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Chapter 645: Lesson

Zhu Yue shrugged his head to try and shake that thought out of his mind.

He gazed at Su Zimo once more.

The fangs and shuddering aura he experienced earlier had vanished and that man was merely riding on the back of the Golden Lion silently looking like a weak scholar.

It was as though a single gust of wind could blow him over.

“So, you’re relying on your status as a Sword Formation Master as your trump card?”

Zhu Yue raised his head slightly and gradually said with a menacing gaze, “Let me tell you, in the ancient battlefield, only cultivators who can cultivate Golden Core phenomenons can protect themselves! The true paragons are those who make it into the Phenomenon Ranking!”

Before his words were finished, Zhu Yue’s Golden Core was already circulating wildly.

The spirit energy in his body was rich and torrential – it was clear that he was already at perfected Golden Core realm!

“Against the power of a phenomenon, your sword formations and spirit arts are worthless!”

The killing intent in Zhu Yue’s eyes seemed to materialize as he snarled word by word, “If you don’t make way, I’ll kill you first!”


A deafening boom echoed from the ground before his words were even finished.

Su Zimo leaped down from the Golden Lion and stomped on the ground heavily, bolting towards Zhu Yue like an arrow!

A deep footprint extended outwards with cracks from where he was initially standing!

It was too fast!

Everyone merely felt their visions go blur before Su Zimo vanished from the spot.


Zhu Yue’s expression changed starkly.

A terrifyingly shuddering aura was surging towards him from the void ahead, almost suffocating him!


The stars on Zhu Yue’s robes shone brightly with a series of glimmers.

However, the light had no effect on the attacker!

“Southern Duel Star…”

Zhu Yue shouted.

His voice broke off.

Su Zimo had already arrived before him in an instant, grabbing his throat with outstretched fingers and lifting him from the spot!

Zhu Yue could not even breathe, let alone speak.

Zhu Yue’s Golden Core phenomenon was destroyed before it could even be released!

With a cold gaze, Su Zimo gripped tighter on Zhu Yue’s throat and swung left and right gently.

A series of weird sounds echoed from Zhu Yue’s body, creaking and popping.

Zhu Yue’s expression was horrendous and he felt as though his bones were about to break apart. All his blood qi and spirit energy had dissipated and he no longer possessed any strength.

He could not even maintain his grip on the flying sword he took out from his storage bag as it fell to the ground.

The entire process happened in less than a breath.

Everyone was stunned and dumbstruck.

To everyone, it was as Zhu Yue had said – although Su Zimo’s sword formation and spirit arts were strong, they could not go against Golden Core phenomenons!

Nobody expected this outcome in a fight between the two of them.

Nobody expected Zhu Yue to suffer such a swift and tragic defeat!

In Su Zimo’s hands, Zhu Yue’s mighty figure was like a duckling, struggling helplessly in midair with flaying legs.

Even the Golden Lion was shocked.

In its mind, there was no doubt that Zhu Yue would be defeated.

However, it had not expected that Zhu Yue would be suppressed without even being able to let out a fart!

More than that, the thing that terrified it was Su Zimo’s burst speed!

The two of them were a full ten feet apart!

Even if it released its bloodline and attacked with its full power, it would not be able to match that speed!

The Golden Lion’s regard for Su Zimo’s strength had been raised by yet another level.

“You’re not wrong, Golden Core phenomenons can be considered as the epitome of spirit arts and are the strongest means available to Golden Cores.”

Su Zimo looked at Zhu Yue’s suffocating purple face and smiled gently. “However, that’s only if you’re able to release it.”

“Ee.. ”

Zhu Yue could not speak at all and the best he could do despite his greatest struggle was a weird sound.

“Let go of Senior Brother Zhu!”

“Fellow Daoist Su, hurry and let go or don’t blame us for being nasty!”

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect brought out their spirit weapons and shouted.


Maintaining his grip on Zhu Yue’s throat, Su Zimo turned around and grazed his gaze past everyone from Southern Duel Sect like a sharp dagger before asking coolly, “You guys want to attack me?”

Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat and did not dare to meet his gaze!

Some of them were even so rattled that a single glance from Su Zimo caused them to retreat half a step and tremble from head to toe.


Tang Shiyun was alarmed.

She was way too familiar with the look in Su Zimo’s eyes.

This was the same look he had when he looked at the ancient remnant beasts in the fight earlier on!

It was a sign that he was about to commit a massacre!

Tang Shiyun came before everyone from Southern Duel Sect and said darkly, “Keep your weapons! Have all of you forgotten that we would all be dead by now if not for Fellow Daoist Su’s help earlier on?”

“Are you going to point your weapons at our benefactor right after you get out of danger?”

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect exchanged glances embarrassedly and did not dare to reply, putting away their spirit weapons hurriedly.

When Su Zimo saw that, the killing intent in his eyes lessened considerably.

His killing intent was truly triggered earlier on!

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect had already forgotten that he was the one who saved their lives!

If I can save your lives, I can naturally kill all of you!

Tang Shiyun hurried before Su Zimo. “Fellow Daoist Su, they were only reckless out of emotions. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Su Zimo remained silent and did not reply.

However, Tang Shiyun could clearly tell that the scary look in Su Zimo’s eyes had faded gradually before vanishing.

“Fellow Daoist Su, please spare Senior Brother Zhu’s life,”

Tang Shiyun said, “Although Senior Brother Zhu was in the wrong, it was because he lost control of himself due to the death of a close kin. That was the reason why he attacked you.”

In truth, that was also the reason why Su Zimo did not kill Zhu Yue immediately.

He had just experienced the pain of losing a kin and could naturally empathize with that feeling.

Otherwise, he would have crushed Zhu Yue’s throat a long time ago just for the fact that the latter possessed a killing intent towards him.

Zhu Yue’s face was already purplish with bulging eyes and a tongue that stuck out.

His consciousness was hazy by now.

“Fellow Daoist Su, thank you for saving the lives of everyone from Southern Duel Sect, but please spare Senior Brother Zhu’s life. Although he was in the wrong, I don’t think it was severe enough to render his death.”

Tang Shiyun was about to kneel down as she spoke, “I guarantee you that from this day forth, no matter what happens in the ancient battlefield, Southern Duel Sect will definitely try our best to assist you, Fellow Daoist Su!”

Naturally, Su Zimo could sense the sincerity in Tang Shiyun.

Furthermore, he had no intention of killing Zhu Yue to begin with – he merely wanted to teach the latter a lesson.

“There’s no need for that,”

Su Zimo waved his robes and prevented Tang Shiyun from kneeling.

At the same time, he relinquished his grip.

Zhu Yue fell to the ground limply and gasped in huge breaths with wheezing sounds, as though he wanted to consume every single bit of air in the universe.

Tang Shiyun was overjoyed.

Everyone from Southern Duel Sect heaved a breath of relief and swarmed forward as well.

Some people took care of Zhu Yue while some of them bowed deeply to Su Zimo. “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Su.”

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