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Chapter 810: Suppression!


The two spirit consciousnesses clashed against one another violently and released an earthshaking explosion. Shockwaves rippled layer by layer and spread through the voids!

The ancient trees in the surroundings were snapped when the shockwaves swept past them!

The black-robed young man initially had a relaxed expression with his arms crossed as he awaited Su Zimo’s demise; to think that he would meet with such an impact!

Caught off-guard, he was swept away by a tremendous force and flipped a few times in midair, almost falling over.

Su Zimo staggered a few steps in retreat before coming to a stop as well!

Both of them were evenly matched in this spirit consciousness clash!

All the demons were in an uproar!

Be it demonic or human cultivators, everyone had the same knowledge that low-level fiend demons could not release spirit consciousness attacks.

The Essence Spirits of low-level fiend demons were the most fragile.

Once out of the body, they perished with ease when exposed to the elements.

The strength of the spirit consciousness released by a weak Essence Spirit of that level was limited and could not launch attacks!

However, the scene witnessed by the group of demons right now had surpassed their understanding.

The black-robed young man was momentarily stunned with a shocked expression.

How was that possible?

How could the spirit consciousness of a low-level fiend demon be this strong?

He was a mid-level fiend demon!

He was a full major cultivation realm above the other party!

However, this person could match him in a spirit consciousness clash!

In reality, the black-robed young man did not know that Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit, body and bloodline had not been completely transformed with Dharmic powers just yet since he had just advanced to the Nascent Soul realm.

In other words, Su Zimo was not even considered a proper early-stage Nascent Soul just yet.

Once Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was stabilized after a period of time and he refined both his Essence Spirits using the Yin Spirit section, Purple Thunder Manual and Great Day Rulai Sutra, the black-robed young man would be severely injured with just a single clash of their spirit consciousnesses!


The black-robed young man composed himself swiftly after the shock as he glared at Su Zimo with a burning gaze. “Let me see just what secrets your body holds!”

“I don’t think you’ll be alive to do that!”

Su Zimo sneered and arrived before the black-robed young man in a flash. He reached out with his massive palm and smashed down onto the latter’s head!

“You must have a death wish!”

The black-robed young man narrowed his gaze and did not retreat or dodge. Instead, he punched towards Su Zimo’s incoming palm.

Right before the fist and palm made contact, the black-robed young man smirked with a delighted expression.

He flipped his palm and a cold glint flashed – a black spike that was three inches long appeared!

The moment the black spike appeared, there was a nauseating stench.

It was laced with poison!

His move was extremely sudden.

The black-robed young man felt that Su Zimo’s death was certain!

Even mid-level fiend demons would be doomed if they were struck by his black spike.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo’s expression did not change, as though he had realized it earlier on.

The cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow.

Su Zimo had long detected danger through his spirit perception!

The instant the black spike protruded, he switched tactics and flicked his finger instead; his metallic fingernail was the one that smashed against the black spike!


The sound of metal clashing could be heard from the clash!

The black-robed young man shuddered and the black spike nearly flew from his grip!


What tremendous strength!

The black-robed young man was startled.

The power of that single finger flick almost sent his black spike flying!

If that palm strike had landed, his head might have been split into pieces!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The black-robed young man was decisive and the sound of tendons and bones stretching echoed from within his body immediately.

Demonic qi surged as he transformed into a scorpion that was the size of a cow in midair!

Finally, the black-robed young man had revealed his true form at this point of the battle.

He was a scorpion that had cultivated into a demon.

This scorpion was pitch-black and covered by a layer of shiny, metallic armor that looked to be invulnerable and tough.

The surface of the armor was even lined with dense, thick fur that was laced with poison so that nobody could attack him!

Of course, the most striking things were a gigantic pair of pincers at the front of the black scorpion that were nearly a third of his size!

The pincers released clanging sounds as they opened and closed!

No matter the physique, anybody would be cut into two if they were caught in those pincers!

Now that the black-robed young man had reverted to his true form, he was at the peak of his combat strength!

“Reveal your true form and let me take a look at what you are, or you won’t get the chance to anymore!”

The black-robed young man glared at Su Zimo and sneered.

Su Zimo reared his head in laughter and wagged his finger. “Why do I even need my true form to kill you?”


The black-robed young man was enraged and charged over with his pitch-black, gigantic pincers flailing wildly.

A nauseating stench surged over.

The two pincers danced in midair and chopped down continuously.

However, Su Zimo’s movement technique was agile and the consecutive attacks of the pincers missed completely; the clanging sounds could be heard echoing endlessly.

The pair of pincers could be used interchangeably as scissors or axes!

Despite his failed attacks for a long time, the black-robed young man was neither discouraged nor anxious. He had a cold gaze, as though he was waiting for an opportunity.

After Su Zimo avoided the pair of pincers once again, a dark streak of light flashed in midair!

It arrived instantly!

A nauseating stench surged over.

Some of the demon beasts that were closer felt dizzy and collapsed onto the ground limply after smelling the stench – a dark color gradually spread through their skin!

That was the killing move of the Scorpion race!

Scorpions were laced with poison from head to toe and their tails were the most toxic!

The streak of dark light was the black-robed young man’s tail!

The black-robed young man was scheming and hid his tail from the start; he was only trying to paralyze Su Zimo with his previous attacks.

This was his lethal blow!

However, the black-robed young man could not spot anything unusual on Su Zimo’s face, as though the latter was completely unaffected by the aura of his tail’s poison!

There was no way the black-robed young man could know that Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, possessed tsunami blood and flowed with the bloodline of the Dragon race within his body – the poisonous gas could not even close in to him with a slight circulation of his blood qi.

Su Zimo could withstand even more toxic poison, let alone the poison of this scorpion tail!

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s gaze focused and he reached out, avoiding the poison sting on the scorpion’s tail by a hair’s breadth and gripping the root of the tail!

The poison sting on the tail was the sharpest part of a scorpion’s body.

Many scorpion demons would refine their own tails as their Destiny Dharmic Weapons.

Su Zimo avoided the poison sting of the tail and gripped the tail at the base. With a jerk of his arm, he caused a tremendous amount of force to surge into the black-robed young man’s body.

The strength of the black-robed young man dissipated momentarily and he could not react right away!

Su Zimo did not give him any chance to breathe and gripped the scorpion tail. He swung his arm in a huge arc and slammed teh black-robed young man’s body violently onto the ground!


There was a deafening sound.

A massive crater was formed on the ground as mud and soil flew everywhere!

“Ah… Urgh…!”

Tragic cries sounded from the black-robed young man’s mouth.

He felt as though his body had been split apart.

Even his organs have shifted positions!

The black-robed young man coughed blood through the damage to his organs and he was in so much pain that he almost fainted over!

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