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Dark with icy gas, but walking in the River Bottom Maze, they gained a cool and energetic sense.


The two walked around the outermost for a while, and saw a light in the darkness, as if a hole was on the ceiling of the maze with sunlight shining though the hole.


Within the bright zone, a white Nine-leaf Flower grew.


The flower was light and radiant, enchanting and charming.


Looking at this flower, Song Ning had a feeling of empty for a while, as if the heartbeat stopped.


"Sister Leng, what is this flower?" Song Ning asked.


"Flower? There should be no plants within the maze. Is it your illusion?" asked Leng Yuexiao.


Song Ning looked at the light again, only a round aperture, the enchanting flower disappeared without a trace.


Was it my illusion? Song Ning rubbed his eyes and found that there was really no flower. Then he thought about the feeling of dreaming just now and couldn't help but laugh at himself, maybe illusion.


"It's really my illusion." Song Ning touched his nose and was slightly embarrassed.


Just as the two spoke, in the great hall in the center of Tianhe City, the Red Maple Taoist was meditatingly sitting on the futon, looking at a jade mirror in his hand. There was a small gold point in the jade mirror, which represented Leng Yuexiao.


"Why come in advance? Or, then I will open the River Bottom Maze in advance, too." When he finished speaking, the Red Maple Taoist popped spiritual energy to hit a stone switch on the right column.


After a while, Tianhe City suddenly trembled.


The maze suddenly swayed. Most of the core disciples outside the maze fell because of the unstable position. Within the maze, Song Ning was unstable as well, and his body fell to the rear.


The maze's terrain suddenly dropped, which was unexpectedly. But Leng Yuexiao immediately understood that this must be the opening of maze.


She stretched out her hand, grabbing Song Ning, and tapped, trying to run to the exit of the maze.


With the sound of the bang, the light of the exit was getting weaker and weaker, the maze was still falling, the exit was constantly hiding by the ground, and the exposed parts were getting less and less.


Ten feet.


Five deet.


One feet.


Just as Leng Yuexiao pulled Song Ning to where one feet away form the maze exit, the exit was completely buried underground.


"It must be the Master who saw me coming to the maze and thought that I wanted to start the challenge in advance, so he opened it." Leng Yuexiao looked at the darkness in front of her and could not help but sigh.


"Then I am here waiting for the maze to open again. Sister Leng, you can start your challenge." Song Ning did not mattered the thing.


But Leng Yuexiao showed a bitter smile: "Things are not as simple as you think. This River Bottom Maze can only be opened once a year. Every time it opens, just one person is allowed to enter. I never know what will happen if two people enter it at the same time."


In the darkness, Song Ning's heart suddenly tightened. He clenched his hands only to feel soft and slippery. This is the hand of Leng Yuexiao.


Leng Yuexiao drew back her hand and her red cheeks were hidden in the darkness: "I can't get in touch with the Master, and the only way is to start challenge as soon as possible. You go with me, we can at least protect ourselves..."


But before the voice of Leng Yuexiao ended, outside the maze, suddenly erected two stone monuments!

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