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Chapter 619: Complete Silence

How difficult would it be for someone to establish the Dao?

Throughout history, there have been countless storms and yet, the only Daos that were passed down in the human race were the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos.

How difficult would it be for someone to alter the fate of all living beings?

Even with Die Yue’s means, she could only change the fate of Su Zimo alone with the help of a sacred item like the Saraca Flower.

Anyone else wouldn’t even dare to dream of something as such!

Prior to this, the greatest goal in Su Zimo’s cultivation was to head to another world and follow in Die Yue’s footsteps.

And yet…

Su Hong’s twilight and the hellish scene of Yan Country had given him a tremendous trigger.

It was a sort of helplessness that brought forth indignance in Su Zimo’s heart!

Was that Su Hong’s fate?

Were those the fates of the living beings?


“I want to establish the Dao!”

Su Zimo had laid down a great vow!

The Dao was eternal and had an immortal legacy.

There were many legends about it in the later generations.

However, it was rare for them to imagine that the fates of all living beings would start to change right from this dilapidated ancient city with a single old man in his twilight years as witness!

It was nearing the end of autumn right now and the weather had turned frosty.

Su Hong stood in the chilling gust and his frail body swayed slightly. However, he had no intention of leaving.

Finally, Su Hong turned around when night fell. “Let’s go.”

The moment Su Hong turned around, Su Zimo discovered that his elder brother seemed to have aged considerably overnight.

Those hazy eyes no longer had any fluctuation within them.

They were still as an ancient well.

For the past 20 years, the old man had been waiting every single moment for this day to arrive.

Right now, he no longer had any regrets.

Su Zimo supported Su Hong to the carriage and they continued ahead.

They were headed for Ping Yang Town.

That was their last stop.

It was also the last stop of Su Hong’s life.

Although the two of them remained in the carriage, they caught wind of quite a bit of news throughout the way.

In the past two years…

The Empress of Great Zhou led the army personally to defend the borders. She devised strategies and managed to defend against the attacks of the allied army of the three dynasties countless times with the terrain advantage. However, as time passed by, the situation turned increasingly difficult for her.

A month ago, the Empress of Great Zhou was injured and nearly died.

More than 500 kilometers around the borders fell in defeat!

The might of the allied army was unstoppable and they infiltrated forcefully up North. Just like that, they overtook quite a number of vassal states within the territories of Great Zhou.

The Great Zhou army of cultivators escaped while protecting the Empress of Great Zhou the entire way. They were forced back to the North of Cang Lang Mountain Range and Cang Lang City, almost forced to give up the Yan Country as well.

The situation of Great Zhou was extremely treacherous right now!

Ping Yang Town.

Upon returning, Su Zimo released the Purple Flame Bird. He put away the carriage and supported Su Hong to the ground.

The leaves of autumn fell and the place was in chaos.

The streets of Ping Yang Town were desolate.

Although it was daytime, there were not many people on the streets and doors on either side were tightly shut as well.

Before long, the allied army of the three dynasties would cross Cang Lang Mountain Range and invade this place.

There were not many people remaining in Ping Yang Town by now; they were mostly old, weak, women, children or people who were extremely sentimental to the place.

Su Zimo supported Su Hong back to his mansion.

Pushing the door open to enter, the peach blossom tree was still present.

Everything was the same as before.

Su Hong said, “Let’s stay outside, looking at the skies and the world to the end.”


Su Zimo returned to his room and moved a bench outside. He helped Su Hong to lean on it before taking some blankets over to cover the latter.

He headed to the backyard and got some bricks and mud.

Before long, he set up two small furnaces in the courtyard beside Su Hong and lit some firewood in flames.

Even after many years, his skills of doing so were not rusty.

Su Zimo sat at the side and gazed at the burning flames of the furnace in a daze.

A long time later, Su Hong suddenly said, “Zimo, I’m already someone that’s about to die. Don’t stay here to accompany me, go on.”

Su Zimo lowered his head and did not speak.

Su Hong said, “Miss Ji is injured and I know you’re worried. She’s definitely not in a good state right now. Go take a look and help her out.”

“She’ll be fine,”

Su Zimo replied, “As the empress, news would definitely spread a long time ago if anything happened to her.”

Su Hong shook his head and sighed internally.

He could tell that despite Su Zimo’s remark, the latter could not conceal the worry deep in his eyes.

“Brother, don’t worry. We don’t have to worry about such stuff,”

Su Zimo pinched the end of Su Hong’s blanket and said softly.

Su Hong nodded with heavy eyelids.

The journey from the capital of Great Zhou to Ping Yang Town was long and even someone who was fit would feel fatigued, let alone an old man at the end of his road.

Unknowingly, Su Hong fell asleep.

Su Zimo sat in the courtyard and gazed at the South of Cang Lang Mountain Range. He had a cold gaze and icy expression, remaining silent.

Late at night…

Su Hong was already deep asleep.

Finally, Su Zimo rose slowly and sped in the direction of Cang Lang Mountain Range!

Under the shroud of the night, Cang Lang Mountain Range seemed extremely sinister and spooky. The shadows of trees swayed and the roars of ferocious beasts caused the mountains and earth to quake.

From time to time, ferocious birds would glide through the air.

All of a sudden!

A green-robed figure arrived in the skies above Cang Lang Mountain Range!

Under the cold moonlight, demonic qi shrouded that person and conjured a series of menacing ancient demons one after another!

Su Zimo stood in the air with his mighty figure. His black hair danced and his eyes were bloodshot, resembling a peerless demon king!


All the demon beasts in Cang Lang Mountain Range caught sight of that figure.


Su Zimo opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar into the valley beneath him!

The weather changed!

From Su Zimo, all the demon beasts sensed a trepidating aura.

It was a fear that stemmed from deep in their bloodline!

A new ‘king’ was born in Cang Lang Mountain Range!

All the spirit beasts and most of the spirit demons knelt on the ground in dead silence.

However, there were still some demon beasts that glared menacingly with malevolent auras.


The overlord of Cang Lang Mountain Range, the alpha gray wolf, reared its head into the skies and howled.

The wolves got up one after another and responded in kind!

Their howls spread through the entire place!

Su Zimo flew through the air silently and arrived before the alpha. Reaching out, he pushed down against the head of the alpha with his massive palm!

The alpha opened its blood-filled mouth and chomped down savagely on Su Zimo’s wrist!

The flesh on Su Zimo’s arm expanded and his tendons pulsated!

His entire arm seemed to be made of steel!

The alpha not only failed to bite completely, he nearly broke his own fangs!


A single round.

The alpha was murdered by Su Zimo in a single round and its body split into pieces!

At the same time, a Golden Core realm Silvermoon Lion lunged over from behind. With the cover of the moonlight, the Silvermoon Lion’s body was almost invisible!

As though he had eyes behind his back, Su Zimo threw a punch in reverse without even turning back!


The Silvermoon Lion was killed by Su Zimo with a punch as well!

Fresh blood splattered.

Two ancient remnant beasts could not even withstand a single punch from Su Zimo!


Drenched in blood, Su Zimo looked down at the entire valley and howled once more.

No other demon beast dared to make a sound.

Complete silence blanketed the mountain ranges and swamps!

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