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Chapter 906: Killing Intent of Hellfire Hall!

Two months later, Hellfire Hall.

In a sinister and cold hall, there were only a few flickering candles.

A figure sat high in the middle, looking down at a cultivator of Hellfire Hall.

“Reporting to the Palace Lord!”

The cultivator of Hellfire Hall knelt on one knee and said in a deep voice, “For the past two months, Hundred Refinement Sect has caused a huge commotion.”

“There are cultivators of the Hundred Refinement Sect in all the major trading workshops and auction houses. They’re buying all sorts of treasures and elixirs. I wonder what they’re for.”

The one sitting at the top was the Master of Hellfire Hall!


Expressionlessly, the Master of Hellfire Hall asked indifferently, “What sort of treasures ?”

The cultivator from Hellfire Hall said, “40 days ago, a cultivator saw Dao Lord Tian Xing of Hundred Refinement Sect appear at the Auction House to buy a Sun Stone!”

The Master of Hellfire Hall frowned.

“A month ago, I heard from Elixir Yang Sect cultivators that the sect master of Hundred Refinement Sect bought a lot of Blood Congealing Pills, Spirit Flesh Pills and a large amount of Life Spirit Spring Water.”

After pausing for a moment, the person continued, “A few days ago, there were rumors that someone saw a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Hundred Refinement Sect appear and exchange for a Heavenly Constellation Stone in a trade fair!”


Suddenly, two balls of flames burned in the eyes of the Master of Hellfire Hall, dark and sinister.

The atmosphere in the hall turned sinister.

The cultivator of Hellfire Hall knelt on the ground and kept silent out of fear.

A moment later, a voice sounded from above, “Are there any other movements from Hundred Refinement Sect?”


The person’s voice trembled slightly.

The Master of Hellfire Hall asked again, “Have you found out the identity of the cultivator who killed Wu Yuan and the others two months ago?”

“Not yet.”

The Hellfire Hall cultivator gulped and said, “I heard from our spies in Hundred Refinement Sect that the cultivator has been living in seclusion ever since he entered the sect and has barely shown himself.”

“That person appears occasionally and is often immersed by an ancient scroll in his hands. He seems like a nerd.”


The Master of Hellfire Hall said coldly, “You’re saying that Wu Yuan and nine others died in the hands of a nerd? Huh?”

The cultivator of Hellfire Hall was so scared that he was sweating profusely and did not dare to make a sound.

The voice of the Master of Hellfire Hall seemed to have come from the depths of the Nine Hells, chilling to the bones. “After investigating for two months, you can only tell me that this person is a nerd and that there’s no other information? Huh?”

“T-There is!”

The cultivator of Hellfire Hall nodded repeatedly. “That person’s name is Mo Ling and he’s at late-stage Nascent Soul realm. I heard that he’s only more than a hundred years old. Furthermore…”

“What more?”

The moment the cultivator of Hellfire Hall hesitated, the voice of the Master of Hellfire Hall sounded, sending chills down his spine!

The Hellfire Hall cultivator shuddered and said hurriedly, “Furthermore, I heard that Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan of Hundred Refinement Sect are extremely close to this man. They seem to call him Uncle-Master…”


The Master of Hellfire Hall frowned slightly.

How was that possible?

If Liu Hanyan addressed this person as Uncle-Master, it meant that this person was a cultivator of the same generation as Dao Lord Scarlet Star.

He had seen almost all the cultivators of that generation – how could there be a hundred-year-old Nascent Soul?

“Our spies don’t dare to get too close.”

The Hellfire Hall cultivator continued, “Furthermore, he said that every time he spied on that person from afar, that person would seem to be able to sense it! The person would always glance over in our spy’s direction in a seemingly unintentional manner.”

“A Nascent Soul more than a hundred years old with such seniority? Fufu, interesting.”

The Master of Hellfire Hall chuckled. “You can leave first. Continue monitoring the Hundred Refinement Sect!”


As though he was pardoned, the cultivator of Hellfire Hall fled from the place.

Silence returned to the hall.

A moment later, the voice of the Master of Hellfire Hall sounded slowly, “Sun Stone, Heavenly Constellation Stone, Blood Congealing Pill, Life Spirit Spring Water… Is someone trying to reconstruct a body?”

“There’s no mistake, those are top-grade materials for body reconstruction!”

A hunched figure slowly walked out from the darkness behind the Master of Hellfire Hall.

The intruder had white hair, cloudy eyes and an aged voice. He exuded a vicissitude aura on the verge of death, as though he could pass away at any moment!

The Master of Hellfire Hall seemed to have known that this person was behind him and was not surprised at all as he continued to mutter to himself.

“I’m just curious as to who could have alarmed so many cultivators of Hundred Refinement Sect and caused such a huge commotion that even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures came forth for him!”

After a moment of silence, the Master of Hellfire Hall shook his head. “No matter how much I think about it, I can’t think of anyone with that much power.”

“Uncle Yu, can you think of anyone?”

The Master of Hellfire Hall glanced sideways at the old man beside him.

Uncle Yu shook his head. “I don’t know.”

Pausing for a moment, Uncle Yu said, “Should we mobilize our forces to secretly destroy the Hundred Refinement Sect’s search for materials?”

“There’s no need,”

The Master of Hellfire Hall shook his head with a look of disdain in his eyes. “These materials are used to create a Dao Lord’s body. Even if a Dao Lord were to reconstruct his body, he wouldn’t be a threat to us.”

Exuding a heroic aura, he waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “The Hundred Refinement Sect will suffer a crushing defeat at the Thousand Crane Tea Banquet in another month!”

“Even a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure is useless, let alone an additional Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord in Hundred Refinement Sect!”

Uncle Yu nodded as well. “That’s right. Although Liu Hanyan of Hundred Refinement Sect is quite accomplished in weapon refinement, she’s still much weaker than Ming Han. Hundred Refinement Sect is bound to lose this weapon refinement battle!”

The Master of Hellfire Hall said proudly, “Of course my disciple won’t lose!”

After a moment, the Master of Hellfire Hall seemed to have thought of something and sighed.

“Palace Lord, are you still thinking about the Scarlet Flame Heart Sutra?” Uncle Yu asked.

“That’s right,”

The Master of Hellfire Hall clenched his fists and said, “This is a sore spot for me! I must obtain this cultivation technique!”

“Right now, there are only four people who know this cultivation technique.”

Uncle Yu said, “Dao Lord Scarlet Star is not easy to deal with. Even if we capture him, he’ll probably be like his master and won’t tell us even if he dies. How about we attack his three disciples instead?”


The Master of Hellfire Hall said, “I’ve already sent out a group of Void Reversions to wait for an opportunity. We must capture Nangong Ling and the other two alive!”


The Master of Hellfire Hall frowned and continued, “There’s something strange about that Mo Ling. I have a feeling that something is going to happen because of him.”

Uncle Yu bowed slightly. “If you’re worried, I’ll make a trip personally.”

“Uncle Yu, you don’t have much lifespan left. I don’t think it’s a good idea to trouble you with such a small matter.”

Although the Master of Hellfire Hall rejected it verbally, his eyes flickered and he was clearly tempted.

“No worries,”

Uncle Yu replied indifferently, “I don’t have much time left. Rather than sit here and wait for death, I might as well make a trip for you and kill off all variables!”


The Master of Hellfire Hall reared his head in laughter. “Good, good, good! Back in the day, you were also a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord whose name shook the entire Tianhuang Mainland. Although your lifespan is almost up, your combat strength is still there.”

“With you taking action, no matter if Mo Ling is a Nascent Soul or a Void Reversion, he will have to surrender obediently!”

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