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Chapter 630: Green Robes; A Bloodied Path

Translator: Legge 

The bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley did not only contain the legacies of the Daming and Fahua Monasteries – there were also old massive items of the North Region from the past as well as the legacy of the Great Qian Empire.

Su Zimo was dormant at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley for 20 years isolated from the world. As such, his strength had already grown to a terrifying degree!

His growth was not merely in terms of his comprehension of Buddhism.

His understanding of formations deepened as time went by as well.

The three formations were interlinked and it would be difficult to achieve the current effect if even one of them was missing.

To the many mortals, something seemed to have happened to the high and mighty immortals up in the skies as they fell one after another.

“How could this be?”

“Could the heavens be serving justice?”

In the midst of the mortals’ confusion, a figure rose slowly into the skies!

The person wore a set of green robes and had refined features. His expression was cold and there was a deep murderous look in his eyes as he wielded a blood-red saber!

“He looks familiar.”

“He looks like…”

The old lady’s mouth opened slightly as she stared at the figure in the skies with disbelief, muttering continuously, “It’s him, it’s him!”

“Granny, who is that?”

The child in her embrace also saw the figure in midair and asked out of curiosity.

“Second Young Master Su! It’s Second Young Master Su of the Su family!”

The old lady said with a trembling voice.

Even after dozens of years, the old lady recognized Su Zimo right away.

That was because even though dozens of years had passed, age left nothing on the face of Second Young Master Su and he looked the same as before!

Su Zimo turned sideways and glanced at the old lady and child before nodding – the murderous look in his eyes softened considerably.

The old lady was stunned.

It was a familiar act and she felt like she had returned to the past in the blink of an eye.

Even after turning into an immortal, Second Young Master Su had not changed!

The child’s eyes widened without blinking.

This was an immortal as well.

However, the child did not feel any fear or pressure from Su Zimo.

The initially pounding heart of the child calmed down.

Wielding Blood Quencher, Su Zimo stood in midair and looked down at the Nascent Souls who were scurrying to escape in Ping Yang Town with a mocking look in his eyes.

“You’re still trying to escape?”

Su Zimo descended from the air with his arms raised and Blood Quencher buzzed loudly, as though it was extremely excited. He slashed down at the crowd!

A blood beam burst forth!


The crowd split into two and a ravine tore the ground asunder! Seven Nascent Souls were cleaved into two by the blood beam and their organs splattered onto the ground with a nauseating blood stench!

This was the first time Blood Quencher consumed blood after its rebirth.

The saber shone with a bright malevolent aura!

Su Zimo moved and burst into the crowd in a flash.

Blood Quencher swept horizontally.


A blood-colored ripple spread out across the air across the crowd!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Enveloped by the blood-colored ripple, more than 10 Nascent Souls had their heads sliced off with blood spewing, as though a sharp blade had cut them off!

Their Essence Spirits were locked and perished on the spot without a chance to even escape!

“Fellow Perfected Lords, let’s stop running! If we continue escaping, we’ll definitely be killed by this beast one after another!”

“Perfected Lord Yun Du, hurry and dispel the formation while we fight against him to buy time for you!”

“That’s right! Let’s join forces!”

Everyone shouted and regrouped together, sending forth a burst of blood qi towards Su Zimo.

The Perfected Lords at the front were body tempered warriors who released their blood qi and charged forward with dancing halberds and swords.


Su Zimo’s blood qi surged with the sound of tsunamis as he slashed in reverse with a shocking momentum.

His saber stances resembled waves crashing onto shores!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Blood Quencher collided heavily against the weapons of the Nascent Souls and released a tremendous force that resembled an unstoppable tidal wave!


Someone could not withstand it and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot. His palm was split and his weapon was repelled as he fell over.

With their Essence Spirits and spirit energy restricted, the Perfected Lords were only left with their physiques and blood qi.

However, none of them could compete against Su Zimo in terms of physique and blood qi!

They wielded Dharmic weapons but they could not channel their Dharmic powers with their Essence Spirits restricted. As such, they could not unleash the true power of the Dharmic weapons and could not defend against the edge of Blood Quencher!



Blood light flashed intermittently and the remaining Nascent Souls could not defend against Su Zimo’s slaughter even when they grouped together!

After obtaining the legacy of the Saber Emperor and this generation’s Asura, Su Zimo’s understanding of the saber had already reached a relatively frightening degree!

There was the Countercurrent, Raging Tides, Vortex and Ripple of the Sea Calming Manual.

There was the Ghost Howl, Blood Flow, Hell, White Bones, Phantom and Corpse of the Asura Saber.

At times, it was tough and resolute; at times, it was fluid as water; at times, it was majestic and mighty; at times, it was sinister and eerie…

Blood Quencher drank an endless amount of fresh blood in the hands of Su Zimo!

The blood gleam on the saber intensified as though Blood Quencher was getting excited!

In the town, some mortals who were slightly more daring could not hold back their curiosity and opened a small gap in their doors to peek outside. Because of that, they caught sight of a scene that they would not forget for their entire lives.

The immortal that was initially high and mighty and declared that he was going to leave no survivors in Ping Yang Town was now scurrying to escape in a pathetic manner without the grace of an immortal at all.

A green-robed man wielded a blood-colored saber and strolled slowly along the long street, leaving corpses in his wake.

Everywhere he passed, rivers of blood would be formed!

It was a complete massacre.

Immortals were killed!

Against Su Zimo, the Nascent Souls with their Essence Spirits and spirit energies restricted were like fishes on a chopping block!

The skies were turning brighter.

At the borders of Ping Yang Town, Perfected Lord Yun Du focused wholeheartedly on dispelling the formation with sweat pouring down his forehead.

The Ancient Spirit and Essence Lock Formations were extremely complicated and even with his capabilities, it was difficult to dispel them in a short period of time.

Thankfully, the trap formation that caused the fog was not too difficult.

When he heard the tragic shrieks behind him, Perfected Lord Yun Du was even more panicked.

However, he did not turn back to look.

He could not afford to get distracted!

Their only shot at survival was if he could dispel the trap formation as quickly as possible!

Time slowly passed.

A long time later, the fog dispersed.

Perfected Lord Yun Du heaved a sigh of relief and fell on his buttocks to the ground. His back was already drenched in sweat.

A sliver of sunlight shone from the horizons and filled the small town, making it seem tranquil and peaceful.

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Yun Du sensed something amiss.

It was way too quiet!

Unknowingly, the cries, shrieks and pleads for mercy behind him had vanished.

Pitter, patter.

Footsteps sounded.

It was as though the person approaching was stepping on stone slabs covered in a sticky liquid.

The footsteps came to a stop behind him.

He felt a chill run down his spine!

Perfected Lord Yun Du did not dare to turn back.

A blood-colored saber slowly made its way beneath his throat with a thick blood stench – the edge of the saber was extremely chilling!

“You’re the last one.”

A voice sounded faintly and indifferently without any emotions in his ears.


A flash of blood appeared.

Perfected Lord’s head rolled off with fresh blood splattering.

His head rolled a couple of times on the ground before facing Ping Yang Town.

His eyes were widened.

Green robes; a bloodied path.

Two distinctly different colors triggered his final senses.

His consciousness gradually faded into oblivion.

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