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Chapter 762: Killing A Rakshasa!

An unusual fluctuation appeared in the void behind.

Su Zimo did not even turn back and released a slash with an icy gaze.


The sound of tsunami surged and a blood beam expanded!

The sound of metal clashing did not echo as expected as the slash missed – the Rakshasa had already dodged a moment earlier and was at Su Zimo’s side.


The Rakshasa exclaimed softly with a mocking, cruel tone, “To think that you’ve cultivated to the tsunami blood realm. Not bad! Your flesh must be exceptionally delicious!”

“Dreaming of eating my flesh? You truly don’t know what’s good for you!” Su Zimo sneered.

“Ant, I think even at this point, you’ve yet to notice who your opponent truly is!”

The Rakshasa shrieked, “I’m from the noblest race of the primordial era, the Rakshasa race of the Primordial Nine Races! We once ruled over the ten thousand races and ants such as yourself were not even worthy of carrying my shoes!”

With his agile movement technique, the Rakshasa circled around Su Zimo continuously, appearing left and right, distant and near.

His movement technique was unpredictable like a phantom.

Su Zimo changed his saber technique continuously; tough and resolute for a moment and soft and fluid for another. However, the Rakshasa refused to fight him head-on and separated at every single touch.

“Hehe, ant, you can’t even touch my sleeves!”

The Rakshasa laughed gleefully.

Su Zimo stood on the spot and frowned slightly.

If he was in his peak condition, he could definitely match the speed of the Rakshasa by channeling his Golden Core and Inner Core at the same time to release his blood qi and a burst of his body!

However, his spirit energy was almost entirely depleted after his massive battle and pursuit of Di Yin.

He truly could not catch up to the Rakshasa with just his Inner Core, blood qi and burst of his body.

“I don’t mind telling you something else,”

The Rakshasa harrumphed coldly. “The spirit wings that you cultivated was a secret skill created after you humans observed the movement techniques of our Rakshasa race!”

“Heh, unfortunately, humans are way too stupid to comprehend even a fraction of the obscurity of our Rakshasa race’s movement technique!”

“The bloodline of the human race is way too cheap and you guys are innately impossibly weak. There’s no way you can control the secret skill of our Rakshasa race with ease!”

It was true that Ethereal Wings was inspired from the Rakshasa race.

Unfortunately, humans and Rakshasas were two different races at the end of the day. The structure of a Rakshasa’s body and even their bloodline had evolved after a long time.

Coupled with their wings, they had almost zero resistance when they flew in the air!

However, humans had a distinctly different body from the Rakshasas.

Naturally, Ethereal Wings could not attain the same speed of the Rakshasa race as well.

Su Zimo’s face was calm as water and he thrust Blood Quencher into the ground. His arms slumped naturally and his eyes were half shut – he could not be bothered to converse with the Rakshasa.

He was trying his best to empty his mind and maintain a state of clarity!

“Hmph, you want to wear me out?”

The voice of the Rakshasa sounded once more, “I travel through the air just like how you humans walk on the ground. I don’t feel fatigue at all! Ant, you can’t wear me out!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

The Rakshasa was biding his time to search for an opportunity to strike.

It was the same for Su Zimo!

One of them was active and the other was passive.

Although they did not have any physical contact, both of them were filled with killing intent that once burst, would definitely result in the death of either one!

The Rakshasa was extremely careful and did not charge recklessly. He merely tested the waters continuously.

However, Su Zimo was immobile like an old monk in meditation!

“I heard that you’ve got some friends back in Myriad Phenomenon City,”

After a short stalemate, the Rakshasa suddenly spoke, “Let me remind you that those friends of yours should have become food for our Rakshasa race by now! Hahaha!”

The Rakshasa laughed cockily. “There’s more than a hundred from our race that entered the ancient battlefield this time round. Myriad Phenomenon City, a sacred haven for the human race, will become a slaughter field for our Rakshasa race!”

Su Zimo’s arm quivered slightly, as though he was dealt a grave shock mentally.

It was an opening that was hard to detect.

However, the Rakshasa’s eyes were extremely sharp and instantly recognized it as a rare opportunity to strike.

The killing intent in his eyes intensified and he charged towards Su Zimo in a flash!

The opening lasted for a brief glimpse at the very most.

However, in a fight between top-tier experts, especially a Rakshasa with that terrifying speed, the brief glimpse was all that was required!

A glimpse would decide victory or even life and death!

All of a sudden!

Between his swaying black hair, Su Zimo’s eyes jolted open with a glaring glint and a hint of mockery.

“Not good!”

The Rakshasa was alarmed when he saw the look on Su Zimo’s face.

“He must have revealed that opening intentionally! I’ve been tricked!”

It was too late by the time the Rakshasa realized it.

That glimpse was also enough for Su Zimo!

The Rakshasa channeled his bloodline and forcibly switched directions. He adjusted his angle of motion and fled into the air at an extremely fast speed!

His reaction time was the absolute fastest.

The Rakshasa believed that even if Su Zimo was prepared, he would not be harmed!

However, his expression changed starkly the next moment when he saw what happened from the corner of his eye.

Su Zimo did not chase and merely stood motionlessly on the spot.

Unknowingly, a gigantic moon-colored bow that shone with six spirit patterns had appeared in his hands.

He pinched a dark gold colored arrow with two fingers and it shone with six spirit lights as well!

The Moon Concealment Bow and Black Gold Arrow!

Two connate spirit weapons!

After the battle at the Great Qian Ruins in the North Region, Su Zimo was down to a last Black Gold Arrow.

Right now, he was ready to launch the arrow in his palm at any moment!


Bow like a full moon and arrows like shooting stars.

By the time the Rakshasa heard the buzzing sound of the bowstring, the Black Gold Arrow was already close to him!

Although Su Zimo could not match the Rakshasa with his movement technique, the burst of his two connate spirit weapons could!

The Rakshasa was rather impressive as well. Even with his passive position, he managed an evasive maneuver and avoided fatal damage to his vitals.


The Black Gold Arrow tore through the Rakshasa’s meat wing and created a hole of blood the size of a bowl!

Those were not any ordinary bow or arrow.

Those were connate spirit weapons!

Although it seemed like it was merely a hole of blood, the power within it was enough to cripple one of the Rakshasa’s meat wings completely. The flesh of the wing exploded and his tendons and bones were snapped!


The Rakshasa yelled miserably.

Su Zimo did not stop at all after firing the arrow as he withdrew Blood Quencher that was embedded into the ground. He stomped and soared into the air with a boom!

His motion was fluid as water and the Rakshasa had no time to react at all!


He released a thunderous roar that sounded almost at the same time as the Rakshasa’s yells.

A blood beam expanded and slashed down viciously along the Rakshasa’s body, seemingly able to rip through the void!

The Rakshasa with half his wings crippled was like a bird with snapped wings.

After losing the greatest advantage of the Rakshasa race, the Rakshasa was on the verge of falling – he could barely stabilize himself, let alone dodge Su Zimo’s lethal slash!


Blood spewed and sprayed from midair.

The tall and bulky body of the Rakshasa was cleaved into two in the middle by Blood Quencher and his organs splattered down with a retching stench!

The top half of the Rakshasa fell onto the ground and his eyes dimmed. He was not dead yet as blood flowed out from his mouth. He glared at Su Zimo with eyes that resembled a dead fish and stuttered.

“Y-You w-will definitely d-die here! M-My leader w-will take r-revenge for me!”

“Die in peace. I’ll slay your Rakshasa leader together so that he can accompany you in hell!”

Su Zimo strode forward and ruptured the Rakshasa’s head with a stomp!

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