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Chapter 733: Perfected

Indeed, Su Zimo was in the fourth group.

However, unlike other cultivators in the fourth group, Su Zimo’s aura was stable and he looked calm, as though he was not under any pressure.

The reason why Su Zimo was relegated to the fourth group was because each time he climbed a stone step, he would linger for a long time in deep thoughts.

He would only move onto the next stone step after a while.

“What is he doing?”

Lin Xuanji rubbed his chin, puzzled.

He was not the only one, even the Nascent Souls on the clouds could not read Su Zimo’s movements.

Nobody knew that while Su Zimo was contending against the pressure of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak, he was comprehending it as well!

The Myriad Phenomenon Peak had existed for countless years.

Almost all the powerful Golden Core phenomenons in history had left their marks and auras here.

That included phenomenons from the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

Su Zimo was not at the impossible level such that he could comprehend the essence of those phenomenons just relying on that.

However, by experiencing the marks and auras left behind by the Golden Core phenomenons, he deepened his understanding on the Daos of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

A Golden Core phenomenon was the epitome of all spirit arts.

It contained a cultivator’s understanding from the Qi Condensation to Golden Core realm. A phenomenon was only born by combining them and evolving from that point!

By comprehending those Golden Core phenomenons, Su Zimo’s Golden Core also grew fuller and the three different auras of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects that shrouded his Golden Core grew brighter!

The Golden Core swiveled slowly, fusing fire and water, Yin and Yang, and turned flawless and pure. It was as though it was harmonizing with Heaven and Earth and the sun and moon through all eternity!

That was a true Golden Core.

That was the true perfected state!

It was an irreplaceable and precious experience.

Since Su Zimo wanted to establish a Dao, this was an opportunity he could not miss!

How difficult was it to establish a Dao?

Up till this point, Su Zimo had no clue on how he should start.

Perhaps the only way for him to identify an alternate path of cultivation available for mortals was by comprehending the obscurities of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects while experiencing the mysteriousness of the demon Dao!

Each time he ascended a stone step, the aura of a different Golden Core phenomenon would surge towards him.

Su Zimo closed his eyes and experienced everything carefully.

The other cultivators ascended the Myriad Phenomenon Peak for the sake of fame.

However, at that moment, Su Zimo was already beyond the point of fame when he stood on the Myriad Phenomenon Peak.

In his eyes, there was only all the living beings in the world!

In his chest, there was only the boundless Heaven and Earth!

In his heart, there was a greater ambition!

Most of the cultivators in the fourth group could only give up one after another when they saw that it was hopeless.

Su Zimo was the only one that continued in silence.

The cultivators in the third group could not endure it any longer and released their Golden Core phenomenons one after another!

Gradually, an outcome was determined among the hundred odd people of the third group.

Ji Chengtian released the legacy phenomenon of Ethereal Peak and stopped at the 25th stone step. He was drenched in sweat and completely exhausted – that was his limit!

Some of the cultivators stopped at the 20th stone step while there were some at the 26th, 27th…

There were almost one or two people on every stone step up above.

Thankfully, there was no one else at the stone step Ji Chengtian was on. That way, he could avoid a grueling fight after the elimination battle.

“Can you make it up another step?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded beside Ji Chengtian’s ears.

He turned over and saw Su Zimo land on the 25th stone step with a single leap, standing beside him.

“I can’t make it anymore, I’m at my limits.”

Ji Chengtian wiped away the sweat on his forehead and panted slightly while smiling. “Junior Brother Su, don’t worry about me. Continue advancing!”


Su Zimo nodded.

Given Ji Chengtian’s spot, he should be ranked around 100 on the Phenomenon Ranking if nothing went wrong.

Although it did not seem high, for Ji Chengtian, or rather for Ethereal Peak’s legacy phenomenon, Ethereal Sword, it was already the best result!

There were only 108 spots on the Phenomenon Ranking.

Any cultivator that could obtain a spot was already a true paragon of the era!

At that moment, Di Yin was already at the 99th stone step!

This was where he stopped a hundred years ago.

Now that he had returned, his aura was forceful. He did not stop on the 99th stone step and soared through the air before landing on the 100th stone step!

Di Yin had cast everyone far behind!

Although the eight people in the first group were still traveling side by side, none of them summoned their Golden Core phenomenons yet.

However, the difference between them could gradually be seen as well as they rose higher.

Overlord Palace and Diamond Monastery were super sects well known for body tempering.

Pang Yue and Monk Jue Chen had robust bloodlines and their breathings were steady. Although they did not summon their Golden Core phenomenon, they looked comparatively relaxed.

The difference in physique was clear between them and Ren Tu of Asura Sect, Monk Jian Kong of Hollow Monastery, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace and the others.

Some of them had hurried breathings.

Some of them had sweat on their foreheads.

Once again, everyone was surprised that Ming Zhen was not inferior to Pang Yue and Monk Jue Chen in terms of physique!

Ming Zhen’s expression was smooth as jade and he did not sweat at all. His breathing was still steady – it was clear that he was not at his limits!

“What’s the background of that young monk? What cultivation technique did he cultivate?”

Monk Wei Fu frowned slightly.

“He must have had some encounters and opportunities,”

Perfected Lord Bei Dou said deeply, “It’s still too early to come to a conclusion. Eventually, the rankings between the few of them are determined by their Golden Core phenomenons and how much power they can release!”

Even so, all the Nascent Souls present were clear that even if Ming Zhen’s Golden Core phenomenon was weak, he would make it to the top 20 at least!

That was already relatively frightening.

Even legacy disciples of the various super sects might not be able to make it to the top 20!

For example, the legacy disciple of Clear Heart Nunnery and Shangguan Yu of Cloud Rain Sect were already relegated to the third group.

In the second group, some cultivators could not withstand it any longer and released their Golden Core phenomenons as well.

Little Fatty was still holding on.

If he had not undergone the baptism with the wisp of Yellow Springs fog within the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair, he would have been left behind a long time ago!


The paragon of Soaring Feather Sect shouted softly.

The sound of water rushing rapidly and tides surging could be heard behind him, causing ripples to splash.

A blood-red sun was setting slowly on that long river!

The evening sun dyed the skies red in a tragically beautiful scene. Even the river surface was stained red and transformed into a blood river with a torrential blood stench!

“Look, that’s the legacy phenomenon of Soaring Feather Sect!”

“The ancient phenomenon, Long River Sunset!”

A series of exclamations came from the crowd.

With the boost of his Golden Core phenomenon, the paragon of Soaring Feather Sect was invigorated. He looked much more relaxed as his speed increased and he sprinted up the peak!

“Galaxy Vortex!”

The paragon of Heavenly Dipper Sect could not withstand it any longer and released his Golden Core phenomenon as well.

Night descended instantly.

The skies above his head were lined with stars that sparkled in a bedazzling manner.

All of a sudden!

It was as though there was a magnetic force.

The stars that filled the skies began swiveling into a gigantic vortex. Countless stars collided and sparks flew everywhere, releasing a shuddering energy fluctuation!

The center of the vortex seemed as though it could destroy everything!

The paragon of Heavenly Dipper Sect howled deeply and his speed exploded!

The other paragons of the second group released their Golden Core phenomenons one after another.

Instantly, many ancient phenomenons flashed through the voids in a shocking manner!

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