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Chapter 748: Chaos Green Lotus

When they saw the green lotus in Di Yin’s hands, the eyes of many cultivators were filled with shock, disbelief, awe and pity towards Su Zimo…

The fight was over the moment Di Yin brought out the green lotus.

Even Su Zimo’s greatest glory could not compete against Di Yin!

He had a double phenomenon.

So did Di Yin!

Furthermore, the two Golden Core peaks were almost representative of the epitome of the immortal and Buddhist Daos!

All phenomenons in the world had to bow down when those two great phenomenons were brought out!

“Di Yin truly is someone with immense fortune. Not only did he obtain the Human Emperor’s legacy, he even obtained the legacy of the Buddhist monasteries!”

“If not for Di Yin, Su Zimo would indeed be worthy of his title as the strongest monster incarnate in history. Unfortunately…”

“His greatest tragedy is being born in the same era and becoming enemies with Di Yin.”

Many cultivators discussed in hushed whispers.

Little Fatty and the others were extremely anxious and had darkened expressions.

Right now, the face-off between Chaos Ocean and the Black Tortoise phenomenon was a stalemate – Di Yin had Su Zimo completely suppressed the moment he brought out the World Cleansing Green Lotus!

Ming Zhen opened his mouth slightly with a conflicted expression.

Among all the cultivators present, he was probably the only one who knew how Di Yin cultivated the World Cleansing Green Lotus.

Back in the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, he was the one who handed Di Yin the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra personally!

However, Ming Zhen truly had not expected Di Yin to comprehend its obscurities within a single month and cultivate that phenomenon of the Buddhist monasteries!

What was a monster incarnate?

He was an example of one!

On the battlefield.

Su Zimo stood on the Black Tortoise and looked at the green lotus on Di Yin’s palm. However, his eyes merely flickered slightly without the fear and panic that everyone imagined he would possess.

It was as though he was frightened stiff.

Di Yin could not help but frown when he looked at Su Zimo opposite him.

Su Zimo appeared way too calm!

He felt disappointed when the shock and fear he anticipated was not present.


Di Yin sneered proudly, “Su Zimo, how long do you think your Black Tortoise phenomenon can last against my double phenomenon?”

In truth, the instant the World Cleansing Green Lotus appeared, the phantom of the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise, shuddered momentarily.

The limbs of the Black Tortoise struggled to advance and its body sank considerably!

Di Yin flicked his palm forward gently and the green lotus in it floated into the Chaos Ocean. It flowed along with the tides and gradually fused as one with the ocean!


“This is…”

Above the clouds, many Nascent Souls gasped and their pupils constricted.

Di Yin raised his chin and said slowly, “Today, I’ll let you have a clear understanding of your death. Not only do I possess a double phenomenon, I’ve even fused these two great phenomenons of the immortal and Buddhist Daos together!”

“This is an unprecedented Golden Core phenomenon that I shall name Chaos Green Lotus!”

When Chaos Green Lotus was formed, the initially noisy crowd went silent once more.


Monster incarnate!


Those were the only words in the minds of the cultivators.

Any word paled in comparison to the sight of the Chaos Green Lotus.

It was at that moment when many cultivators truly understood why Perfected Lord Hun Yi claimed that Di Yin could stand shoulder to shoulder with and even surpass the Human Emperor.

If Di Yin could be compared to the Human Emperor because he cultivated a double phenomenon of Chaos Ocean and World Cleansing Green Lotus…

He would have surpassed the Human Emperor completely by fusing them together as one to create a brand new Golden Core phenomenon!

The power of that phenomenon was completely above Chaos Ocean!

Notwithstanding the Golden Cores present, even the 17 Nascent Souls above the clouds felt chills run down their spine and were immensely threatened!

This meant that the phenomenon could completely kill them!

There was no longer anxiousness in the eyes of Little Fatty and the others. Instead, it was replaced by despair.

If anyone else was up against an opponent as such, they would only be able to experience deep despair!

“This man is truly… way too strong,”

At that moment, Ji Chengtian could not do anything but lament helplessly.

This was Di Yin’s true trump card!

Di Yin stood in the air above Chaos Ocean with a torrential aura.

His figure was like an emperor that looked down on the world – nobody could reach him and everyone could merely look up at him!

This was the number one Perfected Being!

This was the number one of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

“Su Zimo, what do you have to fight me with?”

“Who are you to try and kill me?!”

Di Yin let out a deafening roar that resembled thunder.

Along with Di Yin’s voice, the green lotus that floated in the center of the ocean began to swivel. Petals opened up one after another as it blossomed and let out streams of resplendent lights!

Every single lotus was etched with mysterious patterns that seemed as though they possessed the absolute truth of the universe.

The green lotus blossomed and let out a world cleansing glow.

The Black Tortoise’s phantom shuddered and its glow dimmed as though it could disperse at any moment!

“Mister, hurry and run!”

Little Fox could not help but yell.

“There’s no use, he can’t escape,”

Lin Xuanji shook his head with a grim expression. “Right now, as long as Su Zimo makes a rash move, his spirit energy will definitely be loosened. The moment he reveals an opening, he will be killed by the Chaos Green Lotus!”

On the battlefield.

Although the Black Tortoise phenomenon seemed as though it could disperse at any moment, Su Zimo’s heart was calmer than anything else and his mind was completely clear.

Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo assumed a lotus position on the shell of the Black Tortoise. He lowered his head and placed both palms on his knees facing upright.

“Has he given up on fighting?”

“What can he do even if he doesn’t give up? Who can defend against the Chaos Green Lotus?”

“He can die without regrets being killed by the Chaos Green Lotus.”

In midair, Di Yin pointed to Su Zimo with a cold gaze. “Die!”

The green lotus that floated in the ocean shook.


A raging tide surged on the ocean surface accompanied by a soft explosion and surged forward. Instantly, it drowned the Black Tortoise along with Su Zimo entirely!


The crowd gasped.

It was over.

The Black Tortoise phenomenon could not defend against the power of the Chaos Green Lotus and was engulfed instantly. Even Su Zimo sank to the bottom of the ocean and vanished without a trace!

Little Fatty and the others stood rooted to the spot with widened eyes, unable to register what had just happened in their minds.


Perfected Lord Hun Yi reared his head in wild laughter. “Good, good! Di Yin killed him so all his treasures now belong to Chaos Essence Sect!”


Demonic qi shrouded around monkey as he reared his head and let out a deep roar. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Perfected Lord Hun Yi above the clouds, venting the endless fury and killing intent in his heart!


Xiaoning’s face was frightfully pale as she said with a trembling voice.

Su Hong had already passed away. If Su Zimo died as well, it would be an unimaginable blow to Xiaoning!

“Don’t worry, he isn’t dead yet!”

Suddenly, Night Spirit’s voice sounded.

He was glaring at the depths of Chaos Ocean with a cool gaze, as though he had seen something.


Lin Xuanji exclaimed softly as well.

Although he could not see what was happening within Chaos Ocean, Di Yin’s expression did not relax after Su Zimo was engulfed by Chaos Ocean – instead, he was looking grimmer!

What happened?

Could it be…

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