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Chapter 872: Mystery of the Rebirth

“Senior, how are you…”

Although Su Zimo was delighted at Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s rebirth, he had many questions in his mind.

How was the poison on Dao Lord Extreme Fire dispelled?

When did he awaken?

Has he recovered fully?

As though he could read Su Zimo’s mind, Dao Lord Extreme Fire smiled gently and said, “Rest and recuperate first. I’ll explain everything slowly.”

Su Zimo nodded. After a momentary silence, he whisked out the gigantic goat leg he cut off earlier and chuckled. “I’ll be fine after eating a roasted lamb leg.”

He was not being a glutton.

The goat leg in his hands was the flesh of an Overlord and was a great tonic.

Furthermore, Su Zimo possessed frightening innate regeneration capabilities. As long as he absorbed the energy of an Overlord’s flesh completely, his wounds would be mostly healed by then.

At the Nascent Soul realm, demons could consume the essence of the sun and the moon. Human cultivators are able to consume sunlight and dew as well and could achieve the state of inedia without consuming any physical food.

However, the goat leg was not only a great tonic, it was also a rare delicacy – there was no way Su Zimo would let this chance pass.

Su Zimo took out his Bronze Square Tripod and circulated his spirit consciousness to conjure a ball of flames. He tossed it into the tripod and hung the goat leg on it.

Before long, the cave was filled with the fragrance of barbecued meat.

Su Zimo reached out and tore a piece off without fear of burning his hand. He placed it in his mouth and chewed in huge mouthfuls, feeling the essence of blood qi enter his stomach and cruise through his limbs!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was only an Essence Spirit without a physical body and naturally could not enjoy this experience.

When he looked at the flame within the Bronze Square Tripod, Dao Lord Extreme Fire seemed to have thought of something and looked at Su Zimo’s right hand with a wary expression.

He asked, “Your right hand is a Divine Phoenix Bone, right?”


Su Zimo nodded and did not lie.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said sternly, “When the Divine Phoenix Bone was triggered earlier on, the power it released was extremely scary and was at the Conjoint Body realm!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Conjoint Bodies were almost the strongest existences in Tianhuang Mainland.

Conjoint Body cultivators were referred to as Mighty Figures and every single action they made possessed the might of Heaven and Earth!

Unfortunately, given his current cultivation realm, he could not trigger the power of the Divine Phoenix Bone.

He could not use the Divine Phoenix Bone trump card as and when he wanted either. It was mostly passive and its shocking effect could only be triggered by the strength of his opponent.

“There’s no need to hurry,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire consoled him, “Since this piece of divine bone is within your body, there will naturally come a day when you will be able to utilize its power on your own.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked at Su Zimo and felt emotional when he recalled the circumstances of their first encounter.

To think that after more than a hundred years, the young man of the past would be at this stage right now!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire gazed into the distance with a nostalgic look in his eyes as he said slowly, “Actually, it’s all thanks to the Mingwang Prayer Beads on your hand that I’m able to survive.”

“There’s no wonder why the Mingwang Prayer Beads are treasures that are able to support Daming Monastery. They truly possess the ability of resurrection by altering fate against the heavens!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “The Mingwang Prayer Beads were created from the trunks of immortal and Soul Nourishing Wood on Tianhuang Mainland. They have the extraordinary effect of nourishing one’s soul and Essence Spirit!”

“My Essence Spirit was initially doomed because of the toxic poison. To think that it was nourished after entering this prayer bead and managed to survive instead.”

When he spoke about that, Dao Lord Extreme Fire felt a surge of emotions.

Su Zimo gazed at the Mingwang Prayer Beads on his left wrist and recalled about the past as well.

Back then, he was still a Foundation Establishment Cultivator who entered the inheritance ground of the fiend sects with Demoness Ji and fought against the fiend heirs.

To think that an unforeseen event broke out later on – a skeleton crawled out from an ancient coffin in the blood pool and nearly killed all of them within!

He hid inside the stone coffin that the skeleton was buried in with Demoness Ji. It fell into the underground river and they managed to survive.

That Mingwang Prayer Bead was found within the stone coffin!

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s expression changed.

The old monk at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley had once explained to him the reason why the Mingwang Prayer Beads were lost.

Several dozen thousand years ago, two paragons, the Dao Lord Blood Fiend and Monk Daming fought. Eventually, both of them disappeared with their fates unknown.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads were lost because of that as well.

Later on, Daming Monastery retrieved three of them with another three missing outside.

One of them was the one Su Zimo found in the stone coffin!

Within that stone coffin, there was also an extremely evil cultivation technique, the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

The skeleton that crawled out of the stone coffin later on was incomparable domineering and consumed the flesh and blood of many living beings directly. The cultivation technique it used was the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra!

In that case, the identity of the skeleton was clear!

It was Dao Lord Blood Fiend!

The ultimate fiend that massacred the world dozens of thousand years ago had not truly died. Furthermore, there was a high chance that he was reborn!

It was not hard to imagine. After that earthshaking battle with Monk Daming, Dao Lord Blood Fiend lost and was severely injured. As such, he hid within the Mingwang Prayer Bead with his Essence Spirit and nourished himself within slowly.

It was most likely because of the Mingwang Prayer Bead that he was able to survive to this era as well.

That was also why Su Zimo was able to find that Buddha Bead in the stone coffin.

In that case, the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra in the coffin should have been etched by Dao Lord Blood Fiend as well.

Everything seemed to make sense.

However, Su Zimo was still puzzled.

Why was that Mingwang Prayer Bead left behind in the stone coffin – was it truly a coincidence?

Furthermore, when they first encountered the stone coffin, there were gigantic chains coiled around its surface – who left those chains behind?

It was clear that the purpose of the chains was to trap Dao Lord Blood Fiend.

However, why would there be a Mingwang Prayer Bead left behind in the stone coffin in that case?

Or rather, why did the cultivator that left behind the chains not kill Dao Lord Blood Fiend outright?

Naturally, Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not know what Su Zimo was thinking about at the moment and continued speaking, “The first time I awakened was actually at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.”


Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

He truly had not expected Dao Lord Extreme Fire to be awakened that early.

“Although my Essence Spirit was nourished after it entered the Soul Nourishing Wood, the poison in me was not dispelled and I was still in a comatose state,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “The old monk at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley was the one who helped me to dispel the poison within.”

At that point, Su Zimo was enlightened.

Back at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, the old monk exclaimed softly upon receiving Su Zimo’s Mingwang Prayer Bead, as though he sensed something.

When Su Zmo asked at the moment, the old monk gave an ambiguous reply and did not explain things.

In hindsight, the old monk had already noticed Dao Lord Extreme Fire at that time and conveniently saved the latter!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “Although I was awakened, my Essence Spirit was afflicted by the toxic poison for many years and was still extremely weak. I had almost no strength and could not offer you any help,”

“I’ve watched your journey and battles throughout all these years,”

“You did well. You did not disappoint the reputation of the human race back in Myriad Phenomenon City!”

Su Zimo shook his head gently with a dejected expression when he thought back about that battle. “Although I won that battle, countless cultivators caught sight of my demon form. There might be no place left for me in the cultivation world.”

“There’s no need to worry,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said deeply, “Other sects aside, I can make the decision for Hundred Refinement Sect to right your name and protect you from danger!”

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