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Chapter 608: Don’t Go Overboard

It was late at night.

The red-headed ghost asked with a frown, “What’s his descendant here for?”

“To borrow and browse through the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra,” The old monk replied.

Sneering, the red-headed ghost said, “So, he’s got his eyes on this number one secret skill of the Golden Core. It’s no wonder why he made the long journey here.”

The old monk continued, “It’s just a sutra. If his descendant wants to take a look, he’s free to go through all the sutras in the Sutra Chamber.”

“Aren’t you generous?”

The red-headed ghost pouted and grumbled.

Right then, Su Zimo arrived in the backyard, ready to obtain a bowl of spirit water from the red-headed ghost.

The old monk put away the spirit crane and turned to leave expressionlessly.

The red-headed ghost placed the spirit water in front of him. Thereafter, he laid down with his back facing Su Zimo in silence and brooded.

Su Zimo was confused and did not know what tantrum the red-headed ghost was throwing.

He did not ask or think more about it.

After 10 years, he had some understanding towards the red-headed ghost.

There were things that the red-headed ghost would take the initiative to say even if he did not ask.

There were also things that the red-headed ghost would not say anything about no matter how he pressed on.

Su Zimo reared his head and drank the spirit water before taking a seat to cultivate.

Not long after the old monk left the old temple, he returned.

There were two more people around him.

To be precise, one of them was human and the other was a demon!

The cultivator at the front looked young and was at Golden Core realm. He wore purple robes with sharp brows and a defined set of features. With an indifferent expression, he gave off an aura that ruled over everything around him and suppressed all things!

The purple-robed cultivator’s eyes flickered and everything he passed by turned still, even the air!

His mere presence was enough for someone to want to give up entirely!

Behind the purple-robed cultivator was a burly man that was more than two meters tall and filled with hair from head to toe. His chest was bare, his bones were huge and his eyes gleamed with a scarlet glow.

Anyone with a sharp eye would be able to tell that although the burly man had taken on human form, he was still a demon beast!

The demonic qi shrouding the burly man was extremely thick and his eyes shimmered constantly – he was definitely not a kind soul!

The old temple said, “There’s not much rules to this old temple. Other than the backyard where you must not step foot in, you are free to explore the other parts. You can retrieve any sutra that you wish to read as well.”

The purple-robed cultivator nodded and turned his gaze towards Ming Zhen.

At that moment, Ming Zhen had just closed the sutra in his hands and was rising. Just as he was about to bow and greet the purple-robed cultivator, the cold voice of the latter sounded.

“Hand over that sutra in your hands. Because… I want to read.”

Ming Zhen froze momentarily.

It was rare that there was someone else in the old temple. Even if this person did not say it, Ming Zhen would pass it to him automatically.

But now, the tone of the purple-robed cultivator was truly detestable.

It was more like an order.

He stood on no courtesy at all!

Ming Zhen could clearly feel that to the purple-robed cultivator, he was just ordering a servant about.

Instinctively, Ming Zhen turned towards the old monk.

The old monk sighed internally.

After all, this was something between the younger generation. Although the purple-robed cultivator’s attitude was unpleasant, it was not in his place to lecture the former.

The old monk did not wish to interfere as long as both parties were not at one another’s necks.

The old monk returned to the majestic grand hall and closed his doors after leading the purple-robed cultivator into the old temple.

“Monk, are you deaf?! My master wants to read that sutra in your hands. What are you waiting for?!” The hairy burly man behind the purple-robed cultivator hollered.

Ming Zhen frowned.

After a moment of hesitation, he handed the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra in his hands over.

The purple-robed cultivator received it with an indifferent expression without even glancing at Ming Zhen.

It was as though everything was only right.

Ming Zhen was not bothered by it and merely smiled before turning to pick up another sutra to read.

Right then, the doors of the Sutra Chamber were pushed open with a loud creak.

A furry little thing walked out with fiery red fur that made it look like a ball of flames – it was the little fox who had just woken up.

She yawned repeatedly and raised her tiny paws to rub her sleepy eyes. With a charmingly naive look, she nearly stumbled over the step of the Sutra Chamber entrance.

Ming Zhen smiled.

The purple-robed cultivator seemed oblivious to it as his attention was focused entirely on the Mystic Dharmic Lotus Sutra in his hands. The more he read, the brighter his eyes lit up.

When the hairy burly man behind him caught sight of the little fox, his eyes widened!

The little fox shuddered and woke up.

Grinning, the hairy burly man said, “Master, there’s a fox chick here! I’m going to take her with me!”


The purple-robed cultivator replied.


The hairy burly man’s eyes lit up with a vile glint as he closed in on the little fox while smirking. “Little thing, where are you trying to hide?”

He got even more excited when he looked at the little fox who was retreating continuously with a frightful expression.


Suddenly, the hairy burly man felt his vision blur and another person appeared.

Ming Zhen’s palms were clasped together as he said with a deep voice, “Patron, please stop!”

The hairy burly man was overwhelmed by lust when his path forward was obstructed. Instantly, his expression turned extremely nasty and his eyes were filled with anger. “This fox chick is your Dao companion?”

“No,” Ming Zhen shook his head.

“She’s your spirit beast?” The hairy burly man asked again.

“No,” Ming Zhen shook his head.

The hairy burly man straightened himself like a rod and glared down at Ming Zhen with a domineering aura, sneering, “Then why aren’t you getting lost?”


This time round, Ming Zhen did not step back and his tone was resolute and unquestionable!

“Monk, how strong are you to want to stand in my way?”

The hairy burly man extended his palm and his fingernails shone with a cold gleam as he reached for Ming Zhen’s head!

If his attack landed, five bloody holes would appear on Ming Zhen’s head immediately.


Without retreating or dodging, Ming Zhen chanted Sanskrit.


The moment Ming Zhen recited his Sanskrit, the hairy burly man roared as well!

In that instant, the entire world shook and the weather changed!

That single roar disrupted Ming Zhen’s Daming Mantra right away.

The hairy burly man was frighteningly strong!

With nowhere to retreat against the hairy burly man’s descending palm, spirit energy surged out from Ming Zhen’s fingernails and formed a lotus to receive the attack.


The hairy burly man’s palm collided against the lotus flower.

There was a momentary pause.

Instantly, the lotus flower shattered!

Ming Zhen grunted dully and staggered three steps in retreat.


Before he could react, the hairy burly man’s fist descended once more like a gigantic hammer, pummeling so violent that the void exploded!

A hesitant look flashed through Ming Zhen’s eyes.

Right now, the most effective method would be to release a Golden Core phenomenon.

However, the release of a Golden Core phenomenon was also a message to fight to the death!

At the end of the day, these two people were brought to the monastery by his master personally – was he really going to fight them to the death with a Golden Core phenomenon?

In that delay, the fist of the hairy burly man had already arrived before him.

Ming Zhen could only channel his bloodline and prop up both arms to defend hastily as his Golden Core circulated with its full might!


Sent flying by the hairy burly man’s fist, Ming Zhen rolled a couple of times on the ground in a wretched manner.


The hairy burly man charged forward with a ferocious glint in his eyes, barking coldly, “How dare you stand in my way with such puny strength!”

“Don’t go overboard,”

Suddenly, another voice sounded from the courtyard. It was calm and tranquil, as though it had a mysterious magic that could make anyone lay down their weapons!

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