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Chapter 838: Overlord, You’ve Grown Old


The old ape let out a deep breath and raised his chin slightly. “Howling Moon Mountain, I’ve heard of it before. That’s the fastest rising territory for the past hundred years.”

The Rat King and everyone else was spirited, feeling as though they were honored.

Su Zimo had a calm expression.

He could not figure out the old ape’s intentions still.

“Come over and let me have a look,”

The old ape’s cloudy gaze was fixed on Su Zimo’s group as he raised his hand and beckoned weakly.

Monkey turned to Su Zimo questioningly.

The old ape gave off a mysterious feeling and monkey felt his hairs stand on end when he was swept by the former’s gaze!

He was asking Su Zimo internally if there was anything wrong with the situation and whether they should kill their way out!

Right now, they were standing at the back of all the demons; they might stand a chance if they turned to flee.

Su Zimo shook his head gently.

Who could escape right in front of an Overlord?

Although this Overlord was old, he had five protectors behind him!

Su Zimo took a deep breath and led the way through the other demons.

There were many fiend demons in the surroundings that scrutinized Su Zimo’s group with vicious and evil gazes.

Some of the fiend demons extended their grisly red tongues or bared their fangs and claws, hoping to embarrass Su Zimo’s group into making a fool of themselves.

Although it was a short several hundred meters, the Rat King was scared out of his wits and was already drenched with sweat.

Even Solitary Cloud felt uneasy and his breathing became hurried, let alone the Rat King.

If somebody gave an order for the group of demons to swarm them, they would be shredded into pieces instantly!

Among the group, Su Zimo was the only one with an indifferent expression and advanced nonchalantly!

There was a hint of admiration in the old ape’s eyes.

This man’s boldness was unmatched by everyone around him!

An odd sensation rose in Su Zimo’s heart.

There were two reasons why the old ape asked them to advance. First, he wanted to check out Su Zimo’s background. Second, he was interested in monkey!

Before long, Su Zimo’s group arrived at the raised platform and stood shoulder to shoulder with the Ten Great Territorial Lords!

Ying Li stood right beside him.

Su Zimo could clearly sense the vicious gazes coming from the side. Ying Li was not the only one – the fiend demons behind him revealed killing intent as well!

The old ape glared at Su Zimo a while longer and asked, “You are the Territorial Lord of Howling Moon Mountain?”


Su Zimo replied.

The old ape smiled. “You must be quite capable to become a Territorial Lord as a low-level fiend demon. Very well, you have a bright future ahead of you.”

“You’re being too kind, senior,”

Although he was facing an Overlord, Su Zimo’s attitude was neither servile nor overbearing the entire time.

However, Su Zimo regretted his reply immediately after.

The word ‘senior’ was common in the cultivation world.

However, almost no demon would use that term in the world of demons; the sudden mention of the word did seem rather striking.

Su Zimo shifted his gaze and it was obvious that the old ape was frowning slightly.

The demons around might not think much about a small issue as such.

However, there was a high chance that the old ape would turn suspicious!

He had lived for a long time and was no fool, having experienced countless schemes and storms.

Although Su Zimo was silent, he was reminding himself internally.

This was not Howling Moon Mountain and he had to be careful in the future!

“So, it’s you bunch of ants,”

Right then, a sneer sounded beside him.

Ying Li turned around with a cold gaze and said frostily, “I remembered warning you guys outside Ape Chatter Ridge earlier on not to let me see you again. Yet, here you are. I guess you guys really wish to die, huh?”


A protector behind the old ape stood out and hollered.

The burly man had a pale face without any beard. However, his body was mighty and his eyes were round like bells. With a resounding voice, his holler was filled with overwhelming might!

The pale-faced burly man glared at Ying Li coldly and said, “Do you think you’re in a position to speak when the Overlord is speaking? Back down!”

The demons present were all silent when the Overlord was conversing with someone.

Even the protectors present could not interrupt casually, let alone a mid-level fiend demon like Ying Li.

Ying Li was so frightened that he shirked his neck immediately after he was berated by the pale-faced burly man.

After all, this was a high-level fiend demon that could squash him to death with a single finger!

However, Ying Li glanced behind the old ape and suddenly puffed his chest in a spirited manner, asking loudly, “As one of the Ten Great Territorial Lords, why can’t I speak?”

“This bunch of ants are merely low-level fiend demons. They truly have a death wish coming here to join the crowd!”

A commotion broke out among the demons present.

Earlier on, the old ape praised Su Zimo’s group. Ying Li’s sudden remark meant that he was belittling the Overlord completely!

The old ape seemed to be ignorant towards the fight and slumped deeply into his chair with a lowered head; it was as though he had fallen asleep.

The pale-faced burly man’s expression darkened. He glared at a protector not far away before turning back and saying coldly, “Ying Li, you sure are bold. Who gave you the guts to ignore our Overlord and go against me?!”

It was long rumored that Ying Li was blood related to one of the protectors of Ape Chatter Ridge.

By the look of things, that rumor should be true.

The pale-faced burly man’s words were clearly targeted at a protector beside him!

The protector lowered his gaze like an old monk in meditation and was motionless, as though he could not hear the pale-faced burly man’s accusations.

The pale-face burly man was even more furious and stomped with his feet. The raised platform shook and dust flew everywhere as he glared at Ying Li and hollered coldly, “You seem like the one with a death wish!”

An overwhelming might surged forward instantly!

The threat of a high-level fiend demon was not something that Ying Li could withstand.

Blood drained from his face and he almost knelt on the ground.

“Ling’er, that’s too serious,”

Right then, another protector stood out. He waved his robes and easily purged away the pressure that the pale-faced burly man exerted on Ying Li.

“Protector Four, what’s the meaning of this?”

The pale-faced burly man frowned and questioned the protector beside him, “The reason why Ying Li is so brazen is because someone is backing him up. The Overlord will be disgraced if I don’t punish him!”

“What are you getting anxious for when our Overlord hasn’t said anything?”

Another protector remarked indifferently.

“Fufu, someone must be used to his overbearing ways because his grandpa is the Overlord. That must be why he does not even allow others to speak,” Another protector said with a strange tone.

“Protectors Two and Three, you guys?”

The pale-faced burly man glared at the few protectors around him in disbelief and trembled with rage.

At that point, Su Zimo was enlightened.

The pale-faced burly man was the old ape’s grandson and had a direct blood relation with the latter.

However, by the look of things, this was far from a mere issue of the Overlord’s pride.

It seemed like something worse was about to happen to Ape Chatter Ridge!

The pale-faced burly man sensed that something was amiss as well and glared at the four protectors around him fiercely, questioning in a stern manner, “What are you guys up to today?!”

Right then, the protector that said nothing right from the beginning suddenly opened his eyes and a cold glint flashed.

He approached the old ape’s side and patted the latter on the shoulder gently, sighing. “Overlord, you’ve grown old.”

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