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"Qiu Yue, what's up?" Song Ning was startled.


"Song Ning, come and sit down here," said Qiu Yue.


Song Ning was seated on a corner of the bed, one meter away from her.


"Song Ning, about the challenge match tomorrow, any idea?" asked Qiu Yue.


"The challenge match…what idea can I have?" Song Ning felt puzzled.


"With your strength, you must win in the ordinary disciple area. Why don't you have a try? " said Qiu Yue, "the winner can get award."


Song Ning looked down, "I lack match experience and my cultivation is poor. I'd better not bring disgrace upon our school."


Qiu Yue stared at him coldly, "You hid your strength and hit Sun Mu before, now you still say you are weak. It's my first time to meet such a coward. Well, no one forces you to do that."


Qiu Yue felt a growing flush of anger. Actually she got hurt during the match. In addition, Song Ning refused to issue a challenge for their school. It made her more annoyed.


With extreme anger, Qiu Yue lost her balance and fell down to the ground when she tried to stand up quickly.


"Be careful, Qiu Yue." Song Ning came to carry her, with his hands on her chest.


Song Ning felt the softness for the first time and he let go in a hurry.


Touched by Song Ning and then falling down on the ground, she flied off the handle.


At this time, the door was opened.


Sun Mu was passing by the room when he caught the sight of the scene. He pushed the door and entered.


"Song Ning, what are you doing?" Song Ning came to carry Qiu Yue and asked, "How are you, Qiu Yue?"


"I'm fine," Qiu Yue got up and blushed.


"Song Ning, how dare you attack her? She got hurt for fighting for our school, why did you attack her?" Sun Mu rolled up his sleeves, but he didn't make another move when remembering Song Ning's weird power.


"It's not true, Sun, I didn't …"


Without waiting for him to explain, Qiu Yue said, "It doesn't matter to him. I lost my balance just now. Just keep it between us."


"Qiu Yue, are you…" Sun Mu tried to say something but Qiu Yue left.


As Qiu Yue left, Sun Mu darted an annihilating look at Song Ning and left as well.


At this night, Song Ning had a poor sleep because Qiu Yue's words resounded in his ears all the time. If he succeeded, he could win honor for his school and get reward.


Since he had known he could cultivate, he cultivated day and night with the hope of strengthening himself and avenging his adoptive father, his brothers and sisters one day.


As an ordinary disciple of Tianhe City all the time, when could he become powerful enough?


Have a try…If he lost, it doesn't matter; if he won, can he get award for improving his cultivation?


It started to dawn, Song Ning fell asleep and he heard someone talking about him.


"Song Ning? Don't talk about him! How could a coward take part in the challenge match? All disciples in the challenge match are experts."


"Pin our hope on him? Even though he joins in it, he will bring shame on Tianhe City."


The voice disappeared after a while, Song Ning was still in his dream.


At this moment, the match stage was surrounded by lots of disciples while the elder Li Mu started to preside over the match.


"Which one would like to take part in the challenge match?" Li Mu swept the area with his eyes.


Actually he was asking the disciples of Tianhe City, because only they could issue a challenge, that was the privilege of a host.


As Li Mu watched the disciples, most of them just kept a wait-and-see attitude. They talked quietly but no one went up onto the stage.


Seeing that, Red Maple changed color, let alone Li Mu.


Having a look at the Red Maple, Li Mu said again, "If you succeed, you would win the honor for your school and get reward. Does anyone have confidence?"


Even though Li Mu said like that, no disciple of Tianhe City appeared on the stage.


At this moment, Fang Yu stood beside the match stage, carrying an arrogant air at the corner of his lips. It was a shame that Tianhe City suffered a complete defeat, but if he won in the match of Qinchuan disciples, he could get reward and reputation.


His target was Leng Yuexiao and he knew about her status. Though he didn't start to pay court to her, he had prepared for it long time ago.


On the high stage, Taoist Purple Hair laughed, "Red Maple, it seemed that your disciples of this year have poor cultivation, they need more training."


Purple Hair said like an elder rebuking a younger, which made Red Maple feel worse.


"If any disciple of Tianhe City wins, I must give him great awards," shouted Red Maple.


No one went up.


Li Mu sighed lightly and shook his head, then began to prepare for the match of Qinchuan disciples.


"If no one comes, let's start the lineal…"




When Li Mu was ready to declare the beginning of the match of lineal disciples, a weak voice sounded.


All people followed the voice only to find a disheveled boy coming.


"Song Ning?" Qiu Yue blushed but felt happy inexplicably.


Quite a few disciples knew about Song Ning and they remembered Song Ning had attacked Sun Mu, but they didn't expect that Song Ning would take part in the challenge match.


Li Mu was delighted when the voice sounded, but when he found it was Song Ning, he hesitated, "What are you doing?"


"I, I would like to challenge," said Song Ning.


Red Maple was unable to restrain herself. Song Ning wanted to challenge. Was he kidding? Song Ning had been extracted spiritual consciousness by Leng Yuexiao, after which he was almost a disabled person. Challenge? By what?


When Red Maple intended to stop him, she found spiritual energy floating around Song Ning.


"Is he still in his dream?" A disciple of Tianhe City could help teasing.


"Little boy, by your cultivation, challenge what? Go back to sleep." Another disciple of Tianhe City said in a low voice.


Song Ning asked to challenge in public, who could stop him randomly?


Li Mu realized Tianhe City would be disgraced again, but on one can break rule. He had no choice but to announce, "The winner of ordinary disciple of Cloud Mountain, get up and accept challenge."


A disciple of Cloud Mountain jumped onto the high stage, "Friend, your hair style is great, I like it, so I will show mercy."


Song Ning seemed to hear nothing. He jumped onto the stage and cupped his hands to his opponent.


Since Song Ning appeared and got up onto the stage, Leng Yuexiao looked at him all the time.


"Did he recover?" Leng Yuexiao felt relaxed and the burden on her heart disappeared.



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