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Chapter 873: Dharma Characteristic Realm’s Physical Body

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s words were firm, resolute and powerful; it was clear that he was not bothered by Su Zimo’s demonic cultivation.

More than that, he did not even care about the major sects or factions that had feuds with Su Zimo.

Su Zimo was touched and expressed his gratitude hurriedly.

At that moment, he had yet to realize the weight of Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s words.

He did not know what sort of a character Dao Lord Extreme Fire was in the cultivation world 5,000 years ago either!

After all, in Su Zimo’s opinion, no matter how strong Dao Lord Extreme Fire was, the latter was merely a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord. His cultivation realm was the same as the old immortal crane and there was no way he could protect Su Zimo.

Previously, in the battle of Ethereal Peak, the old immortal crane managed to achieve a breakthrough and became a high-level fiend demon that was equivalent to a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord.

However, Ethereal Peak was insignificant against a massive force like Glass Palace!

Notwithstanding Glass Palace, even against the Ten Upper Sects of the North Region, Ethereal Peak was weak and had no right to speak at all!

Su Zimo truly had no other choice when he left the North Region previously.

In the battle at the Great Qian Ruins, he offended almost everyone from the Ten Upper Sects, aristocratic families and gentry clans. If he continued to stay on in the North Region, Ethereal Peak would definitely protect him with all their might.

However, that would also bring about great trouble for Ethereal Peak!

They would be destroyed instantly and the loss of their legacy would result in them disappearing from the cultivation world!

However, Su Zimo did not know that Hundred Refinement Sect was not the same as Ethereal Peak.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was not the same as the old immortal crane as well!

Su Zimo noticed that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s Essence Spirit had a powerful aura and seemed like he had already recovered to the Dharma Characteristic realm. “Senior, has your cultivation recovered fully already?”

“Not yet, I’m only around 80% at best,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire smiled gently. “Initially, I thought that I would require several hundred years to recover my cultivation. To think that I benefited quite a bit from the opportunity you just received as well.”


Su Zimo froze momentarily and was enlightened instantly.

It was no wonder why he felt a suction power from his left wrist within the Thousand Year Blood Sea as well.

At that time, he released the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and was encircled by the young master of Levitating Goat Peak and five others. Later on, he nearly became a complete fiend and did not think about the issue deeply.

To think that apart from the massive boost to his cultivation realm, the energy accumulated by the Thousand Year Blood Sea managed to benefit Dao Lord Extreme Fire as well!

“Actually, the energy accumulated within the Blood Sea originally was not enough to recover my cultivation,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said, “However, seven high-level fiend demons entered the Blood Sea and died sinisterly later on. That caused the energy level in the Blood Sea to rise significantly and provided me with sufficient energy,”

“The reason why I did not make a move while you were escaping was because I was absorbing the tremendous amount of energy within the Blood Sea,”

“That Overlord was truly strong. If I did not recover at least 80% of my combat strength, it would have been difficult to kill him as well. That was the reason why I did not attack recklessly,”

At that point, Dao Lord Extreme Fire shook his head gently and lamented, “However, aren’t you a little too gusty? You’re only at the Nascent Soul realm and yet you wanted to kill an Overlord that was two major realms above you. Really now…”

Su Zimo felt a sense of trepidation when he recounted the events as well.

An Overlord was much stronger than he had imagined!

He released all his trump cards and even managed to trigger the divine phoenix’s claw by accident. Yet, he was still unable to kill the Overlord of Levitating Goat Peak.

If not for Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he would have died already!

Although he gained immense benefits during this Blood Sea cultivation trip, it was extremely treacherous as well.

Not only was he hunted down by an Overlord, there seemed to be a latent danger within that sinister Blood Sea too!

The seven high-level fiend demons died in mysterious manners, killed with their Essence Spirits destroyed instantly by the bubbles from the bottom of the sea!

Was it truly just a coincidence that those seemingly harmless bubbles brushed past him?

Su Zimo felt a sense of trepidation when he thought about that scene.

“Senior, that Blood Sea…”

The moment Su Zimo spoke, Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s expression changed and he interrupted the former, “Don’t ever return to that place!”

“There’s definitely something extremely terrifying at the bottom of the Blood Sea!” Dao Lord Extreme Fire said solemnly.

If even Dao Lord Extreme Fire said so, Su Zimo realized that the secret within the Blood Sea was definitely not something he could deal with at his cultivation realm!

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Extreme Fire worriedly and asked in a soft voice, “Senior, what about your physical body?”

At the Void Reversion or Dharma Characteristic realm, one would not die even with the loss of their physical body.

However, their combat strength would weaken and they would not be able to release many Dharmic arts without their physical body.

Furthermore, without the protection of their physical body, one’s Essence Spirit would become extremely fragile exposed to the outside world.

It was like somebody who was floating in a turbulent ocean without the protection of a spirit vessel – he could die at any moment!

There were two ways of obtaining a physical body.

The first was through assimilation!

However, the requirements for assimilation were stringent and the assimilated being’s cultivation realm must not be too low.

The assimilation process was extremely dangerous as well and one could be consumed instead if they were careless!

Furthermore, every cultivator could only attempt a single assimilation try in their lifetime.

The second was to obtain a perfectly intact physical body at the Dharma Characteristic realm.

However, that was no easy task at all.

What sort of existences were Dharma Characteristics?

It was extremely difficult to obtain their physical bodies.

Furthermore, let alone a perfectly preserved Dharma Characteristic physical body.

The greatest possibility for that was if a Dharma Characteristic cultivator was killed by an Essence Spirit secret skill. With that, their Essence Spirit would be destroyed with their physical body intact!

When he heard Su Zimo’s question, Dao Lord Extreme Fire swept his glance onto Su Zimo’s body and asked with a fake smile, “You’re not worried that I might assimilate your body?”

Su Zimo froze for a moment and shook his head right away.

Back in Cang Lang Mountain Range, Dao Lord Extreme Fire saved his life.

Earlier on, Dao Lord Extreme Fire did it again.

Su Zimo did not believe that Dao Lord Extreme Fire would attempt assimilation on him.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s expression was beguiling and his voice suddenly turned sinister as he said creepily, “Although the difference in cultivation realm between us is way too great, your physique and bloodline is almost perfect and unmatched in history!”

“It’s an absolute gain for me if I assimilate you! As long as I cultivate further, I’ll be able to recover to my initial self and my combat strength will be superior in fact!”

Su Zimo let out a chuckle and shook his head still.

When Dao Lord Extreme Fire saw how firm Su Zimo was, he no longer scared the latter and returned to his normal expression. “I’m relieved that you are able to trust me. However, I’ve still got to remind you,”

“At this point of your cultivation, your physique is frightening and unparalleled. There isn’t any cultivator in the world that wouldn’t be tempted, me included!”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was speaking from the bottom of his heart completely by saying that.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire continued, “The cultivation world is extremely ruthless and only the fittest shall survive. Although I’m not going to assimilate you, it doesn’t mean that other cultivators won’t as well,”

“Although I saved you, there’s a chance that I might have other motives as well. You must be careful in the future and not trust others easily.”

Su Zimo nodded.

In truth, the reason why he was so firm was not only because Dao Lord Extreme Fire had once saved him.

More than that, it was because of his spirit perception!

After cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, he was forced to survive in Cang Lang Mountain Range through countless bloodied battles. He walked past the gates of hell countless times on the brink of death and cultivated a unique sense that was unfathomable!

That was Su Zimo’s greatest backing.

He could not sense Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s killing intent at all through his spirit perception.

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