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Chapter 607: Old Friend’s Descendant

After the red-headed ghost imparted the sutra of the visual technique secret skill to Su Zimo, he instructed, “Although you have the Illumination Stone, you have to be careful when you cultivate!”

“The best timings to cultivate are at dawn and dusk. If you cultivate in the afternoon where the power of the sun is at its peak, your eyes won’t be able to take it and it will hinder your progress.”

Su Zimo remembered everything to heart.

This was something that he had to be careful or about or it would be too late for regrets if he went blind.

A while later, after Su Zimo ensured that he left nothing out, he got up and headed to the front yard.

The little fox stood nearby with a dazed gaze and snoozing.

“Go on.”

Su Zimo fondled the little fox’s forehead and smiled.

The little fox was a demon and on this day of each month, she would come to the backyard for a bowl of spirit water from the red-headed ghost as well.

Initially, she was extremely reluctant and was always scared out of her wits, shivering all over.

Su Zimo had to carry her over personally before she gradually adapted.

After five years, there was something that felt strange to Su Zimo – even though the little fox had already formed her core, she was unable to take on a human form or speak.

Su Zimo merely thought that it was a unique trait of the fox race and did not think too much about it.

When she saw Su Zimo return to the front yard, the little fox ran over to the red-headed ghost and propped up her tiny paws. She kowtowed earnestly to the red-headed ghost and actually spoke in human tongue, “Greetings, senior.”

The little fox’s voice was extremely gentle and charming – any male living being that heard it would definitely be filled with wild thoughts and their hearts would pound.

However, the red-headed ghost was very calm and nodded.

“Why don’t you want to take on your human form?”

The red-headed ghost asked with a fake smile.

The little fox lowered her head and blushed.

When the red-headed ghost saw that, he could not help but burst into laughter and teased, “You’re afraid that you’re going to turn lustful huh?”

The little fox turned even more embarrassed and shook her head repeatedly like a tiny drum.

After laughing for a little, the red-headed ghost retracted his smile. “You’re thinking that the only way to stay by his side is if you continue taking on this form?”

The little fox lowered her head without replying – it was a silent acknowledgment.

Of course, that was only part of the reason.

The other part was that the little fox was clear that if she took on her human form, she would most likely not be as intimate with Su Zimo.

Humans were particular about chastity and there would always be a barrier between them.

Right now, she could burrow into his embrace and do whatever she wanted, be it snooze or be bashful with him.

The red-headed ghost pouted his lips and grumbled, “Even after that lad joined the Buddhist sect and shaved to become a monk, he’s still enjoying such a flourishing love life. I didn’t even get to enjoy such treatment in the past.”

After returning to the courtyard, Su Zimo sat down and gazed at the gradually rising sun far away.

At that moment, the sun had just risen and wasn’t too blinding – he had to make use of this time to cultivate.

He took a deep breath of air and recited the sutra of Illumination Eye in his mind while gazing at the sun with his right eye.

As time passed by, it seemed like a trickle of light was entering his right eye.

His right eye gradually turned while.

The white pupil looked sinister and emitted a faint glow as it absorbed the sunlight continuously to refine.

The temperature of his right eye was steadily climbing!

Although it was a little painful, it was still endurable.

Su Zimo could clearly feel his right eye fusing into one with the Illumination Stone. As sunlight entered the Illumination Stone, the extremely tough energy softened significantly.

The damage to his right eye was also reduced to a minimum!

From this day forth, apart from his Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness cultivation at night, Su Zimo would also cultivate this visual technique every dawn and dusk.

There was still no activity in his dantian.

However, Su Zimo did not give up and spent most of his daytime in the Sutra Chamber, browsing through the ancient books left behind by the two great ancient Buddhist monasteries.

There were way too many ancient and precious books in the Sutra Chamber!

How frightening was the foundation of two super sects?

There were not only secret skills, but also weapon, elixir, talisman and formation techniques as well as many other things that were long lost.

For example, in an ancient formation secret technique, there was something known as the Spirit Lock Ancient Formation.

It was said that when set up, even the Essence Spirits of Nascent Souls would be restricted and they wouldn’t be able to use their Dharmic powers!

There were many other secret skills similar to it.

However, Su Zimo was unable to comprehend them because his cultivation realm was not high enough.

Days passed by one after another.

In the blink of an eye, another five years passed.

Su Zimo had already spent 10 years at the bottom of Dragon Burial Valley.


He sat on the ground and gazed at the direction of the sunset with the Mingwang Prayer Beads in his hands. An evening glow shrouded his body and his aura was dignified, like a magnificent Buddha.

His right eye shone with a brilliance that could not be ignored!

After 10 years, Su Zimo’s dantian was still empty like a black hole without a trickle of spirit qi.

However, there was no sign of disappointment on his eyes and face.

After chanting sutras and paying respect to Buddha for 10 years, Su Zimo gained a tranquil aura. He was neither happy nor sad; unaffected by affection and humiliation and was almost in a Zen state.

This was a sign of someone that was deep in the wisdom of Buddhism!

The Saraca Flower was akin to a wisdom root.

Su Zimo’s attainment in Buddhism deepened by the day.

Backyard of the old temple.

The old monk sat on a stone step and faced the red-headed ghost in the cemetery.

“Old monk, there’s still no activity in that lad’s dantian. I think that there’s probability no more hope for him to restart with his immortality cultivation,” The red-headed ghost said.

“How difficult is it for someone to rebuild their foundation after it’s destroyed with their dantian crushed? Throughout history, there had been countless paragons and monster incarnates but none of them succeeded.”

The old monk sighed gently. “However, the lad’s comprehension of Buddhism is deepening. If he’s able to restart his cultivation, he will be able to attain the true legacy of the Buddhist sects.”

“What nonsense legacy!”

The red-headed ghost pouted his lips in disdain. “Without spirit energy, he won’t be able to release the methods of the Buddhist sects even if he knows them. What’s the use!”

“If it was up to me, I’d ask him to forget all about recovering his Golden Core and focus wholeheartedly on his demonic cultivation! Can’t you see that even without his Golden Core, his actual strength now is only stronger than he was 10 years ago?!”

The old monk shook his head. “If he gives up on recovering his Golden Core and continues on his demonic cultivation, the moment he advances to Nascent Soul realm would be the moment he turns into a fiend demon completely!”

“Isn’t that good?” The red-headed ghost mumbled.

Right then, a spirit light descended outside the old temple.

The old monk slanted his head and beckoned, causing a spirit crane to land on his palm.

Frowning, he opened the spirit crane and took a look. With a conflicted expression, he sighed gently. “The descendant of our old friend is here.”

“I hate the aura on this spirit crane!”

The red-headed ghost squinted at the spirit crane and barked coldly, “Is it him? His descendant?”

The old monk nodded.

The red-headed ghost bolted upright and the chains on his body rattled. Instantly, he turned murderous!

The old monk looked at the red-headed ghost. “Calm down. No matter what, Daming and Fahua Monasteries are indebted to him.”

“Furthermore, it’s just a junior that has arrived. What are you getting worked up for?”

Upon hearing that, the red-headed ghost calmed down temporarily and sat down once more with a terrible expression.

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