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Chapter 875: Three Great Sword Arts

Stars in daylight… this universal phenomenon had already appeared once before the Thousand Demon Meet and even the old ape did not know why.

From Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s current expression, it was clear that he knew something!

Su Zimo could not help but ask, “Senior, what’s the meaning behind this universal phenomenon?”

“Make a move first. I’ll explain to you along the way,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit transformed into a scarlet streak of light and reentered the Mingwang Prayer Beads.

Su Zimo could tell that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice seemed to be quivering slightly.

He knew that this universal phenomenon was definitely far from simple!

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at the position beneath the firmaments.

It was extremely close to the Thousand Year Blood Sea; they might even come across monkey and the others if they rushed over now.

Su Zimo no longer hesitated and sped towards the direction in a flash.

A moment later, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s voice sounded; he seemed to have composed himself. “If I’m not wrong, a universal phenomenon as such means that an ancient sword art is about to be born!”

“Ancient sword art?”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

What sort of an ancient sword art would create such a great commotion and even trigger a universal phenomenon just with its appearance?

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said in a deep voice, “In the ancient era, there were three great sword arts that possessed the strongest killing powers. Each time one manual was born, there would be an accompanying universal phenomenon!”

“The three great ancient sword arts are the Heaven Slaying Sword Art, Earth Slaying Sword Art and Human Slaying Sword Art.”

Su Zimo exclaimed softly and asked in a probing manner, “The three sword arts sound like they are connected?”

“You’re not wrong,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire explained, “Legend has it that the three great sword arts were originally one back in the primordial era. They possessed frightening killing power and was the number one killing technique of the primordial era! In fact, it could slay immortals and fiendcelestials alike!”

“It’s precisely because of the immense killing power of the sword classic that it was struck by karma and divine retribution. It was divided into three and was later on known in the ancient era as the three great sword arts!”

Su Zimo was alarmed.

Although the sword classic was divided into three, it could still become the three great ancient sword arts and bring about universal phenomenons – it was hard to imagine the original power of the sword classic!

“These are all enigmas of the primordial era that I had no access of originally,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “However, I entered a primordial ruin by accident 5,000 years ago. In there, I read about the records and legends of this matter.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

Back when he first met Dao Lord Extreme Fire in the cold lake in Cang Lang Mountain Range, the latter recounted to Su Zimo the tale of how he entered a ruin and was hurt and poisoned by the living beings inside such that he almost died from it!

So, the ruin was a primordial ruin!

In that case, since Night Spirit was brought out by Dao Lord Extreme Fire from that primordial ruin, there was a high chance that Night Spirit was a lifeform from the primordial era as well!

It was no wonder why Su Zimo could not find any records related to Night Spirit even after searching through all the ancient books in Ethereal Peak.

Most lifeforms from the primordial era have already gone extinct and there were no traces of them left.

Even many super sects in the cultivation world might not have any records of them and these lifeforms were merely described with brief sentences, let alone Ethereal Peak.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire seemed slightly emotional once again at the mention of the primordial ruin.

It was as though he still had a feeling of trepidation when he recalled his past experience!

Su Zimo steered the topic away and asked, “The Heaven, Earth and Human Slaying Sword Arts. From their names, it seems like the Human Slaying Sword Art is the weakest.”

“You’re mistaken.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire shook his head. “Among the three great sword arts, the Human Slaying Sword Art has the strongest killing power! It is said that the might of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art is comparable to divine powers!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The divine powers Dao Lord Extreme Fire were referring to were not the innate divine powers that were comprehended by fiend demons upon advancement to high-level fiend demons.

They were the divine powers that were comprehended by human cultivators after cultivating to the Mahayana realm to become Patriarchs!

The Human Slaying Sword Art possessed the might of the Mahayana realm!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said softly, “In the primordial ruin, there are three sentences describing the three sword arts. When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are shifted out of alignment; when the earth’s killing intent is released, the dragon snake shall rise; when the human’s killing intent is released, Heaven and Earth shall topple!”

Su Zimo gazed at the chaotic star alignments in the firmament and was suddenly enlightened, remarking softly, “The Heaven Slaying Sword Art is the one being born this time round!”

“That’s right!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire replied, “You must definitely get your hands on this sword art! If you’re able to comprehend it, your combat strength will definitely explode!”

Su Zimo frowned slightly. “However, the commotion here is so great and the Overlords held the Thousand Demon Meet in the vicinity. It’s probably too late for me to get there,”

“Furthermore, if I want to steal the Heaven Slaying Sword Art away from the watch of so may Overlords and countless fiend demons… that’s probably going to be extremely difficult.”

Su Zimo was clear that with his current strength, it was unrealistic to think that he could fight against the Overlords and so many fiend demons to get his hands on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

It was true that he had Dao Lord Extreme Fire assisting him now.

However, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s combat strength was limited with the loss of his physical body. It was impossible for him to fight against the Overlords with just his Essence Spirit!

“No worries,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “Don’t forget, the fiend demons of Thousand Demon Valley probably do not know the reason behind the stars in daylight yet. That is your true chance!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he nodded to himself.

During this short while, he had already rushed to the area beneath the firmament. Before him, a strong blood stench reeked.

Many living beings must have fallen there!

After sprinting for a while more, it could be seen in the distant skies ahead that there were several hundred fiend demons with gigantic bodies killing one another in midair!



The roars of the fiend demons rocked the entire world!

Even the void in the battlefield in midair was beginning to contort.

That was a massive battle between high-level fiend demons!

Among them, there were six figures that were particularly striking. Their auras were powerful and swept through the nine heavens; every single move they made caused the voids to vibrate!

There was an old ape that towered at over a hundred feet tall.

His fur was grayish-white and he looked like he was old and in his twilight years. However, his gaze burned and he overwhelmed everyone with a blinding golden rod in his hands!

Beside him, there was a bull engulfed in golden flames. He wielded a black three-pronged halberd and barged through the demons with an unstoppable edge!

The two Overlords fought together and their combat strength was torrential – it was clear that they had suppressed the Overlords of Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island, Confusion Mist Swamp and Vermilion Cloud Valley.

Su Zimo shifted his gaze down and heaved in a breath.

Beneath the six Overlords, the ground cracked and gigantic fissures appeared in a frightening manner, emitting a sinister black wind!

The ground was slowly protruding upwards!

It was as though there was a massive, unknown object that was trying to crawl out from underground!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As time passed by, the protrusion on the ground enlarged and the number of fissures increased as well!

Countless fiend demons stood outside the perimeter and did not dare to advance.

An unknown period of time passed.

All of a sudden!

The world seemed to have gone silent.

The next moment, the ground exploded and mud overturned. Like the explosion of a volcano, rays of resplendent light shot forth in a powerful manner.

Instantly, divine lights filled the world and spread through the surroundings.

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