison her, she knew that she can't lift it:" You devil Miao, how dare you do harm to Tianhe City?"

"Hahahaha, ah hahahaha, I just did, can you prevent me?" Fang Yu laughed crazily, and as he said, he walked to Leng Yuexiao.

Leng Yuexiao wanted to retreat, but at this moment she was soft and had no strength, with her body dumping forward.

Fang Yu took a step forward and opened his hands to hold Leng Yuexiao into his arms.

Under the moonlight, even if she was contaminated by the dark green poison, she was still so sacred, as if the moonlight was inferior to her.

She was shocked and looked at Fang Yu in front, but she had no power to resist.

But at this moment, just as she was about to fall into Fang Yu's embrace, one hand suddenly buckled Fang's wrist. Fang Yu was pulled back vigorously, and she fell in Song Ning's arms.

Fang Yu was so angry: "You are looking for death!" While speaking, he had already ordered the poisonous insect to torture Song Ning.

Leng Yuexiao was relaxed, but at this moment her eyes were blurred and her consciousness became blurred: "Song, Song Ning... The Miao people are good at using poison, you have to be, be careful."

After she just finished, she was in a coma. Song Ning looked down at her, then looked up and sneered: "Is it really me to find death, or you?"

Fang Yu became confused. Song Ning should now be tortured by the poisonous insect, pleading for mercy. Why was he standing here now, and talking to him? 

Qiuyue also looked in surprise. She was tortured by Fang Yu's poison before and couldn't stand it. But now Song Ning seemed not to be affected by the ice poison. Thinking of this, Qiuyue ignited hope.

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