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Chapter 758: Arrival of the God Race

The Rakshasa leader consumed Perfected Lord Yue Hua’s Essence Spirit and shifted his gaze towards Perfected Lord Tian Ming who was not far away. He snickered and revealed a row of bloodstained and menacing fangs!

“It’s over!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming was devastated and had even given up on resisting entirely.

“How dare you, outsider race!”

“Prepare to die!”

A series of deafening yells sounded from midair.

It was Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue and Monk Yin Lu who had arrived just in time! They struck at the same time without hesitation and released the strongest secret skills of their sects!

Instantly, Dharmic powers surged and the weather changed!


The Rakshasa leader could sense the terror of the power although Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the others were behind him!

While the Rakshasa race was one of the Primordial Nine Races and he could kill Nascent Souls who were a major cultivation realm above him, it did not mean that his power was enough for him to take on Nascent Souls head-on.

Furthermore, this was an attack from three top-tier Perfected Lords of Tianhuang Mainland!

However, the Rakshasa race’s advantage was not in terms of strength, but in speed!

They can shuttle through the air at an unfathomable speed!

His movement technique was something that even Nascent Souls would have difficulty capturing.

The Rakshasa leader scoffed coldly and chose not to fight Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two head-on. In a flash, he transformed into a dark streak of light and vanished from the spot, delving into the voids.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two were relieved when they saw the Rakshasa leader escape.

“Tian Ming, this Rakshasa leader is definitely not our match in terms of strength!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun looked towards Perfected Lord Tian Ming who was still in a daze not far away. “As long as we join forces and create a circular formation, we might be able to kill that Rakshasa leader!”

“That’s right,”

Monk Yin Lu nodded as well. “That Rakshasa earlier did not dare to fight us head-on. This is our only chance!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming gradually returned to his senses and realized that the reason he survived was due to the arrival of Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two.

However, there was no fighting spirit at all in his eyes.

He was scared out of his wits!

He knew that Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s words made sense.

However, they could not react to the Rakshasa leader’s speed at all – what were their chances of winning even if they worked together?

Perfected Lord Tian Ming did not wish to die.

He wanted to get out of this place… get out of Myriad Phenomenon City… get out of this Hell as soon as possible!”

“You guys can work together if you want to, don’t include me!”

Perfected Lord Tian Ming’s expression changed and mulled for a moment. A determined look flashed through his eyes as he left that declaration before sprinting away without turning back.

“You… ”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun was so furious that his arms trembled.

Monk Yin Lu had a disappointed look in the depths of his eyes as he sighed. “Everyone is only concerned about themselves, but at a moment as such, who can stand by idly?”

“The three of you are the ones who want to join forces to kill me?”

Suddenly, a sinister laughter sounded beside their ears with a chilling intent!

“Not good!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two felt chills run down their spines.

A cold glint shone with the aura of death as it descended from above Monk Yin Lu’s head, prepared to cleave him into two!

“Hurry, retreat!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun released a burst of power and jerked Monk Yin Lu away.


A blood light flashed.

An arm was flung into the air with blood spraying everywhere.

Although Monk Yin Lu managed to survive, Perfected Lord Yu Jun lost an arm and blood spewed from his wound!

Perfected Lord Luo Xue rendered assistance hurriedly and shielded Perfected Lord Yu Jun. With a wave of her hand, she laid down layers of ice crystals that reflected different light rays to distort one’s vision, blocking the Rakshasa leader for the time being.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s face was extremely pale.

The weapons of the Rakshasa race possessed an extremely evil type of power.

They rendered injuries with unstoppable blood flows.

After losing an arm, his blood qi was severely depleted and his combat strength was almost non-existent by now.

Furthermore, the injury was serious and almost irrecoverable!

Regeneration of limbs was only available at the Conjoint Body realm.

However, the path of cultivation was arduous and treacherous – it was unknown whether he could even cultivate to the Void Reversion realm, let alone the Dharma Characteristic and Conjoint Body realms later on.

Perfected Lord Luo Xue rescued Perfected Lord Yu Jun but the Rakshasa leader did not continue his pursuit of them.

A dark light flashed!

Monk Yin Lu’s reaction was delayed because he was worried about Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s wounds. Instantly, a massive cut appeared across his abdomen and his organs nearly spilled out!


He grunted deeply.

Monk Yin Lu knew that the Rakshasa leader had not gone all out. Otherwise, he would have been a corpse by now!


Sinister laughter echoed through the air erratically. A moment ago, it was at the front. The next moment, it appeared behind Perfected Lord Luo Xue’s back.

“Watch out!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun shouted to remind her but he was still too late.

A half-foot long cut sliced down from the top of Perfected Lord’s back – any deeper and she would have been split into two!


Due to the pain and immense loss of blood, Perfected Lord Luo Xue could no longer control her body as she fell from midair along with Perfected Lord Yu Jun and Monk Yin Lu.

The three of them smashed to the ground in a wretched state, stained with blood and mud as their faces turned increasingly pale.

“Yes, yes… delicious.”

In midair, the Rakshasa leader held Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s arm and was chewing off its flesh, chomping down in huge mouthfuls!

Perfected Lord Luo Xue felt her stomach churn at the sight of it and nearly vomited.

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s body shook in rage and flames of anger spewed from his eyes; he was grinding his teeth so badly they were almost crushed!

“The life essence from your flesh is even richer and rarer! I’ll keep your lives for now. If I kill all of you now, your flesh won’t remain fresh! Hehehe!”

The Rakshasa leader laughed menacingly.


Right then, as though he sensed something, he spun around furiously and glared towards the west.

Eight figures streaked through the air from the west of Myriad Phenomenon City; there were men as well as women.

The men were handsome and the women were gorgeous.

Among them, a woman’s hands and legs were bound and she looked fatigued. However, the other seven of them glowed with a faint light!

Perfected Lord Yu Jun and the other two turned around instinctively as well.

In midair, four Nascent Souls were speeding towards the west. One of them was Monk Wei Fu from Diamond Monastery and the other was Monk Jian Kong from Hollow Monastery.

The other two people were the Perfected Lords of Purple Firmament Sect and Clear Wind Temple.

The four Nascent Souls encountered the incoming eight figures.


Monk Wei Fu was busy trying to escape and could not be bothered with the four people before him. He shouted and his blood qi churned to release the Buddhist sect’s Lion Roar and Diamond Fiend Suppression Fist right away!


The leader of the eight people was a man with golden hair and blue eyes. He was extremely tall and handsome with a deep gaze. As he looked at the incoming Monk Wei Fu, he merely smiled faintly.

The golden-haired man did not avoid or dodge and charged forward instead!

“Get the hell back!”

His blood qi churned and gave off a golden glow. As his bloodline channeled, there were even sounds of tsunami!

It was as though a golden ocean was hidden within his body!

The golden-haired man extended his arm similarly and threw out a punch as well!


The two fists collided.

Time seemed to have frozen.

Monk Wei Fu looked like he was in endless pain and the sound of bones cracking could be heard from his arm!


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and his gaze dimmed as he fell from midair – his arm was ruptured!


The cultivators that were fleeing were scared out of their wits when they saw that.

“T-The God race is here as well!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s eyes were filled with despair as he lamented tragically, “Are our human paragons truly going to endure such a calamity in Myriad Phenomenon City?!”

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