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Chapter 907: Wind Cloud Gathering

Hundred Refinement Sect.

For the past two months, Su Zimo spent most of his time comprehending the Heaven Slaying Sword Art and immersed himself in it.

On the surface, the Heaven Slaying Sword Art looked like an ordinary ancient book.

If he had not known beforehand, Su Zimo would not have thought that the ancient book was related to the legendary three ancient sword arts.

Furthermore, it was difficult to store the Heaven Slaying Sword Art in his storage bag. After thinking about it, Su Zimo decided to take it out and cultivate it openly.

Even if someone were to bump into him, Su Zimo would not hide anything. He held the Heaven Slaying Sword Art in his hands and focused on his comprehension, ignoring everyone else.

Therefore, in the eyes of many cultivators, although Su Zimo looked rough, he was like a bookworm in the mortal world.

No one would have expected that Su Zimo, who carried an ancient book all day and never shied away, was cultivating an ancient and shocking sword art!

Logically speaking, if it was truly a powerful cultivation technique or secret skill, anyone would look for a secret place to cultivate for fear of being seen by others.

No one would be as fearless and open as Su Zimo.

Although he held the Heaven Slaying Sword Art all day long, he was not worried that others would see its contents.

That was because every time he comprehended the ancient book, Su Zimo would use his right eye that contained the Illumination Stone.

If he were to look with his left eye, he would only see a blinding light. His vision would turn white and he would not be able to see anything.

Even so, Su Zimo would still feel a piercing pain if he looked at it with his right eye for too long.

At that moment, he would have to stop and take a break. He would leave his cave abode to take a walk and look into the distance to relax his eyes.

During this period of time, Nangong Ling rarely came to his place. It was as though the former had a motivation to surpass him as soon as possible.

Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan visited frequently.

Ru Xuan was carefree and outgoing. She would explain everything that happened within and outside the sect during this period of time with great familiarity.

Liu Hanyan had a calm personality and rarely spoke. She merely came to sit in at his place.

Su Zimo could sense the nervousness and worry in Liu Hanyan’s heart.

In a few days, it would be the Thousand Crane Tea Banquet.

At that time, there would be a fight between Hundred Refinement Sect and Hellfire Palace for weapon refinement and everyone would be watching.

As the representative of Hundred Refinement Sect, although she looked calm, the pressure in her heart was immense and she tried her best to suppress the anxiety in her heart.

Every time Liu Hanyan looked over, Su Zimo would smile with a gentle gaze.

At that moment, Su Zimo would recite a Buddhist sutra internally meant for calming one’s mind and heart and his body would emit a peaceful aura, calming Liu Hanyan’s mind.

Actually, it was an invisible aura!

Legend has it that the butcher who killed people like flies would lay down his butcher knife under the gaze of an eminent monk with profound Buddhist Dharma.

That was the reason why one could wash away the killing intent within their body after following an accomplished monk for a long time.

Su Zimo realized what was happening.

Although he was Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s disciple, he did not know much about forging Dharmic weapons and was far inferior to Liu Hanyan who had been cultivating in Hundred Refinement Sect since she was young.

He could not help much with this matter. The only thing he could do was to help Liu Hanyan relax and adjust her mental state.

This day.

Su Zimo was comprehending the Heaven Slaying Sword Art in his cave abode when he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. Immediately after, the door to his cave abode was pushed open.

Even without looking, Su Zimo could guess that it was definitely Ru Xuan.

“Little Uncle-Master, I’m here to visit you again.”

Ru Xuan’s voice sounded before she even arrived.

Slowly, Su Zimo snapped out of his focus and looked up.

Liu Hanyan was not the only one beside Ru Xuan. Nangong Ling had actually arrived as well, although he looked a little reluctant.

“Little Uncle-Master, are you still reading?”

Ru Xuan asked casually. Suddenly, she leaned forward and looked at the ancient book in Su Zimo’s hands. “What’s written here?”

For the past few days, when Ru Xuan saw that Su Zimo was immersed in the book, she did not mind initially. However, she became even more curious later on.

Now, she launched a surprise visit – she wanted to see what was written in the ancient book that could make Su Zimo so immersed in it.

In the end, Ru Xuan was disappointed.

The ancient book was blank with seemingly nothing in it.

Ru Xuan frowned and was about to take a closer look when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her eyes. She exclaimed and took two steps back.

Unknowingly, two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks.

This time round, Ru Xuan was shocked.

In that instant, she felt like her eyes were going to go blind if she continued staring at that ancient book!

Ru Xuan looked at Su Zimo with a hint of fear.

If that was her reaction with a single glance, she could not imagine how her Little Uncle-Master managed to survive poring over the book the entire day.

“Is there anything?”

Su Zimo asked when he saw the three of them together.

Ru Xuan said hurriedly, “The Wind Cloud Gathering has already begun. Let’s go take a look. I’ve been suffocating in the sect for the past two months.”

A month before the Thousand Crane Tea Party, there would be a large-scale gathering in Wind Cloud City which was located in the middle of the four unorthodox groups.

Apart from the four unorthodox groups, the super sects, aristocratic families and even some itinerant cultivators of the Middle Continent would gather here.

The gathering would last for a month until the Thousand Crane Tea Party began.

At this gathering, there would be many treasures, elixirs, ancient books, secret skills, remnant beasts and divine weapons…

There was everything in the cultivation world.

Cultivators who participated in the Thousand Crane Tea Party would usually come to Wind Cloud City to see if they could buy what they needed.

Or perhaps, if they could unearth some rare treasures!

Simply put, they were there to pick up the spoils.

For the past few years, there would always be some treasures that would be discovered at the Wind Cloud Gathering that envied others.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

If it was any other time, it would not have been a big deal for him to visit this Wind Cloud Gathering.

However, right now, a storm was brewing and countless eyes were staring at Hundred Refinement Sect!

It wasn’t wise for Liu Hanyan and the other two to choose to leave the sect at this time.

“Forget it.”

Su Zimo shook his head. “I remember that Dao Lord Scarlet Star told you guys to stay in the sect during this period of time and not wander around.”

“We’ve stayed inside for two months and the pent up frustration is killing me!”

Ru Xuan pouted and looked aggrieved.

Nangong Ling raised his brows. “Junior sister, don’t worry. With me by your side, I won’t let anything happen to you!”

“There are some people in our sect that although are senior, they are timid. Let’s go ourselves.”

Nangong Ling was clearly referring to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled indifferently and did not hold it against him.

Nangong Ling loved Liu Hanyan.

Yet, Liu Hanyan had been extremely close to Su Zimo during this period of time and Nangong Ling clearly viewed him as an opponent. It was only natural for Nangong Ling to want to compete with him in every aspect.

Su Zimo said in a low voice, “If you guys want to join the gathering, the three of you won’t be enough. You’ll have to get a few seniors from the sect to accompany you. It’s best if you have Dharma Characteristic experts.”

“How is that possible?”

Ru Xuan rolled her eyes. “I don’t know what happened to the sect during this period of time. The experts of the sect are so busy that none of them will have the time to accompany us to the gathering.”

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