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Chapter 796: Exposed

In the blink of an eye, the three fiend demons were dead!

A thick blood stench and murderous aura spread through the forest.

The remaining demon beasts were already on the verge of defeat after the massacre of monkey and the spirit tiger. When they saw that, they were scared out of their wits and fled in all directions.

“Where can you run to?”

Monkey was high on killing and chased after a demon beast, smashing its head into pulp with a single punch!

His eyes were slightly bloodshot and he had an excited expression. With a flash, he charged into the forest and wanted to kill off the rest of the demon beasts.

All of a sudden!

A figure appeared in a flash and blocked his path forward.

Monkey did not hesitate and threw a punch instantly!


The intruder reached out and grabbed monkey’s fist with his palm – he received the full power of the punch directly!

Monkey was forced to stop.

“It’s me!”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded and he let go of monkey’s fist before saying in a low voice, “Don’t chase them anymore. Let’s get out of here first!”

Although Su Zimo was decisive to kill and took down the three fiend demons right away with his sharp attacks, he had not lost his sanity.

This was not the ancient battlefield.

The few of them could overwhelm anything in their path in the ancient battlefield.

But not here!

This was one of the eight demon regions and was the Howling Moon Mountain of the Thousand Demon Valley – there were way too many existences here that could threaten them!

This was not the Cang Lang Mountain Range either.

No matter if it was Su Zimo or monkey, they were extremely familiar with the environment, terrain and surroundings of the Cang Lang Mountain Range.

However, they knew nothing about this place.

It was easy to kill three low-level fiend demons, but the troubles that awaited them thereafter could be never-ending!

If they continued to chase after the fleeing demon beasts and waste more time, they would be in even greater danger!

If they attracted even more fiend demons or even the legendary Howling Moon Territorial Lord, the five of them would most certainly be doomed!

To be a Territorial Lord, one had to be a mid-level fiend demon – that was equivalent to a Void Reversion.

The power of a Void Reversion was something that Su Zimo could not go against right now even if he were to release all his trump cards!

The most important thing right now was for them to leave this place as soon as possible and seek out a safe, secluded place for the five of them to achieve their breakthroughs.

If they could cultivate their Essence Spirits and advance to become fiend demons, they could stabilize their cultivation realms and refine Dharmic weapons – that would also mean that they would be able to protect themselves.

After all, the few of them had benefited quite a bit in the ancient battlefield.

There were a total of nine sections to the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The next section was the Yin Spirit section!

Right now, he had already cultivated seven ancient Demon Kings.

If he was not wrong, there was a high chance that another ancient Demon King would appear in the Yin Spirit section!

Su Zimo looked forward to the sort of cultivation technique in the Yin Spirit as well as which ancient Demon King would appear.

Monkey panted heavily and the scarlet shade in his eyes faded when he heard Su Zimo’s voice. He nodded and replied, “Let’s go!”

Su Zimo beckoned and roughly chose a direction before charging into the forest.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox followed close behind.

They were extremely foreign to the environment and terrain of this forest.

Thankfully, Su Zimo’s spirit perception was frightening and his six senses were keen, helping them avoid quite a bit of trouble.

They traveled for close to two hours and found a quiet and slightly secluded cave.

Su Zimo entered first and surveyed the place. He ensured that there was no danger before beckoning for monkey and the others to join him.

“Take a rest first and look for an opportunity to prepare for your breakthroughs. I’ll go set up some things outside the cave,”

With that statement, Su Zimo turned to leave. He arrived at the entrance of the cave and thought about the array formations he had learned for the past few years.

Su Zimo had not abandoned the Dao of array formations for the past few years.

If his comprehension of formations was not deep enough, he would not be able to release the power of his Illumination Sword Formation.

Su Zimo’s foundation in array formations was built when he was in Ethereal Peak.

However, he learned of many high-end secret formations from the Sutra Chamber at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

After a momentary silence, Su Zimo began setting up array formations.

He did not dare to be careless given that they had just entered the demon regions.

The only way they could ensure that nothing went wrong was if he set up some concealment and illusion formations to disguise their location.

Spirit qi surged out from Su Zimo’s fingertips and converged into a sword that drew out formation patterns on the ground.

His process of setting up the formation was not entirely smooth.

From time to time, the presence of spirit demons in the vicinity would appear.

In order to prevent exposure, Su Zimo would pause each time he sensed the presence of a spirit demon and only continued to set up the formations after the spirit demon left.

In less than half a day, news of the death of the three fiend demons had already spread everywhere!

As time passed by, the number of spirit demons that passed by the area increased. All of them had grim, hostile expressions – it was clear that they were searching for something!

Thankfully, none of the spirit demons discovered the existence of the cave.


A few different sets of breathings could be heard from within the pitch-black cave.

Demonic qi rumbled along with the breathing sounds and spread within the cave, turning richer.

Be it the breathing sounds or the thick demonic qi, everything was contained within the cave, isolated through the formations at the cave entrance.

At the cave entrance, Su Zimo sat on the ground and gazed backwards.

Monkey, the spirit tiger, Qing Qing and Little Fox did not show any signs of breaking through after half a day.

All of them were at the peak of the Core Formation realm and were a single step away from crossing it. However, it was no simple task breaking through from a major cultivation realm such as the Core Formation realm.

One had to compose themselves and gather their qi for a breakthrough as such.

From the unknowns, they had to sense a mysterious opportunity for things to work out.

It was like an adrenaline rush.

If they were obstinate and tried to force a breakthrough without the right opportunity, they would end up being frustrated and result in Qi Deviation!

Su Zimo did not attempt for a breakthrough and merely chose to guard the place.

The process of breaking through a major realm was critical and must not be disturbed.

They were in a dangerous place. If the five of them were to attempt breakthroughs at the same time and met with danger without anybody guarding, they would definitely be severely injured and their cultivation foundations would be destroyed!

Slowly, Su Zimo closed his eyes and relaxed his mind.

Outside the cave, crickets chirped and frogs croaked.

Insects and ants scuttled around.

Wings flapped through the air.

Although his eyes were not open, Su Zimo was able to visualize the way the birds soared through the air.

It was a mysterious sensation.

It was peaceful and calm.

An unknown period of time passed.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and his eyes jerked open like two flashes of lightning that tore through the dark night!

Right then, the sounds of the crickets chirping, frogs croaking, birds and beasts had suddenly disappeared!

It was like the calm surface of a lake with a rock cast into it.

The original tranquility was disturbed!

Slowly, Su Zimo rose with a cold expression and his eyes flickered frostily.

It was silent outside the cave.

However, he knew that there were dangers abound, waiting to kill them!

How could that be?

How could his location be exposed?

Su Zimo had many questions in his mind.

He was certain that he was not trailed by any spirit demons along the way before they found this place.

He was also certain that no spirit demon saw them enter the place.

Furthermore, there was a concealment formation outside the cave entrance.

How were they discovered this quickly?

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