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Chapter 620: A Farewell With Warm Wine on a Snowy Night

For the next period of time…

Su Zimo behaved like a mortal, accompanying Su Hong daily, spending his days chopping firewood for fire, cooking and chatting.

He was going to accompany Su Hong to the end of the road.

Su Zimo recounted his experiences in the years.

He started from over 20 years ago, the night when he started cultivating beneath this peach blossom tree. He spoke about Die Yue, Xiaoning, Ji Yaoxue, Ethereal Peak…

He recounted every single bit in detail without hiding anything.

Su Hong had never heard of anything as such and everything was extremely fresh for him.

When he was excited, his energy level would rise as well.

Of course, as time passed by and the weather turned colder, Su Hong’s health declined and the time he spent awake diminished as well.

Instead, he slept for increased periods of time.

In fact, he even told Su Zimo in a seemingly joking manner, “Who knows if I might just fall asleep as such one day and never wake up again.”

Su Zimo did not reply as his heart soured in pain.

When Su Hong was awake, Su Zimo could not bear to leave.

He knew that every single minute spent between them was a minute less left.

Every single sentence he said was a sentence less for them remaining.

He would only leave after Su Hong was asleep.

After leaving the mansion, Su Zimo would move around Ping Yang Town in an indeterminate direction, pausing occasionally to mull for a prolonged period of time.

He walked extremely slowly, as though he was strolling casually.

However, if any sharp cultivator were to pass by, they would be able to notice that there was a trickle of spirit qi leaking from Su Zimo’s fingertip. It was like a sharp dagger that was carving something on the ground.

Mysterious scars would appear on the ground behind him one after another, looking like runic patterns.

A single breeze from the cold wind was all it took to cover the scars with dust.

When he sensed that Su Hong was awake, Su Zimo would return to the mansion to continue chatting with his brother.

Only when Su Hong was asleep, he would leave again.

Day after day, he repeated the cycle.

Nothing seemed to have changed.

However, Su Zimo could clearly sense Su Hong’s deteriorating health. His lifespan was ending and he was already nearing its limits!

This day, after Su Hong entered slumber once more, Su Zimo left the mansion and pulled out a series of old flags from his storage bag – there were a total of 49.

The flagpoles were made of wood but there were no signs of corrosion.

The flags were made from unknown beast skins and had mysterious, complicated patterns on them. A single glance was enough to confuse anyone, as though their souls were drawn in!

Su Zimo flew through the air.

Everywhere he passed, he would examine for a long time before tossing down a flag.

The flagpole would slide right into the ground before vanishing after a mysterious glow.

One after another…

By the time he cast all 49 flags into the ground, he had already gone one round around Ping Yang Town and was visibly fatigued with sweat on his forehead.

His act of tossing the flags looked simple but it took a huge toll on him mentally!

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he returned to the mansion immediately.

Su Hong had already awoken by now.

Today, he looked to be in a much better condition.

However, Su Zimo’s heart ached.

He was clear that this was a sign of the final respite of lucidity before the end.

Su Hong smiled gently. “Zimo, help me heat up a bottle of wine to warm my body.”


Su Zimo came beside Su Hong and lit the furnace to boil water.

There was a bottle of wine in the boiling water.

Su Hong said, “Zimo, the things you’ve told me about your immortality cultivation in this period of time are truly mysterious, magnificent and inspiring. It’s good that you want to establish a Dao and help everyone become the best they can be. However, I can also tell that something such as the establishment of a Dao is even more difficult than ascending the heavens.”

“That’s right.”

Su Zimo nodded.

To establish a Dao unlike that of the immortal, Buddha and fiend Daos such that the masses without spirit roots could cultivate… that was something that even the primordial emperors could not achieve, let alone a mere Golden Core like Su Zimo!

The path of the Dao was endless and the future was unknown.

Nobody could help him.

The moment he decided on establishing a Dao, Su Zimo was destined to be alone!

But of course, groups were only meant for sheeps – all ferocious beasts walk alone!

Su Hong declared loudly, “What sort of boldness is required to want to change the fates of all living beings in the world? Zimo, whether or not you succeed, I will definitely be proud of you!”

Immediately after, Su Hong looked somewhat dejected and sighed gently. “It’s just a pity that I won’t be able to witness that moment. Also, when I’m not around, you must live on well together with Xiaoning.”

“Brother…” Su Zimo felt his nose stuffing up as he choked and was unable to speak.

Su Hong waved it off and pointed to the little furnace at the side. “Pour me a bowl of wine.”

A faint fragrance wafted from the bottle of wine that was in the boiling water.

The wine was already warmed.

Su Zimo repressed the sadness in his heart and poured a bowl of piping wine for Su Hong.

After he received it, Su Hong gazed at the fragrant wine in the bowl with a dazed look.

In a flash, a suave young man in a splendid attire seemed to be reflected on the water surface. He raised his spear and led heavy armored cavalry into a war, domineering the battlefield!

One after another, the scenes flashed through the water surface.

A long, long time later…

A glimmering snowflake landed on the wine and dispersed, breaking apart the water surface that resembled a mirror.

It was snowing.

This was the first snow of winter.

The end of autumn and the arrival of winter seemed to imply something.

The scenes from earlier had already vanished.

The only thing left on the water surface was an old face.

Su Hong smiled suavely and raised his bowl of wine, downing it in a single mouthful!

It was as though he had consumed his entire life with that mouthful of wine!

“Good wine!”

With a loud laugh, Su Hong passed on.

Su Zimo collapsed and knelt with a thud. He gazed at the old man before him and could not hold back any longer as tears streamed like a fountain.

This day had eventually arrived.

Although he was prepared for it, Su Zimo still felt a heartbreaking sadness at the actual departure of Su Hong.

The deeper one was invested in secular affairs, the harder it was for them to sever them.

The deeper one was invested, the more painful it would be!

The skies gradually darkened.

The snow was getting heavier.

Su Zimo knelt before Su Hong motionlessly with a dazed expression.

He was a cultivator.

He was the strongest monster incarnate in history.

He was the second person throughout history who managed to cultivate to the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm.

Even so, he could not save his closest kin!

The snow fell heavily.

The temperature turned colder.

However, Su Zimo’s heart seemed to be burning with a relentless blaze!

A long time later, the sound of people and horses could vaguely be heard from the South of Cang Lang Mountain Range; the sound turned clearer as time passed by.

The hooves of the horses were getting closer!

Although ordinary people may not be able to sense it, Su Zimo could hear it clearly!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

There were even sounds of spirit vessels speeding through the air in the clamor.

Far away, dust and earth was overturned!

With a cold expression, Su Zimo rose and his eyes surged with a torrential killing intent. Soaring into the air, he sped towards Cang Lang Mountain Range!

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