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Chapter 661: Blood for Blood

The flesh on that massive body expanded and green veins were exposed densely, slithering on the body like spirit snakes. The body shone with a metallic luster that was indestructible!

There was a layer of runes shining over Su Zimo’s body still.

Although three Demon Revealing Mirrors were knocked over, the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation was still present and had not been completely dispelled.

The light barrier formed by the formation was still bound tightly onto Su Zimo’s body.

However, the runes on the light barrier flickered as though they could be destroyed at any moment!

With a menacing gaze, Su Zimo’s arms expanded and his entire body grew once again!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The surrounding light barrier shattered instantly.

The runes on it dimmed completely.

With a boom, the Omnidirectional Demon Suppression Formation exploded!

Su Zimo broke free and the demonic qi in his body surged out, conjuring a series of ancient demons one after another around him!

Wild Bovine, Stone Bear, Anaconda, Sanguine Ape, Divine Steed, Hell Tiger and Wind Leopard!

There were seven of them!

The cultivators in the ancient city were scared witless.

Prior to this, Su Zimo had reminded them twice that this was a grudge between him and Glass Palace and that it had nothing to do with them.

At that moment, all of them took Su Zimo as a joke.

But now, everyone realized that the only shot they might have at survival was if they left at that moment!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

A large shadow engulfed, covering the sky and the sun!

The black mountain peak released by Elder Xiu at the end crushed down but Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid. Extending his arms, he growled deeply and his massive palms supported the base of the mountain peak!


The mountain peak was extremely heavy since it contained the Dharmic powers of a Sealer after all.

The moment he made contact with it, Su Zimo’s figure shrunk and the stone slabs beneath his feet exploded, causing his legs to sink deeply into the ground!

However, his knees did not buckle and his spine was still upright. Like a divine being, he lifted the black mountain peak with his body!

That was the final scene Elder Xiu witnessed in this world.


He closed his eyes and sighed gently.

He knew that the cultivators in the ancient city were mostly doomed.

As for the Glass Palace cultivators, there was a high chance that they would all die here!

A tear opened up silently behind Elder Xiu, blowing with an evil wind in its darkness.

The tear enveloped Elder Xiu in a single motion before closing gradually.

“Hurry, run!”

Finally, some cultivators realized what was happening and fled into the distance.

Su Zimo had a menacing gaze and smiled sinisterly. He threw the mountain peak in his hands towards the escaping crowd viciously!


Half the West city wall was crushed with the descent of the mountain peak.

Although Su Zimo could support the mountain peak, the other cultivators could not – even their combined strength could not withstand the pressure of the mountain peak.

In an instant, hundreds of cultivators were crushed into sludge!


Su Zimo widened his shining eyes and his blood qi surged into the air, shrouding around him. Facing the escaping cultivators, he roared loudly!

Almost at the same time.

The seven ancient demon kings surrounding Su Zimo opened their mouths and released deafeningly scary howls!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Many cultivators did not manage to escape far before they exploded from the shock of the howls and died on the spot!

The number of demon beasts gushing into the city increased continuously.


Looking at them, Su Zimo let out a deep growl.

All the demon beasts understood him and chased after the cultivators from other factions and sects.

None of the demon beasts dared to disobey Su Zimo’s orders!

For demons, the rules of the jungle were absolute for them.

Anyone who was strongest could declare themselves as king!

At this moment, anyone that dared disobey Su Zimo was looking to die!

Su Zimo placed monkey, the spirit tiger, little fox and Golden Lion down at a corner and poured out all the elixirs in his storage bag.

Monkey and the spirit tiger had the most severe injuries.

However, monkey’s bloodline was special to begin with and lifeforce was already recovering within its body by now.

The spirit tiger underwent a transformation after cultivating the Void Thunder Manual and had also started recovering.

The Golden Lion’s condition was fine and was in no danger of death.

The three of them merely had to consume a few elixirs before recovering.

As for the little fox, she was merely shocked, not injured.

However, for some unknown reason, she reverted to her true form and looked at Su Zimo nervously with shifty eyes, seemingly embarrassed.

After placating the four of them, Su Zimo did not linger and turned immediately. He strode with huge steps in that massive body and hunted down Glass Palace cultivators!

The other cultivators in the ancient city could naturally be settled by the remaining beast stampede.

Su Zimo was not bothered even if some of them slipped away.

The only ones who were not allowed to leave were Glass Palace cultivators!

Su Zimo had mentioned that he would make Glass Palace pay with blood for the millions of innocent living beings from the 13 cities of Yan Country that were killed.

Furthermore, Glass Palace had to pay for the severe injuries of monkey and the spirit tiger as well!

It was truly way too difficult for anyone that hoped to leave this place alive against Su Zimo’s pursuit.

His body was massive and his burst power was shocking – he could catch up to anyone within a few steps with his huge strides.

Additionally, he had cultivated universal hearing and his five senses were frighteningly strong as well – nobody could avoid detection from him!

Su Zimo chased after a small group of Glass Palace cultivators and his massive palm descended from the skies. He did not have to use any technique at all – this was a complete suppression of strength!

He was overwhelming everything with brute force!


When the palm landed on the ground, the ancient city shook and dust billowed.

By the time Su Zimo lifted his palm, there was a gigantic hand print on the ground with a dark shade of fresh blood seeping to every single corner of the soil.

The small group of Glass Palace cultivators were all dead!

Some cultivators who brushed past Su Zimo heaved secretly in relief to have escaped.

Unexpectedly, the ancient demon kings surrounding Su Zimo burst forth!

The Wild Bovine raised its horns, the Stone Bear pushed with its palms, the Anaconda coiled, the Sanguine Ape threw out seals with its fists and the Divine Steed rammed…

Every single move was a killing technique!

None of those cultivators could withstand it at all.

Su Zimo passed through the ancient city and nobody within a thousand feet radius around him was spared – he slaughtered all living beings mercilessly like a walking human weapon!

Even for Glass Palace cultivators who could release Golden Core phenomenons, nothing changed.

There was a chance that a Golden Core phenomenon released by those of Xi Wuya or Ye Tiancheng’s level could defend against Su Zimo.

For the remaining Glass Palace cultivators, their Golden Core phenomenons could deal with the cultivators of other sects and factions sufficiently. However, against Su Zimo, they were like weaklings that could not even take a single attack!

A few punches and kicks were enough to shatter the phenomenons!

The massacre continued.

Gradually, the ancient city went silent.

Su Zimo had already killed his way to the plains outside the ancient city.

All Glass Palace cultivators, even if they had escaped thousands of kilometers away, had to die under him!

The night gradually cleared as time passed by.

By the time daybreak arrived, a green-colored figure appeared on the horizon with fluttering clothes. Standing in the air with dancing hair, he welcomed the return of the sunlight!

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