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Chapter 84: A Lump of…

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When Pei Fu saw how terrible the disheveled old man and Elder Liu was, he could not help but ask, “Why? That trial disciple of yours…”

“He’s the only one in Weapon Peak that can cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire,” The disheveled old man’s tone was grim.

“Level 3 Spirit Fire!”

Pei Fu exclaimed, “I’ve also heard the news that a weapon refinement prodigy appeared in Weapon Peak. So, that’s Su Zimo.”

Elder Liu replied darkly, “We’re headed into Great Rock Forest. I won’t believe it unless I see the lad’s corpse for myself.”

Pei Fu replied, “Let’s go. I’ll accompany you guys.”

He had the inner sect disciples behind him escort Zhou Wei’s gang back before heading into Great Rock Forest together with the disheveled old man and Elder Liu.

The three of them split up and looked around for an entire day to no avail. Finally, they arrived at the core region of Great Rock Forest to find the two halves of the Goldeater’s corpse.

“This Goldeater’s almost reaching a spirit demon realm, but it was killed here.”

“Look at the tragic state of its body. It’s almost as though it was torn apart entirely. What ferocious strength!”


Pei Fu murmured softly before saying apprehensively, “Could it be the burly man?”

“What burly man?” The disheveled old man asked.

Pei Fu related the assault of the five men before continuing grimly, “Based on what Guo Chong said, the burly man is extremely strong in melee combat with tremendous strength. Be it whether he’s of another sect or some practitioner of the dark path, this matter is not to be taken lightly.”

“It’s clear that the burly man did not intend to kill or Guo Chong and the others would not have stayed alive.”

Elder Liu analyzed, “Besides, the burly man brought the five of them out of Great Rock Forest before he left. It’s clear that he’s worried they might be injured by the spirit beasts within Great Rock Forest.”

“That man’s a mystery. We can’t tell if he’s a friend or foe just yet,” The disheveled old man nodded in agreement.

At the thought of Su Zimo’s current unknown status of life and death, Elder Liu could not help but feel guilt rise within him and sighed deeply.

“Forget it, let’s head back,” The disheveled old man gestured with his hand looking all worn out.

Even though neither of the three Perfected Golden Cores said anything, all of them had the same thoughts that Su Zimo must have perished so quickly within Great Rock Forest that he did not even have the time to send the spirit crane for reinforcements.

In truth, none of them had seen the way Su Zimo dueled with the crane on the cliff to join the sect.

If they had witnessed that, they would understand that Su Zimo wasn’t going to die that easily.

Su Zimo did not obtain any insights through the spirit tiger and leopard for two days. Feeling frustrated and remembering that he had yet to hand in his mission for the gold ores, he left his cave abode and headed for the mission stele on his flying sword.

There were quite a number of disciples from Weapon Peak gathered around the stele with Xue Yi being one of them.

Su Zimo walked over and asked, “Elder Liu’s not back yet?”

“Yes, he’s been away for two days now and hasn’t returned yet,” Xue Yi nodded.

“Then what are you guys looking at?” Su Zimo saw that there were many disciples gathered around the mission stele discussing amongst themselves.

Xue Yi pointed to the stele. “Take a look at that first mission.”

Su Zimo raised his head.

Five Peaks Mission: Search for the mysterious burly man.

Beside the mission was a drawing of the appearance Su Zimo had changed into previously.

“What’s this all about?” Su Zimo asked, pretending to be none the wiser.

Xue Yi whispered, “I heard that some disciples of Spirit Peak were attacked near Great Rock Forest by this mysterious burly man. He’s said to be extremely strong at a cultivation realm of Perfected Qi Condensation!”

Su Zimo snickered internally.

Even if they were to deploy the entire sect, they wouldn’t be able to find this mysterious burly man!


Suddenly, the sound of robes slicing the air could be heard.

Everyone turned over to see the disheveled old man and Elder Liu speeding through the air and landing on the peak.


Both of them swept through everyone with a casual gaze before stopping at Su Zimo fixedly.

Their gaze seemed as though they wanted to eat him up!

“You came back from Great Rock Forest alive, lad?” The disheveled old man grit his teeth and asked, saying each word with a punch.

He was pissed! They had spent tireless nights searching for Su Zimo in Great Rock Forest, worried and upset. Yet, unknowingly, the lad had already returned unharmed!

Elder Liu was even more pissed.

Because of Su Zimo, he was not only scolded badly by the disheveled old man, he was feeling guilty for the past two days.

But who knew… the lad was well and alive here without the slightest bit of remorse!

Su Zimo felt goosebumps rising from their stares as he coughed gently and nodded. “Yeah, I returned after completing the mission.”


The disheveled old man barked, “How did we not see you along the way to Great Rock Forest?”


Pausing for a moment, Su Zimo replied, “I’m only at Level 5 Qi Condensation. In order to conserve spirit qi, I spent half of my journey running on the ground instead of traveling with my flying sword. You guys must have missed me?”

Unless there were obstructions, no one would pay attention to the people walking on the ground.

That made sense.

Both the disheveled old man and Elder Liu could not admit that they had spent all that time outside searching because they were worried for Su Zimo’s safety.

It would be embarrassing to admit it!

However, that was still a pent up feeling that they had nowhere to vent!

Both those sly old foxes exchanged glances and understood the other’s intent without saying anything.

“We’ve got to find an excuse to punish this stupid brat!”

Elder Liu’s eyes shone with craftiness as he put on a stern expression. “Lad, you haven’t completed the mission of Great Rock Forest, right? Do you know that there’s a punishment for not completing missions?”

For both of them, the fact that Su Zimo could return alive from the forest was already a blessing – how could he possibly complete the mission?

Besides, both of them had been to Great Rock Forest before and knew that a Goldeater was guarding it. Also, the pure gold mine was already looted clean.

However, Su Zimo chuckled. “Out of sheer luck, I’ve managed to complete the mission and not let you guys down.”


This time round, both of them were the stumped ones.

Before they even realized what was going on, Su Zimo had retrieved a lump of pure gold ores from his storage bag which was enough to form a small mountain slightly taller than a man.

The disheveled old man and Elder Liu were not the only stumped ones – all the disciples around froze as well.

One had to understand that a single small piece of pure gold ore was sufficient to complete the mission.

However, Su Zimo had brought back a huge lump of it. A huge lump…!

What everyone did not know was that the lump they were witnessing was merely a third of what was within Su Zimo’s storage bag.

Furthermore, he was hiding the precious Pure Gold Crystal as well!

“Err… ”

Somewhat stumped, both old men were speechless for a moment.

After awhile, Elder Liu gulped and coughed gently. “Lad, the mission is… erm… pretty well done. Cough, cough.”

Elder Liu wanted to nitpick at Su Zimo but he truly found himself incapable of doing so at the sight of the huge lump of gold ores.

The disheveled old man furrowed his brows and asked, “Lad, did you see the Goldeater beside the gold mine?”


Su Zimo nodded. “When I arrived there, I found the Goldeater killed already. Since there were still quite a number of gold ores left, I brought them all back.

“What the f*ck?”

Both old men rebutted internally, “That lad’s luck is way too bloody good, isn’t it…?!”

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