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Chapter 678: Underworld Emperor Phenomenon

Of the two of them, one of them was rotund and short, like an airbag.

The other one had a buzz cut and looked square and honest, like a country bumpkin.

The honest cultivator wielded a thin, iron rod in his left hand that was etched with complex and intricate patterns. Thin threads that were almost invisible extended from the fingertips of his right hand.

He was gathering qi like threads!

That was the secret skill of one of the five heretical doctrines, Puppet Sect.

By condensing the spirit qi in their dantians into threads to wrap around the puppets they refined, they could control their puppets from a distance to fight against their enemies.

The honest cultivator was controlling five different puppets!

One of them was extremely heavy and shone with a metallic luster. Every single step it took created a deep footprint in the ground.

Every single move it made was heavy and firm!

Another puppet’s body that was made with an unknown material was almost transparent. It was fluid like water and seemed weak.

When the puppet’s body was penetrated by a battle corpse, its muscles twitched and covered the wound swiftly.

Another puppet was scarlet and blazed with flames all over. Every single move it made carried a scorching heatwave that turned the surroundings dry.

The honest cultivator was dividing his attention to cultivate five corpses of the five elements, creating a formation that increased his combat strength!


The Golden Lion praised.

Although their group consisted mostly of demons, they had fought with many cultivators and naturally knew how to judge the combat strength of cultivators.

However, although the honest cultivator was strong and could control five puppets, he could not defend against the wild attacks of dozens of battle corpses!

It was thanks to the Golden Core phenomenon released by the fatty that the two of them were able to survive till now.

It was a pale yellow river current that was huge with countless ripples. It emitted an endless Yin aura that seemed like it could wash away all the sins in the world!

Many corpses floated in the yellow river.

“Oo, Oo!”

It was as though countless ghosts were screaming.

Menacing faces appeared one after another in the river!

The Golden Core phenomenon surrounded and protected the two of them in the middle, creating waves to defend against the charging battle corpses.

The battle corpses seemed wary towards the yellow river.

Each time water from the yellow river splashed onto the battle corpses, green smoke would fume along with a sizzling sound.

As though they were sentient, the battle corpses would yelp and retreat, hopping on the spot.

Their horrifying greenish-black eyes bulged slightly, bloodshot and filled with fright.

“What is this?”

Little fox shuddered.

The sight of the yellow river gave her chills.

If Su Zimo and the others were not standing in front of her, she would have escaped in fright a long time ago!

“That’s one of the ancient phenomenons, Yellow Springs[1]!”

Su Zimo said slowly, “In the era where ancient emperors rose one after another, the Underworld Emperor mustered his courage with great conviction to purge his own soul and take a walk around death’s gates. He witnessed the Yellow Springs personally and was inspired to create that Golden Core phenomenon!”

“It’s said that there’s a dragon vein[2] hidden in the depths of the Yellow Springs and it’s extremely powerful! With that, the Underworld Emperor created a peerless mystic classic, the Astounding Dragon Sutra and it’s the number one mystic classic for locating acupoints!”


Qing Qing raised her brow slightly with a contemplative expression before murmuring, “That fatty looks familiar.”

Although there was a putrid haze that affected one’s vision all over the place, Qing Qing noticed something amiss after looking for a moment.

“It’s Little Fatty from Ethereal Peak!”

Qing Qing exclaimed.

After more than 20 years, Little Fatty had matured significantly and his features had changed slightly as well. However, his countenance remained the same.

“That’s right, it’s him,”

Su Zimo nodded. “The other cultivator is also an old friend. He was originally a cultivator of Southern Mountains Sect, Shi Jian. Do you guys recognize him?”

The legacy left behind by the Underworld Emperor in Tianhuang Mainland was one of five current heretical doctrines – Tomb Sect!

In the elementary ancient battlefield, Little Fatty was taken away by Tomb Sect.

Shi Jian on the other hand joined another of the five heretical doctrines – Puppet Sect.

“Fatty, I’m sorry for burdening you.”

Shi Jian’s face was pale and he was sweating on the forehead – it was evident that his spirit energy was exhausted and he could not carry on.

While he gained powerful combat strength controlling five puppets, the toll on one’s spirit energy was also increased by multitudes!

“What are you saying that for? Hold on and don’t get distracted! We’ll definitely be able to get out!”

Little Fatty’s chubby palm trembled as he controlled the water of Yellow Springs, creating waves that defended the rush of the battle corpses.

Although he said that, Little Fatty’s Yellow Springs phenomenon was also showing signs of exhaustion with diminished power – it had become unstable against the continuous rush of the battle corpses!

As he defended against the battle corpses outside, Little Fatty said, “Do you know why I looked to you for help this time round?”


Shi Jian asked.

“Because you’re stupid!”

Even at this moment, Little Fatty was optimistic and said cheerily, “As the saying goes, the dumb are favored by fortune. Since you’re so stupid, you definitely have a good, long life! The reason why I looked to you for help was because I wanted a little bit of that fortune!”

“You’re still in the mood for idle chat?”

A Corpse Refinement Cult cultivator slapped his storage bag with a cold expression, waving his hand to splash a pale-yellow powder on the battle corpses.

Little Fatty took a sniff and exclaimed in shock, “Corpse Berserk Powder!”

Before his words were finished, the battle corpses that were covered by the pale-yellow powder roared in a deep, resounding manner!

The battle corpse grew and the clothes they were wearing exploded, revealing thick green veins on their body, neck and face.

They slithered around the skin like small snakes and looked menacing!

As they roared, the battle corpses emitted a foul stench from their mouth and two pairs of sharp fangs grew from their upper and lower jaws. They were stained with blood and looked extremely unsettling!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The strength of the battle corpses grew significantly and they no longer feared the power of Yellow Springs, as though they had gone berserk. They charged towards Little Fatty’s Golden Core phenomenon continuously, causing it to quake violently.

Instantly, the Yellow Springs phenomenon quivered.

Even the Yellow Springs itself seemed to have calmed down!

Lone souls, hungry ghosts and the corpses of fiendcelestials were contained in Yellow Springs!

But now, Yellow Springs seemed to have been suppressed by the dozens of battle corpses that were standing in it as they roared into the air with a torrential ferocity!

A wrathful look flashed through Little Fatty’s eyes.

If the Underworld Emperor knew that the Yellow Springs phenomenon had fallen to this point with its corpses within suppressed, he would definitely explode in rage.

Right then, a voice sounded. Although it was neither loud nor soft, it overwhelmed the roars of the battle corpses and spread to every single corner of the battlefield!

“How dare a bunch of evildoers behave so audaciously in the ancient battlefield where countless emperors have perished!”

Little Fatty shuddered when he heard that voice and his bead-like eyes widened with disbelief.

Shi Jian panted but a curious expression appeared on his face as well.

That voice sounded familiar.

“It’s Boss!”

Little fatty could not help but exclaim.


Shi Jian stoned for a moment before asking, “Brother Su of Ethereal Peak?”

“That’s right! I can’t be wrong!”

Little Fatty supported his Yellow Springs phenomenon and leaped, looking outward frantically as he waved with an excited look on his face. “Boss, I’m here! Hurry and come save me!”

[1] Hell

[2] Territory that resembles a dragon’s vein

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