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If any other disciple wanted to challenge, the Tianhe City disciples might feel hopeful. But it was Song Ning, most of them were disappointed.


Song Ning was in the first level of Energy Gathering Stage, so how dare he issue a challenge? Not shameful enough?


The ordinary disciples of Tianhe City knew Song Ning had hidden his strength. Was his hidden strength used for attacking others, wasn't he? Sneak attack didn't work when facing real strength, it was just a shame.


Most disciples thought Song Ning lacked sense of presence. He mustered up his courage and got ready to accept humiliation because he desired for attention.


In Fang Yu's eyes, Song Ning was getting in his way. However, it was just an episode and Song Ning would be dealt with by other people. Thus his victory would be more attractive.


On the match stage.


"Song Ning, disciple of Tianhe City." Song Ning learned others and cupped his hands.


"Wang Long, disciple of Cloud Mountain." Wang Long cupped his hands and then stood, "go ahead, let's end the match fast."


Looking at Wang Long, Song Ning thought he was strong but didn't know his cultivation level. Now that he asked to end the match fast, Song Ning just followed him.




Song Ning decided to test his opponent's strength.


With pupils contracted, Wang Long was startled by a high speed. When he retreated, he sensed a brute fist.


"Hha, your speed is high but such direct attack…"



Wang Long was stopped by a heavy fist forcibly. People were stunned while Wang Long flied off the match stage directly.




On the high stage, Leng Yuexiao's eyes kindled with delightfulness. She seemed to be happy with Song Ning's cultivation not being affected.


Red Maple was astonished. She knew the result of Song Ning being forcibly extracted spiritual consciousness by Leng Yuexiao. He recovered and even boasted cultivation in the third level of Energy Gathering Stage.


"I originally thought he was just in the first level of Energy Gathering Stage, but his attack showed he is in at least the third level of Energy Gathering Stage. Red Maple, talents are hiding in Tianhe City." Taoist Purity of Cloud Mountain said coldly.


"Purity, you are right! The Tianhe City doesn't lack talents," added Red Maple. She was a bit pleased by the flattery.


The crowd outside the stage burst into exclamation especially the ordinary disciples. They screamed that that was also how Song Ning had defeated Sun Mu.


They were discontented with Song Ning attacking Sun Mu, but they were glad to see Wang Long being attacked by Song Ning.


Qiu Yue also smiled, "Indeed, he is great."


The disciples of Tianhe City enjoyed the scene while Cloud Mountain was upset, "Interesting! Tianhe City attacked others suddenly, we learn so much from it."


Song Ning rubbed his head. He just wanted to test Wang Long and never expected that the latter would be threw out.


"Wang asked me to end the match fast, I didn't sneak up on him. What's more, I thought he was so strong that he let me go first, that's why I threw a punch first. I didn't expect that I would hit him out of the stage."


The disciples of Tianhe City laughed, "It's you who asked to end it fast. Our youngest brother fulfilled met your wishes."


When it came to "the youngest brother", they put emphasis on these words.


The disciples of Cloud Mountain looked more terrible and Wang Long even burned with anger and spit blood.


"Wang, I'll avenge you!" A disciple of Cloud Mountain in blue carried with a long sword and glared at Song Ning, "Here comes Zhao Lei!"


Zhao Lei jumped onto the stage but Li Mu stopped him in the midair. Li Mu looked at Song Ning kindly, "Song Ning, would you like to accept challenge? If you accept, Zhao Lei is the challenger. He boasts cultivation in the fourth level of Energy Gathering Stage."


Li Mu told Song Ning about the cultivation level of Zhao Lei in purpose, aiming to persuade him out of accepting challenge so that he would not get hurt or lose face because of failure.


"A disciple in blue is an official one in the fourth level of Energy Gathering Stage…" Song Ning shook his head, "I'd better not."


Generally, people might act on impulse, but Song Ning refused, which unexpectedly made the elders present look upon him in a different light from before.


However, many disciples shouted, "Just in the fourth level of Energy Gathering Stage? Beat him!"


"Song Ning, you had hit one in the third level of Energy Gathering Stage. Why are you afraid of him in the fourth level?"


"Song Ning, if you defeat him, I will go out with you this night."


Song Ning was not swayed by their incitement. He just needed to win for one time.


"I'd better not," Song Ning looked at Li Mu, "martial uncle, may I refuse to continue?"


"Of course, you leave first," said Li Mu.


After Zhang Lei heard that, he sneered at once, "Made an attack and then ran away? Killing me! I suppose the disciples of Tianhe City would be great, but you launched a sneak attack and won by a fluke."


As Zhao Lei said, the disciples of Cloud Mountain all shouted, "Accept the challenge if you can! Look at you, you loser!"


"Your mother asks you to return home for lunch, get off!"


While Song Ning was ready to lift his foot off the stage, he heard someone saying "mother". He stopped.


Most disciples of Tianhe City considered Song Ning as such a coward, but when they saw Song Ning stopping with a strange expression, their passion was kindled.


Song Ning returned slowly with a nip in the air, "When you speak, don't involve others' families especially parents. If you must compete with me, I accept. Let me see whether you disciple of Cloud Mountain is qualified to talk about other's mother."


"I indeed said, how? Do you want to bite me for that?" After saying that, Zhao Lei stepped onto the match stage with a hard jump. 


Li Mu frowned, "Song Ning, are you sure to issue a challenge to him?"


Song Ning looked at Li Mu respectfully, "Martial uncle, I don't want to do that. He forced me. I cannot stand it."


Li Mu nodded, "Fine, let's begin."


As soon as Li Mu stopped, Zhao Lei launched a preemptive strike by firing a floating spiritual energy with his hands.


People present were startled, "Only a cultivator in the fifth level of Energy Gathering Stage is able to transform a spiritual energy. Zhao Lei is really great. How can he do that based on the fourth level of cultivation?"

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