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Chapter 605: Legend of the Moon and Sun

Although the red-headed ghost was very knowledgeable, he had not taken the initiative to impart anything to Su Zimo during their five years of interaction.

His sudden mention had Su Zimo intrigued.

Right from the beginning, the red-headed ghost had not mentioned anything about his background. As such, Su Zimo was curious to see what the red-headed ghost could do.

Su Zimo coughed gently. “Let me say first that I’m not going to learn any puny tricks that you ghosts use.”

At the mention of ghost, the red-headed ghost’s mouth cramped up and he seemed like he was about to get angry. However, on second thought, he chuckled gloatingly.

At that moment, the sun had just risen.

A sliver of light spilled onto the cemetery and purged away the darkness and spookiness.

The red-headed ghost squinted at the rising sun from the corner of his eyes and a mysterious white glow flashed in his right eye.

As time passed by, that light intensified and sunlight gushed into it endlessly, turning his right eye completely white with a bright glow!

It was as though the red-headed ghost’s right eye had achieved harmony with the blazing sun and fused together with it!

Su Zimo glanced casually and was blinded with two streams of tears rolling down his face instantly.

Alarmed, he closed his eyes immediately and did not dare to look anymore.

How scary!

His eyes were extremely strong after he cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and cleared both orifices.

Back in the ancient battlefield, even when the paragon of Diamond Monastery released his sect’s secret skill, Enraged Diamond Gaze, Su Zimo was not affected mentally.

But now, his eyes were already dealt with such a blow from a side glance!

If he had looked on directly, his eyes would have most likely gone blind!

The most frightening thing was that even with his eyes closed, Su Zimo could still sense the power that was given off by the red-headed ghost’s right eye!

It was extremely tough and radiant.

His right eye seemed to have turned into a blazing sun!

Beside the red-headed ghost, Su Zimo felt like he could melt and dissipate at any moment!

How could this be?

A question popped into his mind.

An intense scorching Yang energy as such was the most effective at countering ghosts and they would want nothing more than to avoid it – how could the red-headed ghost possess such a method?

Could it be that he was not a ghost?

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt a sharp pain in his right eye!

It was as though something was going to fall from his socket.

He could not stop it even with his eyes closed!


Su Zimo yelped in pain as his right eye swelled uncontrollably as though it was about to explode!

His body shuddered and finally, he opened his eyes, unable to hold on any longer.

His right eye had turned a sinister shade of white as well.

It was completely white!

It was as though something was floating within and was fused with his right eye.

The glow in the red-headed ghost’s right eye dissipated as he glared at Su Zimo’s right eye intently while nodding. “Indeed!”

The red-headed ghost curled his finger.

A jade-white cobblestone that sparkled and glowed fell out from Su Zimo’s right eye and hovered in midair.

The swelling sensation vanished completely.

As though a weight was lifted off his shoulders, Su Zimo fell to the ground and sat limply while panting heavily.

“This stone…”

Frowning, Su Zimo recalled something.

Back in the cold cesspool of Cang Lang Mountain Range, he encountered Dao Lord Extreme Fire with his dying breath.

At that time, this stone was placed right beside Dao Lord Extreme Fire.

According to Dao Lord Extreme Fire, this white stone was retrieved from a ruin but it could not be stored in a storage bag and he did not know what purpose it served either.

When Su Zimo picked it up, the stone vanished bizarrely!

Immediately after, he felt a sharp pain in his mind and almost fainted. Thereafter, a secret skill appeared in his mind – the Illumination Sword Formation.

At that time, he had a hunch.

It seemed like that stone had burrowed into his body!

To think that it would fall out from his right eye now!

The red-headed ghost held the white stone with his fingertips and rubbed it gently with a forlorn look, as though he had picked up a treasure.

“What’s that?”

Su Zimo could not help but ask.

“Legend has it that in the depths of the universe’s void currents, before life was born, everything was chaos. As time passed by, Yin and Yang were created from the chaos.”

“At their extremities, the powers of Extreme Yang and Extreme Yin gathered endlessly, forming two terrifying existences known as the Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow!”

The red-headed ghost’s voice sounded, as though he had passed through time and was describing obscure secrets.

“The powers of the Illumination and Nether Glow were so frightening that they shrouded the universe and extended through the trichiliocosm. The sun and moon of Tianhuang Mainland are created from a trickle of power from the Illumination and Nether Glow.”

“A trickle of power?”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Be it the sun or the moon, the power they contained was something that Su Zimo would never be able to reach given his current cultivation realm.

The only way he could cultivate with the essence of the sun and moon was after he cultivated an Essence Spirit and turned into a fiend demon.

The power of the sun and moon was extremely massive and endless.

But now, the red-headed ghost was actually saying that the sun and moon above them was merely created by a trickle of power from two frightening entities!

The red-headed ghost laughed. “The universe void currents are so great that you can’t possibly imagine them. There are a trillion other entities like Tianhuang Mainland. In other words, there’s also a trillion more of the sun and moon that you’re seeing right now!”

Su Zimo was dumbfounded.

Everything that the red-headed ghost said had completely unearthed all his knowledge.

After pondering, the red-headed ghost continued, “Of course, those are only mystical legends that no one can verify. Or rather, those that can verify them are not in Tianhuang Mainland and have already ascended to the upper world.”

After pausing for a moment, the red-headed ghost looked at Su Zimo deeply. “That red-robed woman definitely knows about these things.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

After looking at Su Zimo for a long time, the red-headed ghost closed in. His eyes blazed with the flames of gossip as he asked curiously, “Little monk, what’s your relationship with the woman? Why did she help you so much?”

After holding it in for five years, the red-headed ghost finally popped the question.

Su Zimo was stunned.

Master and disciple?

On the surface, the both of them were like master and disciple. However, Su Zimo had never been taken in as her disciple officially.

In the depths of his heart, he did not want to acknowledge them as master and disciple either.


They couldn’t be considered as that.


Sort of.

That question stumped Su Zimo for a moment.

“Hurry and tell me! You’re killing me!”

The red-headed ghost scratched his ears and cheeks impatiently.

After pondering for a long time, Su Zimo said slowly, “She… will be my Dao companion.”

The red-headed ghost shuddered with an agape mouth and his eyes widened massively.


The jade-white stone in his hands dropped on the ground at the same time as his jaws.

A moment later, he gulped and the way he looked at Su Zimo gradually changed as he praised, “Little monk, you’ve really got guts…”

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