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Chapter 895: Power of a Punch

Although the Hellfire on the gigantic spear was extinguished by the golden flames, the power of the spear that was created with dozens of flags was still present and it continued advancing!

Anyone that was struck by this gigantic spear would be split into parts instantly without a corpse remaining!

The green-robed burly man did not panic or get flustered. He reached out with outstretched fingers as Dharmic powers surged and he grabbed the incoming spear!


There was a deafening sound.

The world seemed to have gone silent.

The green-robed burly man managed to stop the spear that was larger than his body in midair with his bare hands without budging a single inch!

Wu Yuan’s expression looked extremely terrible by now.

The two female cultivators watched with widened eyes and their mouths agape; they did not even realize that they lost their composure.

That was the full-powered attack of a perfected Nascent Soul.

Furthermore, the power of dozens of flags with countless runes was included within as well.

Although Nangong Ling felt that he was a paragon of the current era with combat strength that surpassed his peers, he would not dare to take this attack head-on and would have to avoid it as well.

To think that this unknown green-robed burly man could devour the Hellfire on the spears by throwing out a casual ball of flame.

Thereafter, he stopped the gigantic spear in a seemingly effortless manner; he did not seem as though he had used his full strength.

More importantly, this man was only at late-stage Nascent Soul as well.

Right then, the green-robed burly man smiled gently to Wu Yuan. “Time for you to take an attack of mine too.”

Before his sentence ended, the green-robed burly man swept his robes and coiled the spear that was in midair, tossing it back towards Wu Yuan’s group!

The moment the spear left his hand, it dispersed into dozens of flags once again!

Oo! Oo!

The flags streaked through the air and transformed into dozens of black streaks of light that rang in a shuddering manner.

The expressions of Wu Yuan and the eight Nascent Souls behind him changed and their eyes were filled with fright!

Everywhere the dozens of flags passed, the mud was overturned as gravel and sand flew!

Dozens of flags shooting over at the same time was frightening and even the weather changed!

Instantly, Wu Yuan’s group felt as though the skies had darkened.

Their visions were completely filled with the black streaks of light that were absolutely unavoidable!


Ru Xuan’s cherry red lips were agape as she murmured with looks of disbelief, “Is this really the work of man?”

Everyone could see clearly that the green-robed burly man merely tossed back the spear.

He did not conjure any Dharmic arts or secret skills – this was a pure burst of his physical strength!

Under normal circumstances, cultivators that were not at the Conjoint Body realm were relatively weak physically.

Ru Xuan had never seen anyone with such frightening physical strength!

Even Void Reversions might not be able to reach this level, let alone the Nascent Souls of her sect!

In the blink of an eye, the color of the entire world changed!

Apart from the terrifying burst power, Nangong Ling noticed something even more frightening in the green-robed burly man’s attack!

The precision of the trajectory and targets!

The dozens of flags were not tossed randomly.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the trajectory and target of each and every flag was extremely precise.

Although they were tossed at the same time, they did not move together and varied in speed.

However, not only did they miss Nangong Ling’s group of three perfectly, the spears even sealed the retreat paths of Wu Yuan’s group completely!

If Nangong Ling was the one who attacked, he could perform this feat with a moment of inspection as well.

However, the green-robed burly man’s instantaneous judgment right in the midst of a battle had surpassed Nangong Ling’s expectations completely!

Could it have been a mere coincidence?

If it was not a coincidence, how precise did his judgment have to be?

His control of the combat situation was extremely conscientious and was at an extraordinary level!

Everyone’s myriad of thoughts raced through their minds. In a flash, the dozens of flags arrived with apocalyptic auras!


That was the only thought that remained in everyone’s minds, Wu Yuan included.

The only thing they could do against such a terrifying attack was to retreat!

The Nascent Souls with swift reactions fled from their original spots.

Those with slower reactions had their bodies punctured by the flagpoles.

A tremendous amount of power surged into their bodies and caused them to split into pieces.

The Nascent Souls that fled at the start barely managed to escape the flags. However, before they could rejoice, their bodies were pierced by something sharp and they were yanked away from the spot!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The formation flags blanketed the skies and descended as blood mists spewed everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, the eight Nascent Souls were dead!

At the Nascent Soul realm, the Essence Spirit was extremely fragile.

Even if an Essence Spirit could escape from the body, the moment it was exposed to the outside world, it could not even withstand the murderous aura or a single gust of wind – it did not take long for the Essence Spirits to disperse into the world.

The only person who managed to survive was Wu Yuan, the cultivator with the highest cultivation realm on the battlefield.

He was the first to react and released his movement techniques one after another; by now, he had already avoided three flags.

However, there were dozens of flags!

It was impossible for him to escape from the range of the flags!

Instantly, Wu Yuan realized that fact as well.

His gaze shimmered and he slapped his storage bag, retrieving a black shield.

Wu Yuan bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a stream of essence blood.

His expression instantly turned much paler.

A mouthful of essence blood was extremely precious for a cultivator and contained up to a hundred years worth of cultivation effort – this was something they would not sacrifice unless they had no other choice.

The essence blood splashed onto the black shield and sizzled.


Instantly, the black shield expanded rapidly with dark, cold flames blazing on its surface!

Wu Yuan grit his teeth and curled himself into a ball as he hid behind the black shield.

The moment he did that, the flag descended and smashed violently against the black shield!


A loud sound exploded in Wu Yuan’s ears and he shuddered.

More than half the flames on the black shield were extinguished.

Wu Yuan’s arms that were used to prop up the shield were completely numb by now.


He heaved a deep sigh of relief.

No matter what, he managed to endure the attack.

‘I can’t linger here, I’ve got to hurry and escape!’

The moment that thought crossed Wu Yuan’s mind and he was about to get up, he was scared out of his wits when he caught something from the corner of his eyes.

Unknowingly, the green-robed burly man who was not far away had already arrived before him!

The distance between the two of them was extremely close!

The green-robed burly man looked at him with a fake smile. Slowly, the former raised his palm and pummeled down with a punch!

Wu Yuan’s mind went blank and without time to think, he raised the black shield that burned with Hellfire to defend himself.


There was yet another explosion that was even more frightening than the one earlier!

The ground shook!

Nangong Ling’s group shuddered in fright from that explosion.

A figure was sent flying and rolled on the ground hundreds of feet away. He laid there motionlessly with blood and mud all over his body.

Wu Yuan’s face was frightfully pale and his gaze was dim as he coughed out blood endlessly – it was a horrific sight.

The black shield fell to the side; the dark flames on its surface were long extinguished.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Apart from the coughing sounds, there were strange sounds that sent chills down one’s spine echoing from Wu Yuan’s body!

Nangong Ling and the others gulped.

They could hear that it was the sound of bones cracking!

Even the black shield could not defend against that single punch.

The power penetrated the shield and smashed all the bones in Wu Yuan’s body!

A single punch had contained such terrifying might!

Nangong Ling’s group knew that although Wu Yuan was still breathing for the moment, he was definitely going to die!

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