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Chapter 795: Killing Fiend Demons

A moment earlier, this was a frail scholar with a lowered head.

The next moment, he became an ancient demon that was decisive to kill!

Su Zimo was unfamiliar with this forest and knew nothing about it.

However, the same could be said for the living beings of the forest towards him!

The three fiend demons did not know what sort of an existence this seemingly frail scholar was.

The moment Su Zimo moved, the three fiend demons were slightly stunned with a single thought in their minds.

‘How dare he!’

A spirit demon at Golden Core realm dared to take the initiative against three fiend demons?!

They were shocked before their thoughts were finished.

Su Zimo had already closed in on them!

They were less than a hundred feet apart and he arrived instantly!

It was too fast!

A suffocating pressure surged forward and Su Zimo’s figure pushed into the embrace of the black bear. He leaned in and exerted strength!


A dull sound of flesh clashing could be heard.

The black bear demon’s eyes widened in fear and he was sent flying viciously by Su Zimo before he could even land a palm strike!

The jarring sound of bones cracking could be heard from within his massive body.

The chest of the black bear demon was caved in deeply!

A fiend demon was almost smashed apart by Su Zimo!

Demons were innately strong with sharp fangs and claws and specialized in tempering their bodies.

As fiend demons, they could undergo inedia and consume the essence of day and night to refine their bodies without tempering their flesh directly.

A body that was refined from the essence of day and night was even stronger!

That was the single greatest difference between low-level fiend demons and spirit demons.

In the demon world, it was almost impossible for spirit demons to threaten fiend demons because they were on completely different levels!

However, that scene smashed the world view of many demon beasts!

The hundred-odd demon beasts that just rushed up paused in their tracks subconsciously; their pupils constricted with looks of disbelief in their eyes.

Their leader, the black bear low-level fiend demon, was crippled by that seemingly frail scholar!

The rat hid in a corner and his eyes were widened. He was so scared that he nearly bit his tongue off.

The gaze of the black bear demon dimmed gradually.

The impact of the burst severed the life within his body entirely!


The bull demon at the side snapped out of his stupor and let out a roar. His flesh expanded and his bones transformed; he wanted to revert to his true form and fight Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo’s body crackled at the same time and his body expanded much more!

“Get the hell back!”

His voice exploded like thunder as he smashed his heavenly-encompassing palm down onto the bull demon’s head!

The bull demon grunted deeply.

His body was more than half transformed when it was suppressed by the heavenly-encompassing palm; it was as though there was now an unshakable mountain on his back!

Buzz! Buzz!

The bull demon’s skin was ripped with multiple lines and fresh blood spewed outwards!

His skin was ruptured because of the tremendous pressure!

Right in front of everyone, the bull demon’s body had just expanded when it was forced back by Su Zimo’s palm and blood mist spewed from his body!

The demon beasts that were charging over merely felt their scalps prickle. Their eyes were no longer filled with disbelief; they were now filled with horror and panic!


Right then, monkey, the spirit tiger and Qing Qing reverted to their true forms one after another and charged into the crowd after the spirit tiger’s roar.

The few of them had just gotten out from the ancient battlefield.

What sort of people were those that were in the ancient battlefield?

Be it human cultivators or demons, they were all the paragons and elites of the Golden Core realm!

The few of them dominated through the ancient battlefield overwhelmingly.

How could the spirit demons before them be compared to them?

They were like tigers in a pack of sheep and created a blood storm!

Monkey charged in front of a gigantic elephant with huge strides and extended his palm. He grabbed the trunk of the elephant and exerted godly strength to lift the latter up entirely!

There was a boom.

The gigantic elephant created a perfect semicircle in midair and was smashed viciously onto the ground – it was dead with its tendons and bones completely snapped!

On the other side, the spirit tiger charged towards another tiger demon and bared his fangs and claws with a fierce expression!

The two spirit tigers opened their bloody mouths together and were fearsome as they bit one another.

However, electric currents flashed through the spirit tiger’s body.

The tiger demon on the other end shuddered and its blood qi was struck by the sudden power of thunder. It froze in midair, completely numb.

The spirit tiger did not slow down and bit the throat of the tiger demon instantly!


Flashes of blood appeared!

The spirit tiger twisted his head furiously.

The throat of the tiger demon was ripped off by him!


The clear cry of a crane could be heard.

Qing Qing spread her wings and circled in midair before coming to a sudden descent. Her sharp talons were outstretched and she grabbed the head of a demon beast!

The next moment, she soared into the air once more.

The scalp of the demon beast was ripped off by Qing Qing’s talons!

The experience in the ancient battlefield was extremely important for monkey and the others.

Their combat strength increased significantly and each of them were now highly skilled in killing others!

Every single attack they made was a clean killing move!

Even Little Fox who seemed gentle on the surface was not to be trifled with!

There was a demon beast that attempted to approach Little Fox earlier on and capture her alive.

However, before that demon beast could approach, another demon beast lunged over from the side and sent it flying!

Before the second demon beast could stand still, yet another demon beast charged over with sharp claws and fought it to the death!

A group of demon beasts with bloodshot eyes surrounded Little Fox. Their minds were completely lost and the entire place was chaotic with them killing one another.

Little Fox merely stood on the spot quietly.

However, no demon beast could approach her at all!

On the other side, the bull demon had a menacing expression and growled deeply; it was struggling to persevere.

With a cold gaze, Su Zimo raised his leg and kicked violently!


The body of the bull demon was sent flying by Su Zimo instantly and smashed through a dozen heavenly-piercing ancient trees before landing in the mud motionlessly.

It was thoroughly dead!

The remaining goat demon had just reverted to his true form. He raised his sharp horns and was about to thrust Su Zimo when he had a horrific discovery.

The two fiend demons beside him had already fallen!

In the blink of an eye, he was the only one left!


There was definitely no way he could escape given the movement technique Su Zimo displayed earlier on.

Since he could not escape, the only thing he could do was fight to the death!

At that thought, the goat demon raised his sharp horns and thrust violently towards Su Zimo with a lowered head!

Su Zimo was motionless!

Unknowingly, Su Zimo had already reached out with a pair of gigantic hands and grabbed the goat demon’s pair of sharp horns. He looked down with a cold expression and a condescending look in his eyes.

He looked like a divine being that was looking at an ant!

“W-What are you trying to do?!”

“How dare you!”

The goat demon said sternly but his voice was trembling, “I-I am a great leader under the Howling Moon Territorial Lord! I-If you hurt my l-life, he will definitely skin you alive and burn your bones into ashes!”

“Let me tell you one thing,”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded with a calm tone, “I’ve always been extremely daring.”


He exerted strength in both arms and ripped the sharp horns of the goat demon out of its head! The goat demon’s brain juices spilled onto the ground, steaming.

The head of the goat demon was ruptured and its Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot!

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