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Chapter 677: Corpse Refinement Cult

“Should we go and fight for it?”

The spirit tiger was raring to go with excitement in his eyes.

“There’s no need to,”

Su Zimo had a calm expression and a glint sparkled in his eyes. “Although superior-grade Dharmic weapons seem good, it’s not worth us taking the risk to enter this mess.”

In the ancient battlefield, even for Dharmic weapons that once belonged to Dao Lords or Mighty Figures, their Dharmic powers had long dissipated without the refinement of Essence Spirit and the passing of countless years. These weapons had fallen to the grade of Perfected Lord Dharmic weapons a long time ago.

The only difference was that their Dharmic patterns were still around and their grades were unchanged.

Therefore, even if any Dharmic weapons appeared, they were mostly for Perfected Lords.

“Go, let’s leave this place first!”

Su Zimo waved and prepared to leave with monkey and the others.

“You want to leave after coming here?”

A gigantic ferocious bird spread its wings and covered the skies with a torrential demonic aura. Its gaze was sharp as it glared down, diving towards little fox with its outstretched talons.

Foxes were natural-born seductresses.

Unless they had a strong backing, countless demon beasts would fight for them the moment they appeared!


Qing Qing raised her brows with a hint of displeasure. Without even transforming, she leaped into the air and crossed her legs, kicking a series of shadows into the air.

Her thighs were like guillotines, letting out the sound of air slicing.

Qing Qing was already rather beautiful in her human form. Coupled with her slender and tall figure, she was like a graceful dragon dancing in the air!

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

On the ground, the spirit tiger watched with a gaping mouth, drooling constantly. His gaze was dazed and he remarked squarely, “Her legs seem like they can spread apart right beneath her belly button…”


Monkey sent the spirit tiger with a single slap.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qing Qing avoided the talons of the ferocious bird and pummeled it furiously on the head, causing it to explode!

Croak! Croak!

A Golden Toad the size of a mountain squatted at the side with widened eyes, puffing its cheeks and letting out a strange sound that grew louder and louder.

It was as though thunder had just rumbled!

All of a sudden!

The Golden Toad opened its mouth!

A blood beam flashed and wrapped around little fox.

It was the tongue of the Golden Toad race!

It was so fast that it could not be seen clearly.

This was the strongest killing move of the Golden Toad that it used mainly to capture other demon beasts for food. Most demon beasts were devoured by the Golden Toad before they could react.

Although little fox was unable to defend against this, there was no trace of fear or panic in her eyes.

Any single one of the few figures around her was enough to kill the Golden Toad!


Just as the blood tongue was about to make contact with little fox’s body, a hairy palm appeared and grabbed the Golden Toad’s tongue!

Monkey’s eyes flashed with a scarlet glow as he glared at the Golden Toad not far away and grinned.


Exerting strength in both arms, monkey ripped the blood tongue off with blood spraying everywhere.


Immediately after, monkey’s legs landed on the ground and his body expanded. He arrived before the Golden Toad in a stride and swung his massive fist down towards the latter!

The Golden Toad retracted its severed tongue and its mouth was filled with fresh blood as hatred surged through its eyes. Suddenly, blood bubbles the size of fists appeared on its body, enlarging by the second!


Su Zimo pointed gently and a divine thunderbolt struck down onto the Golden Toad’s head.

The Golden Toad shuddered and all the blood bubbles that appeared burst immediately with fuming smoke – the poison in its blood was cleansed by the power of thunder instantly!


Monkey’s fist crushed heavily on the Golden Toad’s head, killing that ferocious beast instantly!

More demon beasts charged towards them.

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly. “Follow me. We’ll leave this place first.”

Before his words were finished, Su Zimo retrieved Blood Quencher from his storage bag and his blood qi surged. Slashing his way through, he created a bloodied path in the pack of beasts.

When they arrived at the outer perimeter, Su Zimo’s group turned back.

More and more demon beasts and cultivators were arriving in the vicinity of the mountain peak and all of them were bloodthirsty in the fight for the treasures.

This was the ancient battlefield.

It was a place where opportunities and dangers coexisted!

“Let’s look elsewhere. There seems to be something else that’s odd around this area.”

Su Zimo circulated his universal hearing and after a moment, pointed in a direction before speeding over with everyone.

Not long after, the group of them stopped.

There was a swamp ahead of them where another palace stood with many elixirs and weapons hovering in midair.

Many cultivators from various factions and sects were fighting to the death with demon beasts in midair for the weapons and elixirs.

The swamp was dyed red with blood!

Many corpses fell from midair into the swamp, sinking slowly before vanishing.

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

There were many weapons in midair and some of them were Dharmic weapons. However, the best among them only had three Dharmic patterns – they were superior-grade Dharmic weapons.

For most cultivators, it was worth fighting for superior-grade Dharmic weapons.

However, after a moment of hesitation, Su Zimo decided against it. “Let’s go!”

There was naturally no way monkey and the others would object.

The group of them continued.

Not long after, they caught sight of another cave abode appearing and another group of sects and factions fighting for the treasures left behind.

After watching by the sidelines for a moment, Su Zimo shook his head and left with monkey and the others.

For the next day, the group of them traveled in twists and turns. In that area, more than 10 cave abodes appeared with various factions and sects fighting for them!

Among them, they even caught sight of disciples from super sects!


Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He did not know what happened but it seemed like many cave abodes that were hidden in that area had appeared all of a sudden.

The group of them continued and once again, the sound of a fight accompanied by the roars of demon beasts and screeches of ferocious birds could be heard ahead – it was extremely noisy.

Yet another cave abode!

The Golden Lion’s gaze shimmered and he murmured, “The rod that those guys are fighting for seems to be a supreme-grade Dharmic weapon with four Dharmic patterns!”

In midair, two groups of cultivators were fighting for it.

One party only had two cultivators.

The other side had dozens of cultivators, all of whom had frightfully pale faces with an extremely Yin aura around them. Their lips were purplish-green and they resembled malevolent ghosts from Hell.

The cultivators stood motionlessly on the ground, wielding long rods in their hands as they controlled dozens of ghastly corpses on the other side!

Every single corpse emitted a thick, rotting smell and shone with a metallic luster all over their bodies. They were invulnerable, as though they were refined with something unknown.

Their fingernails were long and looked like sharp daggers that shimmered with a faint green glow – all of them were laced with poison!

It was one of the five heretical doctrines – Corpse Refinement Cult!

The corpses were battle corpses specially refined by Corpse Refinement Cult. Invulnerable against weapons with immense strength and toxic poison in their bodies, they were extremely frightening and troublesome to deal with!

The dozens of corpses surrounded the two people in their midst and attacked wildly.

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