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Chapter 85: Sound of Tigers and Leopards!

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Su Zimo handed in the mission and received quite a number of contribution points for it. He then returned to his cave abode.

Watching Su Zimo leave, both old men could not help but lament in deep thoughts.

“There’s no wonder why he’s the man who could cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire. Even his luck is beyond others,” The disheveled old man pouted his lips.


Elder Liu continued, “Those trial disciples of Spirit Peak that went to Great Rock Forest were not low in cultivation realms but yet they were injured badly. But this lad? Not only did he not bump into that mysterious burly man, he even managed to go through Great Rock Forest entirely while returning peacefully with all those pure gold ores with just a Level 5 Qi Condensation. What else do you call that if not luck?”

The disheveled old man remarked in pity, “Actually, given his gift for refining weapons, it’ll be best for him to join True Fire Sect. Our sect isn’t good at weapon and elixir refinement at all. I honestly feel a little bad that we may end up burdening his progress.”

“Let’s not think so much. He’s only just started on weapon refinement and can’t even create an inferior-grade spirit weapon. Even though our sect doesn’t specialize in weapon refinement, we have the foundation of it too. Let’s think about other stuff in the future,” Elder Liu consoled.

Nodding, the disheveled old man lowered his head in deep thoughts.

It was still early when Su Zimo returned to his cave abode.

According to his plan, he would spend all his efforts on immortality cultivation during the day be it for raising his cultivation or learning more about weapon refinement. Come nighttime, he would cultivate The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

Before attaining a core, be it Qi Refinement Warriors or Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they were no different from mere mortals and would still have to rest through sleeping.

The common ground between Qi Refinement Warriors, Foundation Establishment Cultivators and mere mortals was still their lifespans.

Qi Refinement Warriors and Foundation Establishment Cultivators merely had a slightly longer lifespan than mere mortals who could only live to a hundred plus at best without ailments or accidents.

However, demonic cultivation was different.

During daytime, most demons would be in hiding and would only roam and hunt for food at night when their energy peaked.

In fact, Su Zimo would also be resting come nightfall. However, through the two years of demonic cultivation, he already had the habit of maintaining The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness’s breathing and expiration method even in his sleep.

That way, Su Zimo’s demonic cultivation was rising equally without taking up any of his immortality cultivation time.

It was just that the lack of progress in the Marrow Cleansing section had caused a bottleneck for his demonic cultivation path.

For the next few days, Su Zimo continued forcing the two spirit beasts to cry out continuously.

After those few days, the two spirit beasts were so exhausted that their voices were hoarse. However, Su Zimo still had no clue on how to proceed with the Marrow Cleansing section.

Even if they were spirit demons, they would be worn out howling like idiots without sleep or food for a couple of days.

The spirit tiger and leopard looked absolutely lethargic as they sprawled on the ground sleepily.

“Sigh, I’ve never met a master so hard to please.”

The spirit tiger sighed. “If he wanted to kill or chop us up, at least that’d be a swift ending. But what’s the point of torturing us like this?!”

The few days of struggle had Su Zimo tuckered out as well.

He wasn’t idling while the two spirit beasts were howling – he listened intently with all his attention, afraid that he might miss the secret in a lapse.

However, the end result was merely complete exhaustion as his eyelids were so heavy that he wanted nothing more than to have a good sleep.

“Forget it, I’ll kill these two tomorrow for food.”

Lying down on his stone bed, that thought jolted through his mind as he fell into slumber.

He was simply way too tired.

The moment he closed his eyes, he entered dreamland and his breathing turned heavier, using the breathing and expiration method of the Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation and Body Tempering section subconsciously.

The two spirit beasts exchanged glances as though they were relieved of a burden.

“That human finally decided to stop!”

The spirit tiger was so touched that two warm streams of tears flowed down his cheeks as he almost howled out to the skies.

If they were to continue pushing on, he would have committed suicide by banging his head against the wall before Su Zimo even killed him!

Even though the spirit leopard was exhausted as well, a fierce look rose in its eyes at the sight of Su Zimo sleeping.

It was a good chance!

Even though both spirit beasts were mentally exhausted, they still had their physical strength. If they could bite through this human’s throat, they could escape from this place!

Looking at the spirit tiger, the spirit leopard growled softly.

The language between demons was naturally understood by the spirit tiger.

Even though the spirit leopard’s suggestion was rather tempting, the spirit tiger did not want to take the risk – who knew if this human was pretending to be asleep!

Furthermore, the only thought on the spirit tiger’s mind was to have a good night’s sleep.

Swaying its head, the spirit tiger sprawled on the ground and slept.

The spirit leopard looked apprehensive. After a moment, as though it had decided on something, its eyes gave off a feral look. Tiptoeing, it kept its killing intent and crept beside Su Zimo.

Looking at Su Zimo’s pale, succulent neck, the spirit leopard opened its mouth slowly.

It was certain that its bite would be able to crush even rocks!

All of a sudden!

As though it had realized something, the feral look in the spirit leopard’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with fear. Its opened jaws closed back slowly, as though it had just yawned instead.

Turning around, the spirit leopard’s eyes were filled with horror as it shivered terribly. Sprawling down on the ground, it turned to look at the sleeping Su Zimo quiveringly, not daring to attempt anything anymore.

‘He’s awake!’

Those were the two words in the spirit leopard’s mind.

As it was about to chomp down, it realized that unknowingly, the human’s breathing methods had changed.

That change caused the spirit leopard to break out in sweat.

It no longer dared to try anything funny as it laid there obediently, falling asleep after wild thoughts ran through its mind.

In truth, Su Zimo had woken up the moment the killing intent in the spirit leopard rose.

That was because Su Zimo’s spirit perception was way too frighteningly keen – the cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow. Even back in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, the spirit monkey could barely sneak an attack in, let alone this spirit leopard.

Since he was going to kill the two spirit beasts the next day anyways, Su Zimo couldn’t be bothered to make a move and continued sleeping.

Come midnight, Su Zimo and the two spirit beasts were fast asleep.

As the spirit tiger slept, a weird noise came from its nose.

“Huff… huff… huff…”

After the spirit leopard fell asleep, a sound came from its nose as well, different from the spirit tiger’s.

“Mmm… mmm… mmm…”

Both sounds were unique and were neither loud nor soft. Superposing, they reverberated through the cave abode.

Right then, a mysterious change happened in Su Zimo’s body!

It was as though both sounds carried a strange energy that could penetrate through the flesh and tendons, permeating to the bones and moving the marrow within!

Gurgle, gurgle!

Through the vibrations of the two sounds, a rumble like the sound of running water rang out from his marrow, soothing to one’s ears.

Su Zimo who was in deep sleep felt as though he had just been in a dream as he witnessed the marrow liquid within his bones flowing and gushing squeezing through it, forming blood that seeped into his blood and veins.


He bolted wide awake in shock with widened eyes – the sound of tigers and leopards!

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