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Chapter 874: Phenomenon Reappearance

“At the end of the day, assimilation is not righteous and I’m filled with nothing but disdain for it,”

Although Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s tone was calm, there was an indescribable pride within.

If it was any ordinary cultivator, they would most likely resort to any means possible if they lost their physical bodies. Be it assimilation or any other method, nothing mattered as long as they could obtain a physical body!

However, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was different.

Although he lost his physical body, he did not lose the pride in his heart.

Su Zimo said, “If you give up on the method of assimilation, there is only one other way. However, I don’t know where we could possibly find a Dharma Characteristic physical body,”

His heart skipped a beat as he continued, “There should be many people with the same circumstances as you, senior. I wonder if there are any cultivators selling the physical bodies of Dharma Characteristics.”

He had not cultivated to the Dharma Characteristic realm and was not at that level yet.

However, in his opinion, there was a high chance that there would be people selling such things since there were demands!

Furthermore, it was a lucrative trade that was not to be underestimated!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded. “You are smart, there is indeed the trade of selling physical bodies within the cultivation world. Originally, Tomb Sect was the only one doing it. Later on, Corpse Refinement Cult joined in as well.”

“Tomb Sect?”

Su Zimo murmured, “I’ve got a friend in Tomb Sect. If I meet him again, I can ask about it for you, senior. However, his cultivation realm is similar to mine so he might not be able to get a physical body at the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

“There’s no need,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire shook his head. “Although I look down on assimilation, I don’t wish to occupy a foreign body either. That way, even if I recover back to before, I won’t be the same Dao Lord Extreme Fire anymore!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Even if the Essence Spirit was the same, there would still be a difference eventually.

“Furthermore, both methods have similar pros and cons,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “Be it assimilation or a traded Dharma Characteristic physical body, the origin of their flesh and bloodlines are both different from the Essence Spirit. As such, it will be difficult for anyone to return to their previous peak state.”

Su Zimo roughly understood.

No matter what, the loss of one’s physical body was an irreversible loss.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said in a deep voice, “Actually, there’s a third method apart from those two! Gather universal materials to reconstruct the skeleton and recast the flesh!”

Reconstruct the skeleton and recast the flesh!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat at the mention of those words.

What sort of capabilities were those?

Dao Lord Extreme Fire explained, “Actually, this is an ancient weapon refinement technique. Using the bones as the foundation and the organs as supplements, the bloodline is nourished and finally, the flesh is recast!”

“Although the method sounds simple, the process is extremely complicated. The bones are reconstructed using universal materials and the better the quality of the bones, the stronger the bloodline that is born!”

“The stronger the organs are, the more terrifying the strength of the physical would be!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire explained with clear details.

To begin with, Su Zimo had a deep understanding towards weapon refinement and he was immersed in the explanation.

Unknowingly, two hours passed and daybreak gradually approached.

Theoretically, this ancient technique of reconstructing a body was definitely a secret skill that was only passed down within Hundred Refinement Sect.

However, for some unknown reason, Su Zimo had a feeling that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was imparting him the ancient technique intentionally. Furthermore, the latter was extremely detailed in his explanation, as though he was worried that Su Zimo might not understand.

At that moment, Su Zimo was puzzled.

Not long after, he finally understood the true intention of Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

In order to reconstruct a body in the most ideal way, universal materials were the most important criteria!

The better the quality of the materials used for reconstructing the skeleton, the more superior the body created.

According to the words of Dao Lord Extreme Fire, if the spirit materials used for reconstruction of bones were connate treasures, there was a high chance that a set of connate bones could be created!

Connate bones were comparable to connate Dharmic weapons!

The bloodline and physical body created from the connate bones would create a connate Dao body!

Of course, that was an ideal situation and was not realistic.

Nobody in history had succeeded doing so either.

“What are your plans after this?”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire asked after explaining the method of reconstructing the bones and physical body.

“I’ve got to return and take a look at the situation of my sworn siblings,”

Su Zimo said deeply, “If they are fine, I’ll let them know that I’ll be leaving Thousand Demon Valley first to escort you back to Hundred Refinement Sect!”

He had already been in the Thousand Demon Valley for a hundred years.

He did not know how the cultivation world had changed after a hundred years.

Of course, more than that, Su Zimo was concerned about his old friends back in the cultivation world as well as Xiaoning and Night Spirit.

It was time to head back.

He continued, “Senior, don’t worry. I’ll definitely try my best to help you search for the nine crucial materials used for reconstructing a body and bones.”

To begin with, Dao Lord Extreme Fire specialized in fire techniques.

Therefore, the universal treasures he required to reconstruct a body were the nine materials of Tianhuang Mainland that possessed the strong fire attributes!

Of course, these materials were extremely rare to come across.

It was even more difficult if anyone wanted to gather the nine of them.

By now, Su Zimo had already consumed the flesh on the lamb’s leg and there was only a bone left.

His injuries had mostly recovered.

“It’s inconvenient for me to expose my Essence Spirit outside, it’s better for me to remain hidden in the Mingwang Prayer Beads for now,”

With that said, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit transformed into a streak of scarlet light and vanished into Su Zimo’s left wrist.

Su Zimo tidied his attire and headed out of the cave.

More than two hours had passed and the high-level fiend demons that wanted to hunt him should have already left.

“I wonder how’s the fight around the Blood Sea,”

Su Zimo murmured. He scanned his surroundings, determined his direction and decided to return to the vicinity of the Blood Sea to check things out.

Right then, Su Zimo’s expression changed!

His heart raced without warning and the entire world seemed to have turned silent, as though something big was about to happen!

There was a murderous aura within the forest!

Su Zimo felt his chest turn stuffy and could not breathe properly.

Danger seemed to be lurking everywhere!

The most frightening thing was that his spirit perception seemed to be useless!

Even his spirit perception was engulfed completely by the murderous aura in the forest!

This sort of situation was extremely rare.

Right then, Su Zimo sensed something and spun around, glaring into the distance.


His heart skipped a beat and he exclaimed.

In the horizon not far away, above the firmaments, ancient stars appeared one after another. They moved and spun in a chaotic trajectory!

Stars in daylight!

This universal phenomenon had reappeared once again!

However, this time round, it was extremely close to Su Zimo!

The stars in the firmaments shuffled chaotically and could not help but brush past one another, creating earthshaking sounds!

Lightning flashed and thunder boomed!

Countless debris fell from the collision of the ancient stars. Engulfed in flames, these meteors descended upon Tianhuang Mainland like a firestorm!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground quaked and the mountains shook, as though the heavens wanted to devastate this part of the world!

What happened was way too shocking.

Furthermore, everything happened right in front of Su Zimo!

The stars seemed to be hovering above his head with a terrifying might as they shifted, collided and brushed past one another!

The murderous aura filled the world. Instantly, it seemed as though all living beings in the Thousand Demon Valley kept silent out of fear!

Under normal circumstances, the stars above the firmaments naturally had their individual trajectories.

However, they would not brush past one another, let alone collide.

Yet, at that moment, the stars in the skies were in complete chaos, as though they were being controlled by an invisible power. When the firmaments were filled with trouble, devastation would descend upon all living beings!

“Could it be…”

Right then, the voice of Dao Lord Extreme Fire sounded.

A fiery scarlet streak of light floated out of the Mingwang Prayer Beads and Dao Lord Extreme Fire appeared once again. He looked up into the skies with a shocked expression and disbelief in his eyes.

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