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Chapter 759: Rivers of Blood, Catastrophe of Paragons!

The God race was one of the Primordial Nine Races but they were unlike the Rakshasa race.

If the Rakshasa race was well known for their speed, the God race would be feared for their bloodline!

The bloodline of the God race was not red, but golden!

Beings of the God race possessed extremely frightening power of blood qi, physique and melee combat capabilities.

Monk Wei Fu of Diamond Monastery specialized in body tempering. However, he could not endure a single blow from the leader of the God race and his arm was ruptured by a single punch!

Thereafter, the God race leader caught up to him with a couple of steps and stomped his body into pieces, destroying his Essence Spirit in the process!

If even Monk Wei Fu could not win in melee combat, there was no hope for the other Nascent Souls.

The God race had a noble bloodline and proclaimed themselves to be the god of all ten thousand races back in the primordial era. Their lifespans were in union with Heaven and Earth and they shared the brilliance of day and night. Their bloodlines were similar to the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth and they could manipulate spirit qi and Dharmic powers with ease!

Beings of the God race were adept in learning spirit arts and secret skills.

Not only that, the power of the skills would be amplified when it was released by them!

The Rakshasa leader did not dare to take on the human Nascent Souls head-on and could only rely on his movement techniques and speed.

However, the strength of the God race leader was enough to suppress human Nascent Souls head-on!

The descent of the God race was absolutely devastating for the humans who were struggling to survive from Myriad Phenomenon City.

The God race leader’s sudden attack caused golden blood qi to shroud around him. As though he was encircled by a golden ocean, he shone brilliantly like a divine being.

“Nobody is allowed to leave without my permission!”

Although his tone was calm, it was unquestionable!

The golden hair of the God race leader danced and his eyes shone brightly. He singlehandedly held back Monk Yuan Kong and the Perfected Lords of Purple Firmament Sect and Clear Wind Temple!

Even as a Golden Core, he was strong enough to fight against three Nascent Souls!

That was the terror of the God race!

Among the remaining six clansmen of the God race, one of them suppressed the woman with her hands and legs bound personally. The other five charged into the group of human paragons who were fleeing and killed on a whim!

“Galaxy Vortex!”

The paragon of Heavenly Dipper Sect saw that the city gate was right before him and knew that he could escape from Myriad Phenomenon City the moment he rushed through it. He gathered his courage and released his Golden Core phenomenon to welcome the attacks.

“Insignificant strength. Break!”

The God race clansmen opposite him did not avoid or dodge and his eyes were filled with deep disdain. With a smirk, he reached out and punched the countless stars before him!


The sky of stars dispersed.

The phenomenon vanished.

Galaxy Vortex was ranked 12th for the Phenomenon Ranking this time round!

But now, it was shattered by a barehanded punch from a God race clansmen!

That terrifying blood qi, horrifying physique and frightening strength was absolutely unstoppable – there was no way to fight against it!

It happened at almost the same time.

All the other Golden Core phenomenons of the human paragons were shattered by the God race clansmen!

“Phenomenon Ranking? Paragons? You’re nothing but a bunch of jokes!”

“A group of ants who are merely deceiving themselves.”

The clansmen of the God race reared their heads in wanton laughter.

Ren Tu who was third on the Phenomenon Ranking released his Corpse Mountain Blood Sea and managed to defend against a God race clansman.

However, the God race clansman’s attack caused his Golden Core phenomenon to sway with a dim glow, as though it could dissipate at any moment!

Ren Tu had a terrible expression and was forced to retreat continuously – it was only a matter of time before he was defeated.

In midair, among the three Perfected Lords that were fighting against the God race leader, two of them were already dead.

Monk Yuan Kong who was remaining was also at the end of the road.

Within a few attacks, the God race leader caught hold of an opening and punched him in the chest. Monk Yuan Kong’s heart exploded as he fell to the ground with fresh blood flowing out of his mouth – he died on the spot!

The God race leader stood in the air and blocked the path of escape to the west of Myriad Phenomenon City. He had a divine might and no cultivator dared to advance at all!

The dense crowd of human paragons had just surged forward when they began to retreat only to find themselves killed by a dark light streaking through the air at the back!

The eyes of the Rakshasa leader shifted towards the God race leader as he smirked coldly before saying in an odd manner, “The God race sure got here early.”

“We’re both the same,”

The God race leader replied indifferently but he did not stop in his massacre!


Perfected Lord Bei Dou’s head was ruptured by a single punch from the God race leader and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

Another Nascent Soul was dead!

Myriad Phenomenon City resembled the purgatory with corpses strewn all over and rivers of blood!

The human paragons were experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe!

It wasn’t that there were no humans that resisted as everything happened.

However, against the terrifying combat strength of the Rakshasa and God race, the cultivators did not manage to create much of an impact before being suppressed.

They either became cold corpses on the ground…

Or food in the bellies of the Rakshasa race!

Of the 17 Nascent Souls, only Perfected Lord Yu Jun, Perfected Lord Luo Xue, Monk Yin Lu, Perfected Lord Chu Yu of Asura Sect and the Perfected Lords of Soaring Feather Sect and Wisdom Monastery were left.

Furthermore, all six of them were severely injured and sat on the ground crippled. They could not do anything but watch with despaired gazes.

“Sinner! I’m a sinner!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun struggled and stood up quivering, as though he had grown significantly older within an instant.

When he saw the human paragons slaughtered in the hands of the Rakshasa and God race clansmen like fish on a chopping board, it felt as though his heart was being sliced apart!

This was Myriad Phenomenon City, a sacred ground for the human race!

In the ancient era, the golden era with the birth of the Human Emperor alongside multiple emperors, how could any other race dare to step foot into the city?

The Ancient Phenomenon Stele was here.

There were marks left here by countless predecessors!

In fact, the shadows of the ancient emperors existed here!

Yet, after countless years, although they were similarly beneath the foot of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak in the same old ancient city, human paragons were being slaughtered helplessly by other races!

“I’ve let down Fairy Ling Long! I’ve let down the predecessors of the human race!”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun’s face was frightfully pale due to immense blood loss as he knelt on the ground and kowtowed repeatedly towards the Ancient Phenomenon Stele with a sorrowful expression.


Monk Yin Lu sighed.

Although Buddhism believed in the concepts of karma and reincarnation such that he no longer had many attachments towards life and death, he felt his heart wrench at the moment as well.

“May the heavens take pity on us. Past emperors, if you’re able to see this with your spirits, the human paragons are undergoing a catastrophe. Can anyone save them…”

Perfected Lord Luo Xue was dispirited as she gazed at the gray, hazy skies above her. Two clear streams of tears flowed from the corners of her eyes, turning into crystals instantly as she murmured softly.

The arrogant laughter of the Rakshasa and God race echoed throughout Myriad Phenomenon City in a piercing manner.

However, countless human paragons could only howl helplessly in a heart-wrenching manner!

Regardless of gender, immortals or fiends, at that moment, the lives of the human paragons were cheaply and mercilessly reaped by the Rakshasa and God race. Their blood flowed for thousands of miles and their miserable cries could be heard everywhere!

In the blink of an eye, there were only less than eighty thousand human paragons left from the initial hundred thousand.

That figure was even decreasing rapidly at the moment!

The remaining cultivators fled wildly in panic as they yelled with fearful faces.

Some of them even gave up on escaping and knelt outright on the ground, begging the heavens to spare them!

Myriad Phenomenon City had been relegated to an endless hell!

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