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Chapter 734: Nature Reversion

All the cultivators in the vicinity of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak felt their blood pump at the sight of that!

This was the only opportunity to witness the clash between many ancient phenomenons!

Although there were millions of cultivators in the cultivation world, only the hundred thousand of them that were in Myriad Phenomenon City would get the opportunity to witness this.

“Look, that’s my Formless Monastery’s legacy ancient phenomenon, the Bodhi Tree Shadow! Senior Brother Yong Ren will definitely be able to make it to the first group under that Bodhi tree!”

“Senior Sister Ling released her Golden Core phenomenon as well!”

The temperature around Ling Han of Snowdrift Valley dipped and sparkling, crystallized snowflakes fell one after another from the skies.

Although the snowflakes looked weak, each of them possessed frightening killing power!

The ancient phenomenon, Omnidirectional Snowstorm!

The pressure on the cultivators of the second group was reduced immensely after they released their Golden Core phenomenons and their speeds gradually increased.

However, things were clearer for the 17 Nascent Souls on the clouds. Although the paragons of the second group released many ancient phenomenons, it was still relatively difficult for them to catch up to the eight people of the first group!

It was true that those paragons were able to leap through several stone steps easily with the use of their Golden Core phenomenons.

However, the pressure would only increase as they got closer to the peak!

Before long, the paragons of the second group would slow down again.

Furthermore, the eight people of the first group had yet to release their Golden Core phenomenons!

The moment the eight of them released their Golden Core phenomenons, the gap between them and the cultivators of the second group would open up once more!


Wu Feng of Purple Firmament Sect shouted and channeled his Golden Core to its limits. A scarlet glow enveloped his face and it gradually turned purple.

In the blink of an eye, his face was covered by a purple glow!

All of a sudden!

A purple qi floated over from the east and enveloped Wu Feng’s body.

Behind him was a faint figure of an elderly figure with gray beard and hair riding on a bull. Although his appearance was blurry, he released a boundless might!

The ancient phenomenon, Eastern Purple Qi!

Purple qi was the qi of a venerable and was incomparably noble!

Wu Feng’s aura exploded along with his speed as he dashed towards the first group.


A cold glint flashed through the eyes of the paragon of Malevolent Earth Sect as he shouted, unwilling to be left behind.

A boundless malevolent qi spread around him and rumbled. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a gigantic scythe!

The scythe was black as ink and resembled a fearsome weapon from deep in the Nine Hells that could reap all life!

The ancient phenomenon, Malevolent Earth Scythe!


The paragon of Malevolent Earth Sect pointed forward.

The gigantic Malevolent Earth Scythe cut a pitch-black arc in midair, as though it could cleave the void into two!

The paragon of Malevolent Earth Sect sprinted along the arc that was ripped.


The paragon of Wisdom Monastery chanted a Buddhist proclamation and his eyes shone with the light of wisdom. He conjured a unique Dharmic seal with his hands and the power of phenomenon around him surged.

Gradually, mysterious halos of light began appearing behind him, emanating a flawless saint glow!

The glow shone down on the world as though it could purify all living beings!

The ancient phenomenon, Boundless Buddha Light!

Paragons that could reach this level were all prideful.

All of them wanted to advance further and were not willing to fall behind others!

However, the eight in the first group were still far ahead in the lead.

Gradually, as time passed by and everyone got closer to the peak, the speed of Little Fatty, Demoness Ji, Ling Han, Wu Feng and the others in the second group decreased as they showed signs of exhaustion.

Before long, almost all the cultivators in the second group were at their limits.

They scattered and stood on different stone steps, unable to advance further.

“Hurry, look! There are two paragons on the same step!”

“That’s right. By the looks of it, there will be a grueling battle after the elimination battle!”

There were two people on the 78th stone step.

One of them was Demoness Ji and the other was Duan Qingping of Clear Wind Temple.

Both of them panted and were exhausted.

Duan Qingping’s gaze roamed around Demoness Ji’s body wantonly and he gave an evil smile. “Fiend maiden, you sure are unlucky to bump into me.”

“Is that so?”

Demoness Ji snickered. “If that’s the case, please be gentler later on, fellow Daoist.”

“Don’t worry!”

Duan Qingping replied lustfully, “I’ll definitely be gentle with you.”

Although Duan Qingping sounded flirtatious and he had an intoxicated expression as though he was charmed, the depths of his eyes shone with a cold glint!

There were two other people in the second group that stood on the same stone step.

One of them was Little Fatty and the other was Qin Li of Illusion Fiend Cult!

The both of them exchanged glances.

Qin Li laughed sinisterly. He used his hand to slice across his own throat with a gesture and did not conceal the killing intent in his eyes at all!

Little Fatty pouted and reared his head to look upwards.

In reality, he had strength remaining but he was not confident of ascending another stone step.

Furthermore, the paragon of Wisdom Monastery stood on the next stone step!

If he failed to ascend further and ended up severely injured by the power of the Myriad Phenomenon Peak, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Little Fatty pondered for a moment but chose not to advance.

“That’s interesting, we’ll be able to see two fights between paragons at the very least!”

“That’s right, things will be much bloodier in a battle between the paragons.”

“I heard that in paragons in previous ranking battles bled and it wasn’t rare for them to die on the spot as well!”

“That’s only natural. All of these paragons are prideful and none of them would bow down to the other. It’s only normal for them to fight to the death especially if their sects had feuds to begin with.”

The cultivators watching discussed heatedly with excited faces.

Naturally, all of them wanted to witness more ranking battles.

“The positions of the paragons in the second group are almost fixed and there won’t be much changes to the rankings anymore.”

“Yes, the outcome has basically been decided.”


Suddenly, someone exclaimed and pointed to the Myriad Phenomenon Peak in shock. “Hurry, look! There’s someone there!”

“That’s… Su Zimo!”

Everyone was drawn in to the eight people in the first group and the countless ancient phenomenons in the second group – they had almost forgotten about Su Zimo who was taking his time down below!

“Something isn’t right. He seems to be faster than before!”

“Indeed, he has gotten much faster!”

“How could this be?”

Normally, the pressure experienced by a cultivator increased the closer they were to the peak. As such, they would naturally slow down as well.

However, none of the cultivators present could figure out why Su Zimo’s speed increased instead, as though he could not feel the pressure from the mountain!

What those cultivators did not know was that Su Zimo was already at perfected Golden Core realm.

He was at a new level of understanding towards his core.

He had already comprehended most of the marks and auras left behind by the ancient phenomenons on Myriad Phenomenon Peak and there were not many remaining.

Furthermore, his speed of comprehension increased as he advanced as well!

Within a short period of time, he could experience the obscurities and mysteriousness of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos behind their phenomenons.

The aura around Su Zimo became increasingly pure.

It was as though he had reverted to the state of resonating with nature!


The 17 Nascent Souls on the clouds felt their hearts skip a beat when they sensed the change in Su Zimo. All of their eyes shone brightly with looks of disbelief!

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