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Chapter 896: Roaring Down the Essence Spirit

“Not good!”

Right then, Ru Xuan’s expression changed and she exclaimed, “The Hellfire on the black shield hasn’t disappeared even when the brute attacked!”

“His punch must have been tainted by the Hellfire.”

Nangong Ling was shocked as well.

He knew the power of the Hellfire. As long as the body was tainted by it, there was no way to purge it.

Hellfire was pervasive and could even penetrate deep into the bones, burning cultivators from the inside out!

Furthermore, the entire process was extremely painful.

Most of the time, there would be cultivators who could not withstand it and would reach out to grab it, only to end up with injuries all over their bodies!

Nangong Ling and Ru Xuan looked at the green-robed burly man’s right hand instinctively.

Both of them were stunned.

The green-robed man’s right hand was fair and slender with long fingers. There were no scars or burn marks on it.


The two of them exchanged puzzled glances.

The other female cultivator beside him, Liu Hanyan, lowered her head in silence.

However, she would raise her head from time to time and steal a glance at the green-robed man with a curious gaze.

Nangong Ling and Ru Xuan did not notice it. However, she clearly saw that the green-robed man’s fist had indeed touched the black shield and his hand was tainted with a wisp of Hellfire!

However, the Hellfire did not seep into the green-robed man’s flesh and bones to burn as they had expected.

On the contrary, the Hellfire stuck to the green-robed man’s palm, flickering as though it could extinguish at any moment.

The green-robed man did not mind and waved it off casually as well.

The wisp of Hellfire was strangely extinguished!

What was this?

Liu Hanyan nearly bit her tongue when she saw that!

This ability was completely beyond her knowledge.

A Nascent Soul’s body could ignore the Hellfire?

Nangong Ling and the other two were troubled.

There was no longer a need to salvage Wu Yuan’s broken body.

An Essence Spirit floated out from Wu Yuan’s glabella with a flustered expression. His eyes were filled with fear as he fled into the distance.

“Not good, he’s trying to escape!”

Nangong Ling noticed this and chased after him hurriedly.

However, Nangong Ling gave up after a few steps.

To begin with, the speed of an Essence Spirit was faster than his physical body.

Furthermore, the two of them were dozens of feet apart and Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit was the first to escape. It was already impossible for him to catch up.


Nangong Ling sighed with a vexed expression.

However, it was not his fault either.

He had not expected Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit to be able to escape outside.

Normally speaking, a Nascent Soul’s Essence Spirit was extremely fragile and feared too many things.

Be it the scorching sun or the cold wind outside, they could destroy Nascent Souls!

However, Wu Yuan was already at perfected Nascent Soul realm and his Essence Spirit was wrapped with a trace of pure Yang qi that could protect him for a long time outside.

At the very least, escaping back to the sect was not a problem!

When she saw that, Ru Xuan understood as well. Rolling her eyes at the green-robed man, she muttered softly, “Indeed, you’re a brute… Who asked you to use so much strength to send someone flying so far away? Great, now he gets a chance to return home.”

Liu Hanyan frowned slightly and shouted with a stern gaze, “Ru Xuan!”

No matter what, the green-robed man was their savior – how could she say that?

Ru Xuan knew that she was not in the right as well and stuck out her tongue without saying anything more.

Liu Hanyan turned around and bowed to the green-robed man, saying apologetically, “Junior Sister Ru Xuan said it unintentionally. Please don’t take offense.”

The green-robed man smiled indifferently and looked at Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit that was fleeing into the distance. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and uttered a strange word!


The entire void seemed to tremble!

In that short period of time, Wu Yuan had already fled hundreds of feet away.

The joy of surviving a calamity surged in his heart as a voice sounded by his ears!

It was majestic and divine, like a gigantic bell that shook one’s mind!

The voice seemed to echo through the world endlessly!

Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit shuddered and the wisp of pure Yang qi that was wrapped around his Essence Spirit was instantly shattered by the sound!

Without the protection of the pure Yang Qi, Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit was exposed to the outside world. It flickered in the cold wind and his aura turned extremely weak as he fell from midair.

When Ru Xuan saw that, she opened her mouth uncontrollably as though she could stuff a duck egg inside.

Even though the green-robed man did not look like he was anything special, he had done shocking things repeatedly!

It was the same for this move as well – an Essence Spirit had fallen because of a roar!

Nangong Ling’s knowledge seemed to surpass the two female cultivators as he said in a deep voice, “This is the Sanskrit of the Buddhist monasteries!”

The green-robed man glanced at him and nodded.

Nangong Ling frowned and pondered.

Sound domain secret skills were extremely rare and even he had never cultivated them despite his background.

As for the sound secret skills of the Buddhist sects, the most famous was Diamond Monastery’s Lion Roar!

However, the Sanskrit sound earlier on was strong and sacred, clearly different from the ferocious lion roar.

Although he could recognize that it was the Sanskrit of the Buddhist monasteries, he could not identify which Buddhist sect’s sound domain secret skill it was.

The green-robed man moved and was already walking towards Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit in the distance.

He was not worried that Wu Yuan would escape.

The pure Yang qi outside Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit had already been shattered by Sanskrit.

Even if he did not attack, Wu Yuan would not be able to hold out for long and would die outside.

Nangong Ling, Liu Hanyan and Ru Xuan followed hurriedly.

Pursing her lips, Ru Xuan harrumphed and whispered, “Seriously, why didn’t you release your Sound Domain secret skill earlier? You made me misunderstand you earlier on.”

The green-robed man did not reply.

Ru Xuan rolled her eyes and came over with a grin. “Hey, are you trying to show off your skills in front of us two beauties to attract our attention?”

Initially, Nangong Ling was deep in thought. When he heard that, he raised his head and looked at the green-robed man with a hint of hostility.

He even stood in front of Liu Hanyan intentionally, separating her from the green-robed man.

The green-robed man remained silent and continued forward with his hands behind his back, as though he could not be bothered.

However, Ru Xuan was relentless and chased after him. “If you don’t say anything, you’re admitting to it, right?”

“Tell me, have you taken a liking to me or do you like Senior Sister Liu?”

“Ru Xuan!”

Liu Hanyan berated with a helpless expression.

Right then, the four of them arrived before Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit.

In that short period of time, the aura of Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit was extremely weak after it was exposed to the outside world, as though he could die at any moment.

When he saw Ru Xuan approach, the green-robed man said slowly, “I want him alive. I want to ask him something.”

“I didn’t release the Sanskrit immediately because I was afraid that he would die from the shock!”

Ru Xuan was stunned.

Although the green-robed man’s tone was calm, there was a domineering aura that seeped into his bones!

Furthermore, she could not refute him at all.

Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit had already escaped hundreds of feet away and was reduced to this state by the roar.

It was not hard to imagine that Wu Yuan’s Essence Spirit would have perished on the spot if the green-robed man had used a sound domain secret skill right after he escaped!

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