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Chapter 631: Sentient Peach Blossom Tree

Doors on both sides of the streets opened gradually with gaps. Many mortals looked out bravely but were shocked.

The stone slabs were strewn with corpses.

At the end of the road, a green-robed man stood in the blood with a sinister saber beside him, resembling a fiendcelestial from Hell!

The man had a calm expression, gazing at the slowly rising sun in the East with a slightly lost expression.

Sunlight spilled onto the man’s face and radiated with life, giving him a saintly and tranquil look as though he was covered in a layer of gold foil.

For some unknown reason, everyone suddenly calmed down from their initial panic.

Engulfed in a Buddha light, the man seemed like he was a Bodhisattva from Hell who had arrived to purify the masses.

Although the man had two completely different auras around him, there was no conflict at all.

Turning around, the man waved his sleeves and wrapped up the corpses on both sides of the road before returning to his mansion and vanishing within it.

“Granny, who is Second Young Master Su?”

In the dilapidated house, a naive child asked with curiosity.

“Second Young Master Su…”

The old lady murmured with a dazed expression, as though she was immersed in her memories.

Everyone else in Ping Yang Town had conflicted emotions when they heard that name as well.

The old lady said, “Do you remember how I mentioned that there was someone who was almost burned to death because he refused to kneel down to an immortal?”

“He’s the one?” The child’s face was filled with surprise.

“He’s the one,”

The old lady nodded and lamented, “That should have been around 30 years ago. Second Young Master Su was bullied by the immortal and his scholarly honors were removed. He was then reduced to an inferior commoner, but now…”

In the mansion.

Su Zimo took away the storage bags of the hundred Nascent Souls and cast their corpses casually at a corner.

He headed to the backyard and chopped a few trees to build a wooden coffin before returning to the peach blossom tree.

Gazing at the old man who seemed like he was asleep beneath the tree, Su Zimo’s eyes were filled with emotions and reluctance.

A long time later, he took a deep breath and headed forward, carrying the old man gently. After placing the latter inside the wooden coffin, he buried the coffin beneath the tree and covered it with mud.

Su Zimo gazed at the newly built tomb in silence, feeling a stuffy emotion in his chest that was uncomfortable.

All of a sudden!

The peach blossom tree beside him swayed and sprouts grew from the initially barren trunk. In the blink of an eye, they bloomed into flowers one after another!

A hint of green life was actually born in the courtyard in the start of winter.

Petals descended gently and covered the tomb.

The peach blossom tree swayed gently, letting out an emotion as though it was comforting Su Zimo.

“It’s turned sentient,”

Su Zimo fondled the tree’s trunk and smiled. “I’m fine.”

Upon hearing that, the peach blossom tree was delighted and its branches curved slightly and brushed Su Zimo gently on the cheek.

It was no coincidence that the peach blossom tree turned sentient.

All lives in the universe were spiritual.

Even a rock without any life could turn sentient, let alone a peach blossom tree!

Legend has it that in the past, a Mighty Figure with powerful Dharmic powers cultivated constantly on a rock. Many years later, a life was born from that rock.

In the past, Die Yue had imparted her Dao beneath this tree!

Apart from Su Zimo who gained the true Dao, the peach blossom tree benefited as well and became sentient.

Later on, Su Zimo formed his core beneath this tree and comprehended two Golden Core phenomenons. As such, the peach blossom tree’s sentience was fully gained and it began cultivating as well.

“It’s good that you’re now sentient,”

Su Zimo said, “With you in this town from now on, the citizens can be protected.”

All the branches on the tree shook, as though it was nodding its head in agreement.

Because Die Yue was the origin of the peach blossom tree’s sentience, its potential was unpredictable.

When the blood of those Nascent Souls seeped underground, they would become the energy source of the peach blossom tree’s cultivation!

Above the ground, the peach blossom tree was beautiful and emitted an alluring fragrance.

However, Su Zimo could clearly sense that there were extremely thick roots underground that were extending everywhere!

The roots were strong and frightening, extending furiously to devour all the lifeforce essence underground and absorbing the fresh blood that seeped beneath!

No one in Ping Yang Town could vie against it.

Although the peach blossom tree was not huge and looked unassuming, its roots were extremely thick underground and had covered the entire Ping Yang Town!

If its roots could even extend to the Cang Lang Mountain Range…

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said, “There’s still an Ancient Essence Lock Formation in Ping Yang Town made up of 49 flags. I’m going to leave it here.”

The cultivation path of the sentient peach blossom tree was a type of demonic cultivation.

Although the presence of the Ancient Spirit and Essence Lock Formations reduced the strength of cultivators significantly, the impact towards demons was not great.

With that, it would become much easier for the peach blossom tree to protect Ping Yang Town.

The massacre of Cang Lang Mountain Range had come to an end.

A thick blood stench filled the skies of the mountain valley. From afar, the long valley was dyed red with blood and looked extremely shocking!

The three dynasties had been completely defeated this time round!

Without the help of the Nascent Souls, the allied army could not defend against the swarm of the beast stampede!

It was already fortunate if a fraction of the army with several million troops could escape alive.

With that, the external troubles of the Great Zhou Dynasty were most likely resolved.

The prince of Great Shang questioned Su Zimo why he wanted to attack.

Su Zimo replied that he wanted to kill people and have everyone buried together with his kin who died.

However, in reality, his true aim was to protect everyone from Ping Yang Town and resolve the external troubles of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

“It’s time for me to go,”

After standing in silence for a long time, Su Zimo murmured.

The peach blossom tree swayed and let out a hint of reluctance.

“I don’t know when I’ll ever come back after leaving this time round. Cultivate well.”

Su Zimo made up his mind and headed outside without lingering.

Not long after, Su Zimo suddenly paused in his tracks and looked down at a small valley at the bottom that resembled paradise on Earth.

He had buried someone personally in that valley.

Shifting his gaze, Su Zimo caught sight of a man in tattered clothes beside the tomb. He was covered with mud all over and his hair was disheveled, covering his face.

Su Zimo descended beside the tomb and headed over.

His footsteps alerted that person.

The person stood up furiously and snarled at Su Zimo, shouting, “Get lost! Scram! My sister doesn’t want to undertake immortality cultivation, no!”

Both of them exchanged glances and were stunned.

It was Shen Nan.

Su Zimo almost could not recognize him.

He had already turned old.

Wrinkles filled his face, his hair had turned white and most of his teeth had fallen.

It had been almost 30 years!

In Su Zimo’s cultivation, he could not feel the passing of time. However, a conflicted emotion surged into his heart at the sight of Shen Nan.

He still looked the way he did when he was 18 years old.

However, Shen Nan had already turned into an old man in his twilight years.

“Get lost! Go away!”

Shen Nan’s lost gaze froze for a moment and he lost his sanity once more. Leaping before the tomb, he yelled in shock and fear, “We don’t want any immortal fate! Neither me nor my sister want to be immortals!”

Shen Nan had already gone insane.

Although they had their grudges in the past, none of it mattered now.

Su Zimo felt a sense of sadness.

After cultivating for dozens of years, his acquaintances of the past had left one after another. Shen Nan could be considered as the last acquaintance he had in the mortal world.

Even then, this acquaintance was about to die of old age.

Su Zimo sighed deeply and waved his sleeves to leave. He no longer had any attachments and severed his mortal ties, proceeding alone towards the great Dao!

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