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As the stone tablets erected, the earth quaked and all the core disciples' eyes fell on these two stone tablets.


"It must be sister Leng and brother Song challenging together."


"Is it said that only one person can enter when the River Bottom Maze opens?"


Many core disciples talked about it, but no matter how they discussed, their eyes were always on the two stone tablets.


These stone tablets were used to show the progress of the people entering the maze. There were luminous lines on them, on which was a dot, and it represented the person.


"The red dot represents female, and the black dot represents male. There are two stone tablets at the same time. Is it..." At this moment, Red Maple Taoist who watched the situation outside the maze in his jade mirror moved his body, and after a while he appeared outside the maze.


Seeing Red Maple Taoist, the core disciples all bowed to her: "Master."


"Besides Leng Yuexiao, Who is in the maze, either?" Red Maple Taoist looked at the stone tablet and frowned.


"Brother Song." The disciples were somehow puzzled. The opening of the maze was controlled by him. Why did he ask who was in it?


Red Maple Taoist sucked a breath, but then sighed with relief.


"Only one person can enter the River Bottom Maze"was recorded in the classics to be a warning for these disciples to watch. But in fact, after the maze was opened, two people at most could enter it at the same time. If there were two entering at the same time, it would be a competition. Only the first person who reached the final point could be rewarded.


As Song Ning and Leng Yuesong competed together, the reward was naturally to Leng Yuexiao. But he was still nervous, because if two people entered it at the same time, the danger rate in the maze would increase, and maybe brought about accidents.


Although in the view of Red Maple Taoist, Song Ning's life was not worthy. But the Magic Taoist  in his Scripture in his body was useful. If Song Ning was gone, the scripture would disappear as well, which would be a great loss.


At this moment, the dots on the two stone tablets were moving.


The dots' movement meant that Leng Yuexiao and Song Ning were moving in the maze.


Within the maze, the cold mist lingered in the darkness. The more inside, the more fragrant and dark.


Totally in darkness, seeing nothing.


Leng Yuexiao popped spiritual energy, which was like a star rising in the darkness, slowly rising to shine the surroundings. But only a moment, it was extinguished.


Through the short light, they could judge that they had entered the outer layer of the maze, surrounded by walls with intervals only about two feet.


"If you can reach the end, you will be rewarded. The value of the rewards is related to the time used. If you can't reach the end, you won't be able to get any rewards." Leng Yuexiao explained: "Song Ning, follow me."


Song Ning nodded, and walked ahead with Leng Yuexiao.




The two just took a step, suddenly felt that their bodies seemed to be pulled away, and flew up directly. In a blink with no time to cry, they landed again.


"Sister Leng?" Song called.


No respond


"Song Ning?" Leng Yuexiao shouted slightly.


No respond as well.


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